Reborn in Danmachi as a Dragon-Kin (Rewrite)

An ordinary guy dies and gets reincarnated in the world of Danmachi. He ends up being born as the last True Dragon-Kin. Join Draco on his journey in the world of Danmachi, watch as he navigates through the craziness of Orario and the conspiracies that lie underneath the city. Disclaimer: I do not own the Danmachi series except the characters I created as this is a slight Au fanfic. Warning: This fiction may contain things such as Murder, thoughts of suicide and some dark descriptions of events. Release schedule: Random but will post 3 chapters every week. You can read up to 15 advanced chapters of Danmachi and 15 of Journey through fictional realities on my pat3on and donate. www.patr3n.com/Hungrymushroom.

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Chapter 3

One possibility was that he would be returned to his world god where he could be judged or erased, he wasn't sure.

The other possibility was being sold to another god by X or just outright being erased by X.

None of the potential outcomes seemed appealing.

"The world, race, abilities, and timeline will be random, as for what you will do. Just do whatever you want," X replied as he clapped his hands.

As soon as he did, a roulette wheel appeared right beside the desk.

Aaron was shocked by the reply but just nodded his head like he understood X.

Aaron then inspected the wheel to see several fictional worlds listed on it.

'Is this for real?' Aaron thought as he saw some familiar world names on the list.

Avatar, Tensura slime, Danmachi, Bleach, MHA, Succubus stayed life, Saimin… etc.

'Omg, hentai's are included,' Aaron cheered within his mind.

"Now, that's enough of your weird fantasies, spin the wheel," X said, snapping Aaron out of his thoughts.

"Ahem, I apologize," Aaron replied. It wasn't his fault; when you are a virgin around his age, imaginations tend to run wild with lewd thoughts.

Walking up to the first wheel, which was labeled world, he spun the wheel with as much strength as his spirit could muster.

The wheel kept spinning for a while until it began to slow down. Naruto, DxD, Game of Thrones, Boku no pico, Step Mother's friends, Danmachi, WARHAMMER 40K… etc.

As the wheel slowly inched towards each world, Aaron clasped his hands in prayer to not get any crazy world.

The roulette ended up landing in Danmachi, sending a wave of relief to pass over his nonexistent body.

The Danmachi world was right next to the WARHAMMER 40K world, just an inch to the left, and it would have been over for him.

"Tsk, lucky bastard," Aaron could swear he heard from X.

X wanted him to go to a world that he found quite interesting, but he had already set a rule for himself that he wouldn't break.

Everything must be random and left up to chance, and he wasn't going to interfere.

"Next, spin the next wheel," X said. Aaron hurriedly approached the second wheel, which was labeled timeline, and spun it.

The wheel contained numbers ranging from 1 to 1000 years before canon. Of course, Aaron desperately prayed for a low number.

Soon the wheel slowed down and stopped at the number 20, meaning that he would be born around 20 years before canon events.

He didn't have every bit of knowledge about the Danmachi world, but he did know of the most important event that occurred in the series.

Without wasting time, Aaron walked up to the third wheel labeled race and spun it.

He could see races like Human, Dwarfs, elves, Hume bunny, beastmen, fairy, fae, werewolf… etc.

'Please be anything other than an insect, fish, goblin, snake, dungeon monster, magical girl ….. etc,' Aaron begged the RNG gods within his mind.

The wheel slowed down and soon stopped at the race 'Dragon kin'.

"Yes!" Aaron yelled in excitement upon seeing his race.

His luck was sky high even though it didn't save him from dying or was dying an effect of his luck, he briefly pondered.


X suddenly snapped his finger, drawing Aaron's attention, but he didn't know why until information about his new race started popping into his mind.

According to the race description, a Dragon Kin was basically descendants of True dragons and spirits.

The only main difference was that they were weak at birth till their first awakening and didn't gain their true forms until they reached a certain level of power.

The main features for males were their strong masculine horns, robust bodies, long flexible tail, and partially scale-covered chest.

They had a humanoid appearance and beauty comparable to that of the elves.

The females weren't that much different except having a feminine appearance and parts.

The females tended to have bright-colored scales while the males had darker colours.

The racial skills were what blew Aaron away completely.

Lastly they were extinct, meaning that he was going to be the last one in the Danmachi world.

[Dragon Partial Transformation: Enables the Dragon kin to transform part of their bodies to that of a dragon such as wings, claws, scales, etc.…

Return to Origin: After reaching a certain level of power, the user can transform into their true dragon form.

Blessed by the elements: Due to their partial spirit nature, the Dragon kin have a high affinity with most elements of nature.

Blessed by Nature: Due to their partial spirit nature, the Dragon kin have a high affinity with nature, which increases body and mind natural recovery speed. Additionally, increases resistance to natural ailments.

Enhanced Senses: Due to their beastly origins, the Dragon kin have enhancements applied to their basic senses, including reflexes.

Poison resistance: Grants the Dragon kin a certain level of resistance to poisons.

Breeding: Dragons are known to be able to breed with most species. The Dragon kin are no different.

Special Additional Breeding effect: Due to the nature of the world, the addition of Falna will increase the chances of mating with goddesses by a certain percentage.]

After reading his skill, Aaron was completely blown away.

All the skills were passive in nature and applied some kind of positive effect.

"Uhm, why is the level of boost effects not shown, and did you do something when you snapped your fingers?" Aaron asked, he saw an odd addition to the breeding skill.

"These are all natural skills that the race possesses; there was no need to add numbers as the effects are different for each Dragon kin. I only added the special breeding enhancement as I thought it would be fun," X replied.

"I see, thank you, I guess," Aaron replied. He could already think of several ways that he could use his gifts.

"Hey, spin the next wheel," X called out, snapping Aaron from his wild fantasies with the goddesses of Danmachi.

After spinning all there, Aaron ended up with three skills.

Looking at their description, he could tell that they were all extremely useful.

The first skill was called 'elemental magic.' It was a skill that let him learn to control elemental magic.

The second skill was charm resistance, a skill that boosted his resistance against any charm-type skills.

He could already tell that this was going to be useful against the charm-type goddesses, mainly Freya and Ishtar.

The last and final skill was called 'Equilibrium,' a growth-type skill that gave a boost to his lower stat values until they reached the same value as the highest stats he had.

It was basically a skill that forced him to focus on an all-rounder type of build.

He only needed to focus on one stat till its maximum at first, and the other would gain a boost and follow till they reach the same value as the stat he focused on.

Satisfied with his skills, Aaron looked back to X, ready to face what happens next.

"So what now?" Aaron asked.

"Well, off you go," X replied as he snapped his fingers.

"Wait, are my racial skills visible to the gods of Danmachi" Aaron hastily asked.

"No they will not be visible. Only your 3 acquired skills will be visible" X replied.

"Will we meet again?" Aaron asked as his body began being pulled into a dark tunnel that suddenly opened up.

"Likely no, but it would be interesting if we did," X replied.

Soon, the tunnel closed, and the white room returned to still silence.

Another soul soon appeared in the room, and X resumed his job.

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