Reborn in Dragon Ball as Son Goten: Start Bonus Ultra Instinct-Sign

Disclaimer?: The purpose of author in this AU was to make it similar to Future Trunks timeline, where in this timeline only Goten was a survivor and the world was without hope. Since it's Goten's story, it starts with few years after Cell saga. If it was Trunks story, it would start with few years after Android saga. ........................... Synopsis: .......................... It has been three years since Jiang Hui transmigrated to the world of Dragon Ball. His soul merged and took over the body of a four year old Goten . After transmigrating, he realized that the timeline he was in was f*cked up. All the Z-fighters died at the hands of Cell in the Cell Games and now were refusing to be resurrected for some reason. He was the only warrior left to protect the earth if one ignored the dead beat old man Roshi and little bald head Krillin. In desperation, not wanting to die, he trained desperately for three years and mastered the full power of Super Saiyan transformation, but still struggled to break through to Super Saiyan II. Just when Goten feels extremely frustrated about not being able to break through to Super Saiyan II, and is ready to accept his grim fate, a system notification rings in his mind. His golden finger, a god-level attribute picking system, finally appeared after three years of transmigration. The system activates and issues a novice gift package Ultra Instinct - Sign. This newfound power might be the key to defeating Cell and protecting the Earth. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Guys, I have been working on this fanfic for a while and finally decided to share it with you guys. This is a translated work, but I have made sure to filter out all the kinks and unpleasant name mistakes and other errors from it. But since it's my first translation work, it might be a bit lacking. I will be uploading the whole work, at the moment of upload, I have around 50 chapters left which I need to work on, and then re-refine the previously done chapters before uploading. Basically I have to re-read 3 times before uploading to make sure there aren't some discrepancies. For the curious fellas out there wondering what's the chinese raws: Name: 我!孙悟天,开局奖励自在极意功 English translation would be: I! Son Goten, Starting With The Secret of the Self-centered Sign By author: 赛亚龙珠 English translation would be: Saiyan in Dragon Ball You don't have to worry about me dropping mid way. And once the final touches are done, I might speed up the upload rate to finish the work here. I am a student, so sometimes, my real life work might interfere with my upload rate. But dontchu worry :D I got you guys. Doing this work, I learned that translation was hard work. Took over an hour and half to refine a single chapter, that too when i was just refining the stuff, before uploading have to re-read it twice to make sure everything is in order... 0_0 Kudos to those kind strangers for giving us those gems. (GPT doesn't count, it fuc*s up the feel of the chapter that one would get by working on it himself.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you plan on negatively reviewing this book, please do so after reading till 50 or 60 chapters (You can skim read it). Because I know that some readers might have nothing but negative reviews due to early plot development lol. Those unpleasant developments get a closure around chapter 63 or 68 (I think).

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Pookie Bear Kale, Goten Enters the Field

"How... how is this possible? Such powerful ki, and it's so violent." Trunks raised his head, his gaze fixed on Kale in the sixth universe's audience, his expression a mix of surprise and determination.

The two saiyans he fought just now were incredibly weak. In fact, even without transforming into a Super Saiyan, he could have easily eliminated them. Yet, he never held back in battle, immediately assuming his Super Saiyan II form.

But now, the saiyan woman before him suddenly emanated an overwhelmingly powerful force that made him feel a great danger.


"What a powerful ki, what happened to that saiyan girl from the sixth universe?" Krillin and the others on the seventh universe's stands were equally astonished. They could clearly sense the powerful aura emanating from Kale.

"This is interesting. That girl may be the strongest contestant in the sixth universe," Beerus said, his curiosity piqued. Kale's sudden surge of power also surprised Champa.

"Vados, what's going on here? Why does this saiyan have such a powerful force, completely different from the other two?" Champa asked, bewildered.

Before, that other saiyan woman was very confident. But in just a few seconds, she was defeated by that Trunks of the seventh universe. On the contrary, this saiyan, who looked timid from the beginning to the end, who seemed to have no strength, unexpectedly burst out such a powerful force in her body!

"Champa-sama, I'm not sure either. Maybe it was her hidden power, or some emotion triggered this latent strength," Vados speculated.


"Damn bastard! How dare you hurt my sister. This is absolutely unforgivable!" Kale clenched her fists tightly, a terrifying aura erupting from her body as she glared at Trunks with ferocious eyes. It seemed she wanted to tear him apart.

"Kale? How is this possible?" Both Caulifla and Cabba were shocked. They never imagined Kale harbored such immense power.

"Vados, get her on stage!" Champa ordered impatiently, eager to see what Kale could do. It seemed that this Kale would bring them an unexpected battle before Hit entered the field.

"Yes, Champa-sama," Vados nodded.

"In the next match, Kale from the sixth universe will challenge Trunks from the seventh universe," Vados announced.

Kale's body instantly appeared before Trunks, her face contorted with rage, teeth bared, looking almost alien. "I will never let you go!" she growled, her voice filled with venom.

'The situation seems bad.'

Trunks frowned, sensing the imminent threat. Kale began to gradually lose her sanity, her heartbeat becoming erratic.

The pupils in her eyes expanded as if she were an ancient beast awakening.


she roared, green flames erupting around her body. The entire arena trembled, her headband blowing away, her body swelling rapidly with muscle growth.

"Whis, what's happening to that girl?" After feeling Kale's powerful aura and constantly expanding body, Beerus raised his eyebrows slightly, and then asked in surprise. "She looks like a wild animal that's lost its mind."

He didn't expect this girl to become like this! But thinking about it, it seemed to be a bit similar to Goten's transformation.

But Goten could completely control his own sanity, and this saiyan girl seemed to be controlled by her own power. She had totally lost her mind.....

"Beerus-sama, this might be a mutated Super Saiyan. It's similar to Goten's transformation, but Goten can control his own consciousness. Kale from the sixth universe can't. Perhaps this is her first time transforming," Whis explained calmly.

"It's unbelievable that there's such a Saiyan in the sixth universe!" Krillin and the others were astonished. Kale's burst of ki was almost identical to Goten's, indicating she might be of the same type of Saiyan. Both were are talented.

As for Goten, there were no surprises. Because he knew that Kale also possessed the bloodline of a Legendary Super Saiyan.

'Her bloodline seems to be weaker than that of Broly! It should have been easy for her to control this power. Maybe because of her timid personality, she can't control this power perfectly.'

"It's unbelievable... Kale is actually so powerful," Cabba said, shocked. Kale, usually timid, was now displaying immense power. She far surpassed all of them. It looked like Kale was the strongest saiyan warrior in their sixth universe.

"Wow, wow, wow! You are amazing, Kale. Keep increasing your strength and defeat all those guys in the seventh universe," Caulifla didn't care about the pain on her body at this time, and began to cheer for Kale crazily!

She really didn't expect that the timid girl who usually needed to be protected by her could become so powerful after freaking out.

"What a surprise! This girl's strength is incredible. It seems Hit won't need to fight at all. Kale can eliminate all the contestants in the seventh universe by herself," The happiest and most excited at this time was naturally Champa.

A saiyan from their Universe was actually so powerful! It seemed that this game was already in the bag for their universe.

"Champa-sama, it might be too early to say that. While Kale has indeed exploded with unimaginable power, she can't control it. According to the rules, if she kills a seventh universe contestant, the victory will go to the seventh universe," Seeing the excited Champa, Vados reminded.

If Kale couldn't control her own strength, it was very likely that she would kill end up killing Trunks. And as the result of the rules, they set earlier, they would end up losing the fight. This was not a good thing!


In the ring, Kale continued to roar madly. Her black hair turned green, her eyes empty and pale, the appearance at this moment was very similar to that of Broly back then. But unlike Broly, Kale couldn't control her mind.

"Hehehe! Now, I will kill you! " Kale growled at Trunks, her control over her sanity weakening as her power grew.

At this time, Kale had almost become drunk on her power and was simply trigger happy to kill anyone in her way.

"I won't lose to you!" Trunks gritted his teeth, releasing more power. Blue lightning crackled around him as he leaped and punched Kale in the chest. But his punch had no effect.

"It's... too outrageous! Her chest is as hard as steel!" Trunks was skeptical, his attacks ineffective. He punched her in the chest, but she was unharmed!


Trunks threw a combination of punches, but the ending was still the same, his full attack couldn't cause any damage to Kale at all. She didn't even budge.


"Final Flash!!" Trunks retreated back, and then directly fired Ki Blast at Kale.

After the dazzling light faded, Kale was still unharmed. Then she walked towards Trunks step by step, with a devil-like bloodthirsty arc in the corner of her mouth.

"I don't believe you have no weaknesses!" Trunks leaped again, kicking Kale's chest, but she was unmoved.

Kale directly punched Trunks heavily.


The terrifying power instantly cracked the hard ground. Then Kale kicked Trunks directly in the chest.


A mouthful of blood spewed out of the mouth, and Trunks also returned to its normal form. The gap was too vast to bridge.

"That woman is too... too strong! Even if I transform into my hunting form, I won't be able to beat her," Android 21 admitted, frowning.

"Goten, Trunks tried his best. He can't beat that monster. Next, it's up to you," Beerus said solemnly.

Trunks had already eliminated three contestants from the sixth Universe, his performance was already quite outstanding! And that Kale was indeed not an existence that Trunks could handle. Only Goten could defeat that woman.

"Yeah, I got it!" Goten nodded seriously. The next opponents, Kale and Hit, were beyond Majin Buu and Android 21's capabilities. It was time for him to step up.

After seeing Goten nod, Beerus turned to Vados, "This fourth round, we admit defeat! The next contestant for the seventh universe is Goten."

Although by admitting defeat he would be ridiculed by Champa, he would not allow Trunks to be killed.

"Okay," Vados nodded, declaring the match to be over.

But Kale wasn't done with Trunks. As he stood up, she punched him again.

If the bowl-shaped fist hit, even if Trunks didn't die on the spot, he probably would have to lie in bed for a long time.

"It's over..." Trunks suddenly looked terrified. Looking at the ever-expanding fist in the pupil, Trunks felt instantly surrounded by death!

Just as her fist neared, a figure appeared, catching Kale's punch effortlessly.


"Goten!" Seeing Goten suddenly appearing in front of him, Trunks was overjoyed. He thought he was going to die.

"Okay, Trunks, you've done enough. Go and rest now. Leave the rest to me," Goten said, turning to Kale. "I'll play with you next."

And the scene where Goten caught Kale's punch calmly surprised Champa and the others.

"Are you kidding me?!"

"Vados, isn't that kid the same one I saw in Beerus's temple? At that time, he couldn't even walk steadily. How did he catch Kale's fist just now?" Champa asked, stunned.

At that time, he was so determined to compete with Beerus in a tournament after seeing the clumsy gestures of this kid and that bald dwarf in the God Realm!

"Champa-sama, both Goten and Krillin were wearing Whis-specific weight-training suits at that time, also subjected to their own extreme gravity," Vados explained.

"What? You bastard.... Such an important thing, why didn't you tell me at that time?" Champa's expression changed drastically.

He was now sure, this Vados must be an undercover agent sent by Beerus! If she told him about this kind of thing at the time, maybe he would not have been so impulsive and challenged Beerus to a fight.

Vados, this bastard, was too much! It felt like she was digging a hole and waiting for him to jump.

"Champa-sama, don't blame me for this! I always wanted to find a chance to remind you, but you didn't give me a chance at all!" Vados said innocently.


Champa could only frown and watch the ring, hoping Kale could power up again and eliminate the seventh universe boy.

Trunks returned to the stage, saying to Beerus with an embarrassed face, "Sorry, Beerus-sama. I lost!"

"You've done well, Trunks. Leave it to Goten. Whis, help Trunks heal." Beerus said to Trunks with a rare moment of kindness.

Obviously, Trunks' performance just now had won his approval.

"Yes, Beerus-sama."


In the arena, Kale grinned, resembling Broly. She punched Goten, who met her with a punch of his own.


The arena was destroyed by the shock wave as they clashed, testing each other's strength. Both bared their teeth, continually increasing their power, the ground trembling and lightning crackling around them.


Trunks likes to hit those mountains.


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