1 Chapter 1

Closing my laptop I yawned and stretched my entire body while sitting on my bed, as I had been sitting for so long watching YouTube videos on my laptop.

My name is Aaron Stone, just an ordinary black guy.

I am a 23-year-old college student.

Why am I still in school you ask? Well, I am often asked that, but the truth is that everyone has their own pace and path in life. For me, college is not about getting a degree, but also about learning and growing as a person. Though being financially challenged was a tiny bit part of it.

I believe that education is a lifelong journey, and I'm excited to see where my art takes me.

For a long time, I've had a love for all things related to games, anime, manga, fanfics, and similar related things. These became my hobby, and well might have come close to being a NEET until I learned moderation.

The end of the semester is here, and we just finished up a week of final tests.

And anyone who is in college knows how much of a pain those are.

However, I think I did well considering I studied a lot for the past month. So much so that I did not read all the anime, manga, and fanfic chapter updates.

Though once I make those grades and pass my classes it will all be worth it.

Since the final week has officially ended, I decided to go on a bingeing spree, of all that I missed.

As for anime I just binged Danmachi or so I prefer to call it since the original name is a mouthful, for manga caught up with tales of demons and gods, read some novel and fanfic updates, and finally stopped now with watching Coryxkenshin on YouTube.

But enough about all that.

Stopping my stretch as I stood up from my bed.

I started feeling hungry because been on my laptop all day.

Picking up my phone and unlocking it, I noticed it was 8 pm, 'Omg I have been bingeing for 9 hours straight'. I thought to myself as I slipped on my shoes and headed to the door.

Being broke, walking to the store for takeout seemed cheaper than delivery, and the weird mandatory tipping custom that follows. "I mean why do I have to pay you for a job you are already paid for? And when I don't I get weird looks lol". I muttered to myself.

Guess it's pizza tonight. I thought as I grinned wryly at my situation.

Sitting down at the pizza place as I waited for my order to get finished after making payment at the counter.

'Why didn't I preorder ahead' I thought to myself as I lamented on my rookie mistake.

"Sigh", I sighed as the line was super long when I got here.

Feeling bored waiting, I whipped out my phone and moved through the online book store, to purchase Sword Orario, a spin-off series of Danmachi which follows the adventures of Ais and her comrades in the Loki Familia.

Scrolling through the search bar, I found all the volumes that weren't in the anime, as a lot of anime forums had been hyping it up recently. "This month will be tight" I couldn't help but mutter after this heavy purchase.

Hopefully, I can binge through this, as a new anime season of Danmachi is on its way. A fact my anime buddies can't stop talking about online.

They were the ones that introduced me to the series, as I was more of a Naruto fan with talk no Jutsu than watching a dense virgin boy with a hero complex.

Back when the first season came out I watched it, and honestly, it was cringe, I mean it had gods and goddesses with weird personalities. The mc was super dense, always apologetic, and had a hero complex.

Hestia, the mc goddess was a bit clingy but kinda liked her, I mean she was a legal Loli, ahem don't get the wrong idea my online user name on the anime forum might be a legal Loli gentleman, but I am in no way a pedophile.

Though with her constant interference, the mc didn't make much progress with all the potential waifus around him. It still went on to other seasons but on the positive side?? I can't think of any now but know there are.

Since I wanted a refresh on the series and was super bored I went through some wiki pages and found some interesting info. Most of the gods in the series are Greek gods, it seems other pantheon gods exist in the world but are not really based in Orario or maybe they are but we're not just mentioned in the series.

While scrolling through my phone on different pantheon goddesses. Hey don't judge me I may still be a virgin, but that's because I am a Christian and not because I was an orphan or being too engrossed in surviving and a shit ton of anime. I somehow ended up like this 'Maybe I would become a grand sage if I keep it as long as Rimuru did' Thinking about how all that came to be, I was snapped from my useless thought by a the sound of a voice.

"Order number 55!"

Hearing the number I looked at my slip, put my phone in my pocket, and went up to collect my food.

Once I did, I started making my way to my small apartment, reading a bunch of anime reviews on the way back.

'Well it's official, one punch man is the best anime' I thought. Walking across the street at an intersection.

I made sure to put down my phone and look around before making the cross. Though the traffic lights were green no cars seemed to be around so I decided to just jog through.

As I reached around the middle of the intersection I heard a sound coming from my right.

*Honk!!! Honk!!!*

Seeing a bright light out of the corner of my eyes, I turned my head, only to see a large truck coming towards me. I was pretty sure I checked around before crossing and no vehicles were around.

Before I could even turn to sprint across the rest of the distance since I was around the middle no point turning back. I thought as that seemed logical in my head. So I attempted a quick dash across the road but in an instant, the truck appeared as if it had teleported closer to me. My first instinct was to duck, and let it pass over me because it seemed to work in many movies. As long as I don't get hit by the tires.

So I quickly dropped to my face in an attempt to avoid being run over, but it was too late. The truck passed over me, the weight of it crushing my body beneath it as I burst like a toothpaste tube being forcibly squeezed, my bones were crushed sticking out all over my body, and my head popped like a balloon filled with air. How do I know this? Well, it's what flashed through my mind as I ducked under the truck, and the last thing I saw was the tires turn where my body lay as I was welcomed into the embrace of death.

Author notes:

Please forgive any grammatical mistakes you might see.

Second: I plan on completing this story. I have seen many good story's end up being abandoned, which is disheartening but will see this till the end. The next thing is I haven't decided on the mc's harem members. So for all those harem haters please don't read . Your reviews, ideas, criticism and thoughts are welcome. They will be a great motivator for me to keep going and improve my writing. The story will be in 1st POV but if not liked will switch to 3rd POV mid story. The chapters will be between 1200 to 2000 words as that is the minimum and maximum consistency that I intend to keep. And lastly, if you enjoy the story, feel free to vote with power stones.

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