Reborn Before the Frozen Apocalypse, I Stock Resources Worth Billions

Author: Frozen Emperor
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What is Reborn Before the Frozen Apocalypse, I Stock Resources Worth Billions

Read Reborn Before the Frozen Apocalypse, I Stock Resources Worth Billions novel written by the author Frozen Emperor on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Sci-fi stories, covering adventure. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


The world suddenly entered an ice age, and as the apocalypse arrived, over ninety-nine percent of humanity couldn't withstand the extreme weather and died. In his previous life, Ye Xingchen didn't have much food to eat, but in order for his beloved campus belle to have something to eat, he didn't hesitate to open the door during the apocalypse. In the end, however, all his survival resources were snatched by several strong men the campus belle brought, causing him to die tragically in the cold. Reborn one month before the ice age, Ye Xingchen swore to make these people pay tenfold. He awakened his spatial abilities, possessing a three-hundred-hectare dimensional space. In this life, he no longer lived just to survive but crazily stocked supplies worth billions and built an apocalypse fortress. As the ice age arrived, while others were almost freezing to death, he was swimming in a warm pool. While others were killing each other for a bite to eat, he was savoring an 82 Lafite, eating the finest Kobe beef, enjoying a banquet, and watching movies leisurely. One day, when some people discovered that Ye Xingchen's house was stocked with countless delicacies and was warm and comfortable, they went crazy and wanted to rush in. But they soon realized that this wasn't just a house. It was an apocalypse fortress that even nuclear weapons couldn't break open!

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Can u guys please vote for the novel so that they will pick it up and continue translating thank you


Not worth wasting your precious brain cells behind.The author is a fxxking moron, made the Mc arrogant and dumb asf.Also, the so-called "translator" is chatgpt or some other AI.


I love this story, it's so unique and has a good revenge element. Can't wait to see how the MC deals with the new life with his secret weapon.


This novel is really funny so far!!!!!!!!


I like the MC. He's learned from being reborn and his previous life's sufferings. The story is funny inspite of being an apocalypse novel, I think it's because the author uses the doomsday setting to expose human nature and how we return to our basic instincts when there's nothing to lose. So far I can see the first villain being outsmarted by the MC, but it won't be that easy for the MC to keep surviving. I want to keep reading.


I love how cold he is and not weak willed like alot of stories




This story is my type of style!!! The plot is very creative, intriguing, and makes you want to read more. The MC is unique and smart, and I can't wait to continue the book! [img=recommend]


So funny. Like reading about the MC's revenge now that he has his ability. It's a great read. The world-building is not bad. [img=coins][img=fp]


Love it. Such a unique MC, he's kinda of mean and not the usual weak-willed ones in other books. It's so satisfying to read about his revenge and takeover of the world. The love interest is strong too.


Love it. It's what I like to read. Funny and light writing, though the world can be doomsday. The MC is great, always taking back what was owed him. He can be kind, but not to the ones who hurt him. I want to see him win.


there are a little inconsistency on the story which left me a little confused but other than that I like it because it is simple and easy to read and it has the classic revenge element that I like in this types of novels all in all a good read


It is pretty good, definitely something to pass the time with.


I think this will be a great fantasy apocalyptic novel. Even though this theme has been used before it was mostly Fantasy Romance written mainly for women. [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


sounds like a great book if like to read iIlike books like this


Sounds like the author is writing about a previous experience in his relationship 😈


There's a novel that’s basically the same as this except it’s called global ice age: I built a doomsday shelter


for everyone: This novel already has manhua You can search it in Google


The novel is not worth it. Just a waste of time.


This is one of those annoying novels that have no substance to even pass the time properly.... The bi**h that killed MC in previous life and in his own words, very cruely anooys him again and again and he is still letting her go again and again and is still ready to take her calls and hear her voice? Such a trash logicless main character... Even a fu**ing kid knows what happens when you come across face-to-face with your former torturer. No? MC himself said that people will start getting super powers and again mentioning this but even anyone with some brain knows that these kind of trashes are the kind who will live better in apocalypse by using and exploiting other timid people and yet still the MC has some kinda delusion that he can affect and give these people punishment worse than death by living in his home like a little Pu**y who gets scared by even a little sound... Honestly a few days ago i reviewed a novel being the trashiest type that i read in ages, lo' and behold came across another one like this...


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