6 Draconic system

"Draconic system?" Allen repeated, his mind racing as he pondered the revelation. Despite his extensive research on systems and their recorded types, he had never encountered or even heard of a system like the Draconic system.

He knew that even if two people were to awaken the same type of system, there would still be variations, either minor or major.

His attention briefly shifted to the device the examiner was holding, and he stared intently, deciphering its contents. "Lizard system," he thought inwardly in shock. He hadn't expected the device to indicate that he had awakened an Iron-ranked system. The discrepancy between what he had heard and what the device displayed left him puzzled and intrigued.

"Did I really get an Iron-ranked system?" Allen questioned inwardly, his gaze wavering with uncertainty. His mind swirled with turmoil as he struggled to comprehend the events unfolding before him. It felt as though the possibility of greatness was slipping away, leaving him with a sense of apprehension and doubt.

"Hey, you! Get down from the altar! Staring at the crystal won't change your fate," the examiner's voice cut through his thoughts, filled with disdain as she gave Allen a look of disgust.

Allen returned the gaze defiantly, causing the examiner's anger to boil. Just as she was about to order the guards to intervene, Allen looked away and stepped down from the altar, choosing not to engage further in the confrontation.

"Did I hear wrongly?" Allen thought inwardly, puzzled by the discrepancy between the system he had heard and the one displayed on the device. "Or was the device unable to comprehend my system?" He clung to a thread of hope, considering the possibility that there might be more to his system than initially apparent. However, the only way to confirm his suspicions would be to invoke and call out his system.

Just as he was about to voice his thoughts and call out "system," Jackie, who had just finished his own awakening, approached with a bright smile on his face. Observing Allen lost in thought, Jackie's curiosity and joy were evident as he sought out his friend.

"Allen!" Jackie called out, walking closer and maneuvering through the crowd of students, who respectfully made way for him, having witnessed his own awakening and granting him a level of respect.

"Hey, Jackie, how was the awakening?" he responded with a smile, however, his thoughts were still in turmoil. But in the presence of Jackie, the rapid uncertainty thoughts calmed down like a tranquil river.

"Yeah, it was great," Jackie replied jubilantly. "I awakened a gold rank system!" His wide smile conveyed the level of happiness he felt, knowing that awakening a mid-level system was a significant achievement.

"Wow, that's amazing! Nice one, Jackie," Allen exclaimed, genuinely expressing his support and happiness for Jackie's achievement. However, his mind remained distant, preoccupied with thoughts of his own system situation.

"Thanks, Allen," Jackie replied gratefully. "But what system did you awaken?" he asked, sensing Allen's unease from their earlier encounter.

Allen's expression faltered slightly as he replied, "Oh, I got an iron-ranked system, the Lizard system." His tone was subdued, reflecting his disappointment and uncertainty.

Immediately sensing Allen's distress, Jackie placed a comforting hand on his friend's shoulder, offering silent support and understanding in his time of need.

"Don't be so let down, Allen. I'm with you, and don't worry, I've got your back," Jackie reassured, his slight smile offering a glimmer of reassurance.

Allen's mood lifted slightly at Jackie's words, grateful for his friend's support. However, uncertainty still gnawed at him, unable to shake off the lingering doubts about his own system.

"Well, I'm lucky to have you as a friend," Allen expressed sincerely, his gratitude evident in his tone.

But before Jackie could respond, a brilliant light suddenly descended upon the hall, its intensity forcing everyone to either close or shield their eyes in response, as if replacing the sun itself.

The hall fell into a hushed silence as the phenomenal event unfolded before them. It was a phenomenon that occurred only when one awakened the highest-ranked system possible—a system so rare and powerful that few could comprehend its potential.

Such a system had appeared only twice in history, leaving those present in awe and disbelief. All eyes turned towards the source of the radiant light, filled with shock and admiration.

It was a moment of realization—a legendary figure was born in their midst, a person with the potential to reshape the balance of power in the world. It was unmistakable—a Diamond rank system had been awakened.

As the light began to fade, a figure emerged—a girl with pristine, delicate light blue hair cascading around her shoulders.

Her skin was clear and smooth, her figure curvaceous and enticing. But it was her face that captured the attention of everyone present—a beauty that seemed otherworldly, like that of an angel incarnate. It was none other than Emma Miller, the girl Allen once dated.

"Emma Miller, Diamond rank system," the examiner muttered, his gaze fixed on the device in his hands. However, in the dead silence of the hall, his words resonated with a mysterious volume, confirming the thoughts that had been swirling in everyone's minds.

The realization of Emma's incredible achievement hung in the air, leaving those present in awe and admiration. As the silence broke and murmurs of admiration and shock filled the hall, Allen's thoughts drifted in a different direction from the others.

He gazed at Emma with a mixture of attraction and curiosity, his heart beating with a mix of repulsivness and longing.

"As beautiful as always," he murmured quietly, unable to move his eyes away from her enchanting beauty. Memories of their past relationship flooded his mind, and he couldn't help but wonder how he had ever gotten the chance to date such a girl.

Yet, despite the fond memories, he couldn't ignore the painful truth that lingered beneath the surface. Emma had never explicitly told him why she had broken up with him, but he never really needed an explanation for he knew the reason all to well.

The only evidence he could point to was her parents, as he knew most parents only encouraged or supported their children's friendship or relationship with him because of his father being a platinum-ranked system holder and his mother being a gold rank hunter. But after their death, it was only natural that such support would be crushed without a second thought.

Allen couldn't help but reflect on the role of Emma's parents in their relationship. He knew that their encouragement and support had played a significant part, especially considering his own prestigious lineage.

With his father being a platinum-ranked system holder and his mother a gold-ranked hunter, their family had enjoyed a level of status and influence that had undoubtedly influenced Emma's parents' approval of their relationship.

However, with the tragic loss of his parents, Allen knew that the support and encouragement he had once received from Emma's family would have dissipated.

It was only natural that without the backing of such influential figures, their relationship would have faced significant challenges.

Allen couldn't help but notice Jackie's sudden remark, filled with a hint of disdain and indifference towards the momentous event that had just unfolded. His best friend's lack of attention and apparent apathy towards Emma's achievement didn't go unnoticed.

Sensing the fluctuating behavior displayed by Jackie, Allen understood all too well the inner turmoil his friend was experiencing.

He knew Jackie like a brother, and it was clear that his personal vendetta against Emma, stemming from the pain he had caused Allen, still lingered deep within.

Despite recognizing Jackie's feelings, Allen chose to ignore them for the time being, understanding that forgiveness and healing would take time.

Instead, he focused on the present moment, allowing himself to admire the incredible achievement of the girl he once dated, even if their paths had diverged.

As Allen observed the unfolding events and Jackie's reaction, a determination flickered and immediately died the next moment, he had initially planned on getting Emma back.

However, amidst his thoughts of Emma, another memory intruded—the event of some nights ago when Eisha had unexpectedly kissed him.

The memory lingered, casting a shadow over his current situation with Emma. Despite the kiss, they hadn't discussed the event since, leaving a sense of unresolved tension between them.

But suddenly at that moment, his thoughts were interrupted by a sound that should not exist at such time.


[A quest has been issued]


"Quest? What the hell?" he exclaimed in surprise that he had gotten a quest without reaching the boundary of level ten, a requirement needed to gain quests.

He calmed his surprised heart before he proceeded to check the content of the quest panel that appeared before him.

• Quest: The Dragon's Harem

- Objective: Seek out and recruit Emma Miller and Eisha Jonn to join the illustrious Dragon Harem.

- Reward: Random B-rank skill rune, exclusive access to the Dragon Castle

- Failure Penalty: Dysfunctionality

- Time Limit: Three months


"Dragon harem? Harem?" Allen repeated in shock, his jaw dropping at the sight of the quest displayed before him. Panic surged within him as he realized the gravity of the task at hand. "I am so dead," he thought inwardly, feeling overwhelmed by the content of the quest.

"Dysfunctionality, really?" he muttered in disbelief, his mind reeling at the possibility of such an event actually occurring.

He blinked multiple times, confirming that what he saw was indeed real. Glancing towards where a dragon slept, he couldn't help but shiver at the thought of what lay ahead.

However, amidst his initial shock and apprehension, a spark of determination ignited within him. With a newfound resolve, he let out a smile and uttered, "How hard can it be?" Little did he know, those words would soon catapult him into an adventurous journey that would completely transform his world.

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