1 World of Elysium

In a world consumed by mystery and chaos, suddenly invaded by creatures and monsters of unknown origin, humanity retaliated brutally against these creatures; however, all forms of weapons proved useless.

Against these creatures, the world came together; however, even after this union, the strategies they painstakingly made were laid to waste as the strength shown by the dimensional creatures proved impossible to bypass. Soon, despair began to set in as cities fell, countries burned, and continents were laid to waste.

The world leaders began to panic, and soon they were pushed to the edge. They resorted to nuclear bombs, and even these were ineffective against the sheer numbers and mass of the creatures. Eventually, the world was turned upside down as the population began to dwindle at a rapid rate.

Humanity went into hiding, forced to live like rats, with their lives in constant danger. The once refined and delicate world had been turned over, embodying the law of the jungle, where the weak could only be preyed upon.

Just when the despair began to seem permanent and the light of hope began to vanish, the heavens opened up in a bright light akin to the sun. The cracks widened, and from within it, blue-colored crystals descended from the sky.

Many of humanity's last survivors noticed this, and against all fear of death and demise, they made sure to come in contact with such heavenly gifts as it had become the only beacon of hope left.

In a sudden twist of events, those who had come in contact with the blue crystal had gained magical capabilities. It began with them feeling the existence of a form of energy around them and within them.

This energy was soon named Mana, and as they tapped into it, they gained unique abilities. With these unique abilities, they began to battle against the dimensional beasts, eventually managing to push them back until humanity was once again taken out of the rubble.

As the creatures were killed, they could hear voices, and followed by the voice was a semi-transparent panel in front of them. Soon, they discovered that as long as they fought and defeated the monsters with the help of the panel, they could get stronger.

After some years, this panel was named 'systems', and humanity had begun to recover. Cities were rebuilt with long and tall walls to defend against the dimensional creatures.

The origins of these creatures remained unknown, and the only thing they knew was that they appeared from dimensional rifts, which were given the name 'dungeon', with ranks varying depending on the Mana exuded by the dungeon, which is also used to determine the rank of the creatures contained within it.

As time went on, the cities grew and expanded by the foundation of other cities, with distances stretching for hundreds of miles. Humanity had finally stabilized and had begun to aim at acquiring what was once theirs.

After having been taken out of the gutter, they had finally decided to create a name for themselves. Many opinions were made and many were rejected until finally, they settled for one.

'Systemholders', a name that radiated with the meaning and essence of their existence, with this, the new era was followed by many groundbreaking developments, and so is the history of the world of Elysium.

Beep-Beep-Beep, the sound of an alarm could be heard, in a dimly lit room, Allen, a 17-year-old boy, awoke from his modest bed. With difficulty, the alarm managed to get Allen's attention.

His eyes opened in discomfort, reaching out with his hands to tap on the alarm shutdown button; however, before he could even do so, the alarm made a series of sounds before finally letting out smoke.

"It's finally spoiled," he muttered, looking at the broken alarm in his hands, before he finally placed it back on the damaged table close to his bed.

Standing up to his feet, his body aches a bit as the bed could be said to have been uncomfortable. After managing to stand to his feet, he walks to the cracked mirror rested on a wall.

Looking into it, the reflection of a slender boy could be seen, with pure black hair, an above-average look, a lean figure, with average abs.

"Mmph..," he sighed a bit with a solemn face, with a string of thoughts lingering on it.

"17 years," he muttered under his breath, remembering when he was reborn into a strange world. At first, he thought he was reborn on earth, however, as he grew up, he naturally found out the world he had been reborn into was far from ordinary.


With him watching a video from his mom's smartphone, the first thing that hinted at him was the name of various applications.

He expected to find YouTube but instead, he found it to be called Trixtube, however, he ignored the change of name since he found out it had similar functions.

"Maybe it was updated," he mused inwardly, unable to talk at the moment. Opening the app, he soon found out the majority of the video contained the words like, "Beginner's guide on how to kill goblins with ease," "Newbie guide in F rank dungeon," "Tips and tricks on how to slay a troll," and so on it went.

Watching the videos full of shiny, attractive effects, he couldn't help but furrow his gaze.

"People nowadays like edits so much," he commented inwardly, however, before he could continue surfing the Internet, he hears familiar footsteps. Hearing this, he quickly deletes and wipes away any form of evidence.

Knowing that the sight of a two-year-old perfectly operating a smartphone was unbelievable and not wanting to creep his parents out, he hurriedly cleans and swipes away the apps he had opened.

"There's my little angel," a soothing voice resounded as the sound of a door closing was heard. Allen turned around with a cheeky smile while holding the phone in a childish way before it accidentally fell from his hands.

"Oops," he froze, "am so dead," he thought inwardly, having accidentally dropped her phone he thought he would receive some scolding but he naturally knew as a baby he could still get away with it.

However, what happened next surprised him. The furious gaze he expected did not arrive, soon he found himself in the arms of the lovely woman he called mom.

After she had picked him up, she took the phone with a screen that had now been shattered.

"Sigh.. I was planning on replacing it anyways," she stated before laying it in the corner and proceeding to leave the bedroom and heading to the living room, where she placed him before she headed to the kitchen.

With the TV now on with a cartoon on, he sighed. Having to pretend to be a baby was really harder than he imagined.

Just then before he could further contemplate, he noticed something: the cartoon was about a cat and a mouse, however, he noticed some differences.

The cat was now white while the rat was black, not giving it much thought, he naturally thought it was because he had been reborn in another era so it was only natural some things had changed.

A few minutes after watching, he couldn't help but fall asleep helplessly.

"Curse this body of a baby," he retorted before his consciousness finally faded, against his will despite his resistance he couldn't overcome what was needed.

A series of days had passed, he continued to linger in his ignorance unwilling to take the thought he was possibly in another world.

However, the events of the day to come changed his viewpoint totally, shattering his normal comprehension of things.

"Lisa! Honey, I'm home," a familiar voice could be heard as keys jingled, Allen's dad, Clark, arriving from his daily job.

"Welcome home," Lisa greeted with a tired voice, exhaustion visible on her face. After helping her husband to take off his jacket, she returned to the kitchen after planting a peck on his cheeks.

After watching his lovely wife walk to the kitchen sexily, he knew it was finally time to conquer her tonight, releasing a bit of his creepy aura.

He naturally wanted to have her right here and now, but he couldn't bring himself to do such in front of his one and only son.

Turning around, his gaze landed on his son who had been looking at him. He couldn't help but be proud he had such a handsome baby boy.

"Sometimes I can't help but feel he understands what we say," Clark pondered a bit, wondering whether he could really understand at such a young age.

"How's my little Aen junior?" Clark declared as he grabs and lifts Allen into the air, the bonding of a father and a son occurring.

"I think I'm gonna puke," he muttered inwardly as he was being spun around in the air. But just then his mom arrived just in time to save him from Clark's clutches.

"Clark! I have warned you several times not to do that, he doesn't like it," Lisa's voice resounded in fury, quickly snatching Allen from his hand.

"Ha, I forgot," he confirmed before he whispered, "How do you know he doesn't like it," clearly pouting that his little Aen junior had been snatched from his hand.

"What was that I heard?" Lisa with red fury questioned with a cooking spoon in her hands; however, at the moment, it looked to be a deadly weapon ready to kill.

"I said—" he quickly cleared himself in a hurry before letting out a sigh as the spoon he expected to land on his head did not arrive.

"Tch," Lisa remarked before placing Allen on the couch, about to hurry to the kitchen.

Just then she felt a little bit light in the head, but before she could regain control, she found that she was about to fall.

Allen, at that moment had clearly been observing her as she headed to the kitchen, suddenly, weakness seemed to overcome her, causing her to lose her balance.

She was on the verge of colliding with the floor, however, just then there was a flash of light. Allen was forced to close his eyes from the brightness, but as he opened them, he saw his dad holding his mom firmly in his hands.

"How... did he?" He pondered in surprise, unable to finish his words. "What the heck just happened," he cursed inwardly in surprise as Clark carried Lisa up the stairs and straight to the bedroom.

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