Reborn Husband Wants Revenge, But There’s Too Much Going On Book

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Reborn Husband Wants Revenge, But There’s Too Much Going On


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Zhang Li, the overbearing CEO, was suddenly returned to ten years before his death, reborn. After realizing where he was, he resolved to take revenge on the people that had driven him to a corner and caused his demise. First his CEO wife, her brother (who has now been replaced with a transmigrator), then his wife's lover (who is now a world hopper with a system)-- Wait, what happened to the plot? How was he supposed to take revenge like this? Lao Yang (world hopper): Mission success! 0181, look at how unrecognizable the plot has become! Chi Yumeng: ...Didn't you say your mission was to save my boyfriend? System 0181: [ ...Host, the task. Please remember why we're here. ] Su Lin (transmigrator): I just invented full dive VR. Sister, can your company use this? Su Jia: Can use! Since when have you been so competent? I really have a good brother, much better than that useless ex-husband. Zhang Li (reborn): I... also invented full dive VR... Lao Yan (world hopper): Oh, me too! Look, I also made full dive VR! Zhang Li (reborn): ... Yuan Yu: Mister Zhang, please don't take out your anger on the office.


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