Reborn: Draconic system

In a world where the manifestation of one's soul power through intricate systems defines one's prowess against dimensional beasts and monsters that have tormented humanity for over a century, our protagonist, Allen, finds himself at the center of ridicule during the annual awakening ceremony. "Such trash," whispers the crowd. "His parents would be disappointed." "All handsome, yet still trash," scoffs another. "A waste of space." "The lizard system?" mocks someone else. "I've never heard of such garbage. Emma must be relieved to have left him." Despite the insults, Allen remains unfazed, knowing his true potential remains hidden from the incompetent machine. Unbeknownst to everyone at the scene, a day would come when the boy they once looked down on would become their savior in the midst of despair and desperation. And with the supreme power he possessed, all shall kneel before him, every form of resistance shattered in the face of true power. ---- A/N: This is my 2024 WSA novel entry, make sure to vote for me.

Angeldrex · Fantasy
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52 Chs

Learning the basics I

"Clear the way," boomed a formidable voice, resonating with an undeniable aura of authority, causing the students who had gathered around Emma in sheer fascination and idolization to halt abruptly, their attention redirected towards the imposing figure that stood before them.

Instinctively, they parted like a sea before his commanding presence, an aura of dominance emanating from him, ensuring his uninterrupted path forward. He drew nearer to the slightly stunned Emma, who remained in disbelief after awakening a system of unparalleled rarity, worth one in a billion.

"Emma Millers, please come with me," Headmaster Dracyl requested, observing her reluctance and disinterest amidst the overwhelming attention.

Upon hearing the request, Emma viewed it as an opportunity to break free from the throng before her. Without hesitation, she accepted, allowing herself to be led away from the hall, feeling the weight of every student's gaze following them until they disappeared from sight.

As the students absorbed the influx of information they had just witnessed, poised to resume their murmurs and inquiries about the nature of the system Emma had awakened, a voice suddenly resonated from the stage, instantly captivating everyone's attention.

"The awakening ceremony has officially concluded. Congratulations to those who successfully awakened their systems, and my condolences to those who did not," the woman, adorned in a professional outfit, announced before exiting the hall with a flash of red. "Following this, you will have a break of thirty minutes before classes begin."

"Isn't that Vice Headmaster Lauren?" Allen couldn't help but notice her well-proportioned figure, appreciating her milf-like allure. Her intense and serious expression only heightened her beauty in his eyes.

"What the hell is wrong with me," Allen thought inwardly, troubled by his recent pattern of lusting after women. He wondered if there was something inherently flawed with him, causing him to strengthen his moral resistance against such impulses.

"Allen, what are you thinking about?" Jackie asked, noticing Allen's familiar gaze towards the vice headmaster. He had already guessed the reason but refrained from blaming Allen, understanding that any normal male would be attracted to such a figure.

"Ha, its nothing," Allen said as he let out a chuckle acknowledging Jackies keen observations. "Let's hit the cafeteria before all the good spots are snagged," he quickly suggested, striding purposely towards the expansive exit looming before them.

Jackie, noticing Allen's reaction, smiled faintly at the awkwardness before falling into step behind him. As they made their way to the cafeteria, other students caught wind of their movement and joined the procession, knowing that the thirty-minute break was swiftly drawing to a close.

After navigating through a series of twists and turns, Allen and Jackie arrived at the spacious cafeteria. They wasted no time in grabbing trays and serving themselves, meticulously scouting for the perfect spot to sit.

By the time they found a table, numerous other students had already flooded in, bustling with the energy of school life. Friends chatted animatedly, students flirted with their crushes, and couples exchanged affectionate gestures, creating a vibrant atmosphere in the bustling scene.

"Do you know anything about the vice headmaster?" Allen asked with a hint of playful mischief, curious to see Jackie's reaction to the odd question. His plan seemed to have hit the mark as Jackie's response carried a hint of irritation.

"Allen, she's at least twice your age. Do you really think she would take interest in you?" Jackie retorted, clearly irked by Allen's inquiry. Despite Jackie's frustration, Allen couldn't help but chuckle inwardly, finding amusement in Jackie's reaction.

"Come on, she might be into younger guys," Allen retorted sheepishly, enjoying teasing Jackie despite his friend's clear disapproval.

However, their banter was interrupted as a figure approached them with two others in tow. It was none other than Jerrad, a boy who had once attempted to bully Allen. However, he quickly discovered that Allen's skills, honed from his past life and training received from his combat systemholder father, far surpassed his own.

Despite Jerrad's attempts to challenge him with his lackeys, Allen effortlessly embarrassed them, showcasing his superior combat abilities.

"Now what do you want, Jerrad? Or are you here for another beating?" Allen sneered, mocking their previous encounter as it flashed before their eyes. A slight tremor of fear erupted from Jerrad, but he quickly suppressed it, knowing he possessed a superior system compared to Allen's lizard system of iron rank, with his own metal knight system being of silver rank.

"You can try, but you should know I have a higher ranked system than you," Jerrad stated with evident pride and arrogance, eager to assert his dominance over Allen, a dream he believed he could finally fulfill.

"So?" Allen countered, his demeanor unchanged. This seemed to infuriate Jerrad even more, as he hadn't expected Allen to remain so calm. His face contorted in unnecessary anger, prompting Allen to chuckle softly.

"Oh, I should tell you that my buddy here awakened a gold rank system, so I advise you not to act rashly," Allen informed with a slight smile, taunting Jerrad. However, with a shifting gaze between Allen and Jerrad, the latter turned away, conceding defeat and unwilling to embarrass himself further.

Just before walking away with his lackeys, Jerrad turned to Allen. "You know he won't always be there for you to hide behind," he stated before continuing to exit the cafeteria.

What an headache Jackie commented with a heavy sigh as he watched Jerrad trail off in the distance, but he remembered what he had said before leaving, he knew he could not allow Allen to move around alone or he may be subjected to their attack.

"What a headache," Jackie commented with a heavy sigh as he watched Jerrad trail off in the distance. He remembered Jerrad's warning before leaving, realizing he couldn't allow Allen to roam alone or risk being targeted again.

"Yeah, they are. Let's get to class; time is almost up," Allen replied, showing no fear in the face of Jerrad's words. He knew his system was far from normal, as evidenced by his ability to receive a quest without the required level.

As the door swung open, a woman entered, her presence instantly commanding the attention of the entire class. Silence enveloped the room as a captivating fragrance wafted through the air.

Each step she took seemed to demand attention, her smooth skin resembling jade reflecting light with each movement. Time seemed to stand still as the boys ogled at her above-average body proportions, while the girls contemplated their own existence in comparison.

"Settle down, class," her cold voice resounded, snapping all the students from their inattentive stupor. Some stumbled from their seats in surprise, while Allen simply stared, his lip curling up in a lustful smile.

"Argh~," Jackie sighed helplessly as he witnessed Allen's unholy gaze fixed on their teacher, Amelia. Gazing at Allen with disappointment, Jackie's expression soon softened into a warm smile as he acknowledged his friend's lustful behavior.

"Today, I will guide you through the basics of how the system works and the decisions you will have to make, which is why you have been told not to activate your systems yet," she stated, her gaze sweeping across the class to ensure everyone was attentive.

And of course she had the attention of all boys who were to fascinated with her body to look away, something that irritated the girls as they stare daggers at Amelia who did not seem to notice the slight killing intent or maybe she ignored it.

Ok, now everyone you will need to say the phrase system or will it in your mind to activate it she announced, as the students began to follow her order one by one.

Allen who had heard this gazed across the classroom sighting other students reaction as they called up their respective systems, he also found out any other people could not see someone else's system unless it was willingly.

System he called out absolute command, the will resonated with the voice and came to life for the first in it's existence, as soon as he called out a red tinted semi transparent panel appeared before him.


- Name: Allen

- Class: None

- Level: 1 // Exp: 0/1000

- Vitality: 35 // HP: 350/350

- Magic power: 100 // MP: 1000/1000 // Regen: 25 MP per minute

- Strength: 22

- Agility: 20

- Defense: 26

- Intelligence: 25

- Endurance: 21


[Stat points: 0]


Spirit essence: 20 [0/200] [Allows the user to bind weapons or equipments to their soul]


|Quest: 1|


>Origin Skills<(Select 0 3)< p>

• Dragon flame [Lvl 1]: Able to create and manipulate flames, created from your mana.

- Mana cost: 5mp

• Partial Draconic transformation [Lvl 1]: Allows the user to partially transform body parts into that of a dragon, allows full humanoid Draconic transformation. - Mana cost: 10mp

• Dragonification [Lvl 1]: Allows the user to transform beasts and monsters into dragon-type familiars, also works on skills and equipment.

- Current limit: 0/10

• Bioluminescent Glare [Lvl 1]: Emit a blinding, radiant light from the eyes, capable of dazzling and disorienting foes, as well as illuminating dark environments with a brilliant glow.

- Mana cost 10mp

• Dragon Touch [Lvl 1]: Imbue touch with a calming aura, soothing the emotions of those they come into contact with or healing minor wounds with a gentle touch.

Mana cost: 10mp


• Skills: None

• Affinity: All

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