158 The Show Off Prince

"Are you surprised?" Adel came up and sleepily asked.

"Mmm… His weird smile is gone." I answered lightly. Well, it was true. His stupid grin was replaced with a serious expression that was not something you often saw on him. But what was annoying me was all the fangirls screaming his name. Like, does it help if you scream his name?  Do you win an award for being the one to scream his name the loudest? 

I will never understand it. Why do girls get all giddy over a boy or any kind of lover for that matter? Although I am a girl myself, I still do not understand it. I shook my head as I turned my attention back to Lance on stage. He was staring at Bill with a small smile on his lips. Once Bill gave the go ahead, Bill charged at Lance which was a surprise to me. This was the second time he had charged at someone. The first being me. Lance only slightly moved as he brought his sword to his side and stepped forward, and struck out. 


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