Reborn in attack on titan as a bender

I die and was given a second chance in the world of attack on titan as a bender.

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Hello, my name is Jack, I'm a high school student in a weeb by heart, I love watching anime, it's amazing stuff that you thought could never happen in real life happen there, it's like a wonderland with some dark part in it but unfortunately, I'm stuck in the real world.

I just finished watching the last season of attack on titan and I do not know why they had to put it in so many parts, I thought that was the last part.

Eren had to resort to the rumbling if only there was another choice, that wasn't so bloody and so violent. I know there was the diplomatic choice but let's be real the people on the earth are racist as hell and they going to discriminate against anyone that is not like them.

They even enslave some people who have different color skin from them calling them beneath them just because they had darker skin now imagine people that can turn into 15m tall titans, tell me what you think their reaction will be, even if they accept the discrimination after the threat of the rumbling is not longer a threat to them they just going to destroy it.

'Any ways I'm not saying he was right but hey he was not that far off'I thought to myself

"Anyway it's time to get home and enjoy some time watching shown about medicine because I love it" i said to no one in particular

I was at the intersection, I looked up in saw it was a red light, I looked around in saw no car so, I walked across and got to the other safe and sound I continued to walk till I reached the train station. I went underground to take the train after all the minor steps were taking care of. I was waiting for the train to get home in actually start to watch jujutsu kaisen I heard it was good from my friend.

While I was thinking all of that the train was coming in a girl fell in the track In I said"do you see a red button in there press it"i said she was shaking but she made it to it in pressed it in that alerted the train conducted there was someone in the track in he stopped in time in no one got hurt.I eventually got out of the train in I got to nearby bus station in waited (yes I know I live far away from the school.)

After paying the bills for a bus around like 50cents I just sat down in waited.

A dude who look like he wanna die got on the bus and I smelled something fishy, I got out early in walked the rest of the way home but for some reason those fishy situations kept happening over in over again but I manage to avoid most of them after getting home i open the stove to cook something after I was done I 'closed' it and went to bed.

I woke to a void-like space with darkness all around me

"Wait where did my body go," I said while looking down in seeing nothing

then it hit me 'I forgot to turn the stove off but I remember doing it 'I thought to myself

"So I'm stuck in this void now for how long tho," I said while looking around in seeing an infinite space all around me full of darkness

"Guess I'm going to be here forever," I said to no one in particular.

A/N this fanfic may not get updated daily but I'm going to try my best not to just leave unfinished

The mc is a man.