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Location: Home of Thor and Sif / Midgard.

Pov. Thor.

I knew that I would end up becoming strong and powerful, I did not doubt that.

I didn't fear anyone...

But... What was possibly behind the door of my not-so-humble home...

It scared me.

"There's no point in avoiding the inevitable" I said.

I soon opened the door to my house and entered ready to face my fate... And accept that I will probably spend the night, possibly on the couch.

Imagine my surprise when I found all the fairy lights turned off.

I closed the door softly, hoping not to make any noise, with the lights off and the silence, I quickly assumed Sif was asleep, so I found it unnecessary to activate Viljestyrke – Archer to find out where she was.

Anyway, I should talk to her as soon as she wakes up tomorrow to explain my new situation with the Jotun queen.

Just as I was about to go up the stairs to my room, a voice interrupted me.

"It's good to see you home again... My husband" said the voice.

Although I recognized the owner of the voice... I was nervous about the tone.

I slowly turned around and looked into the dark room, at the same time one of the magic lights installed as the room's lamp turned on, revealing a figure sitting in my armchair.

Sif had a horn of mead drink in one hand while using the other to gently support her chin.

She had a smile that I could describe as genuine... Except that the vibe of the environment, in addition to me knowing Sif's personality well, made me rethink the 'genuine' part.

My wife just waited for me to come home late at night...

Yes, I fucked up.

"Sif... You didn't need to stay up late" I said.

She narrowed her eyes.

"Oh~ But I insisted, don't worry I had some company until you arrived" said Sif.


Freyja wasn't at home, I knew that because every time I arrived she would be in 'seiza position' while asking if I wanted to eat, or a bath, or 'her'... Which is soon interrupted by Sif hitting her on the head with a parchment.

Hel was also not at home, she had been quite busy recently, because it seemed that Hræsvelgr and Nidhogg were ready to fight again, which was to be avoided at all costs; After all, if these two fight, storms of icy winds happen in the human world.

My mother never visits at this time of night, much less Frey or any of my brothers.

I also don't see any bodies being chewed on by Fenrir, so...

Who the hell was here?

"...What 'company'?" I asked.

Sif just smiled and got up from her seat.

"You know her... She became a sweetheart one after being 'softened' by me" said Sif, gesturing for me to follow.

It took me a while to process her words, but my body just followed her involuntarily. When she stopped I realized we were in front of our bedroom door and...

I could hear a muffled voice on the other side of the door.

I was obviously a little scared of what Sif might have done to someone innocent.

When she spoke of a 'she' for company I immediately thought of Hera or even Ereshkigal, who could have come for a surprise visit.

"You know, it's a good thing you created those ropes made of corrupted ice at the most malleable stage... They were very useful for me to establish some dominance" said Sif.

I froze...

She arrested someone and that someone is in our room.

"Sif... What did you do?" I asked.

Sif lost her smile.

"What did I do? Wrong question…" said Sif, opening the door and pointing to our bed.

I could only widen my eyes and my jaw dropped when I saw Jarnsaxa blindfolded and completely immobilized by ropes... Without clothes, I must add in a last analysis.

Unfortunately, my surprise caused me to let my guard down which resulted in something quite uncomfortable...

Sif grabbing my balls.

"?!... Sif, honey, I can explain, but let's calm down first" I said through gritted teeth, with a nervous smile.

"...Wrong answer 'honey'" said Sif, spitting out the name 'honey' in mockery. "I just want you to answer my next question with all sincerity, after all, I have our future generations in my hands... How the fuck did you find another wife?" asked Sif.

This is going to be a long night...

- Location: Dimension ExE / Earth's solar system ExE.

Pov. Third person.

The ExE dimension was one of many existing dimensions.

This particular dimension was quite ancient, so ancient that common life forms would be so advanced that interstellar travel would be considered mundane.

The planet Evie-Etoulde was the first planet to exist in this dimension, as well as the first to create life forms.

The first form of life turned out to be the god Etoulde, Resetoras, being a spiritual deity and considered the 'Father God' and responsible for the creation of the other Etoulde gods and goddesses, who would govern the spirituality of the dimension, in addition to other minor deities.

The second was Regalzeva, an Evie god who cared little about the existence of other beings and himself, creating and leading his own form of sentient beings that turned out to be mechanical life forms.

The third life form that was born just a short time after Resetoras and Regalzeva... was Melvazoa.

A being who, unlike Resetoras who went ahead with the role given to him and Regalzeva who cared little about his purpose, voluntarily chose to seek to understand the secrets of the dimension, seeking to learn the 'why' it was created.

After countless millennia, he got an answer when he discovered the 'space box' that contained everything he knew and everything he didn't know.

The answer he got did not please him.

Melvazoa's duty was only one thing...


Without a reason.

No mission.

No goal.

No... Purpose.

Just... Occupy space in the dimension and contemplate the insignificance of other living and non-living, organic and non-organic beings.

For someone who spent his life, since birth, searching to know why he was born, as well as someone obsessed with rules and disbelieving in free will, it was something that deeply revolted him.

Melvazoa then gave himself a goal.

Clean the board so it can be filled in the right way to start again'.

But this time... Melvazoa would be the one filling the board.

This time, Melvazoa would be the one who would establish the purpose of each living and non-living being.

Everyone would have a purpose.

Free will in its purest form would cease to exist.

However, Melvazoa encountered resistance to his will in the form of Resetoras.

This is how the Evie-Etoulde war began.

A war that continues to the current era, even billions of years after the dimension was created.

A war that almost extinguished all life in the dimension, leaving only Evie deities and Etoulde deities.

At this very moment, Earth ExE, the variant of Earth DxD, was erased from existence, as was the solar system in which it was located.

Not only was the solar system erased by a flash of light... But the entire Milky Way ExE was simply wiped from existence.

In the center of this void created by the flash of light, there were two beings...

The first was Resetoras, the 'Father God' and the progenitor of all deities interconnected with spirituality.

The second was Melvazoa, a kind of giant golden robot, who was the creator of the mechanical divine race Evie, intertwined with the laws of physics and metaphysics that were governed by the 'space box'.

Melvazoa had Resetoras trapped in his mechanical hand, in which the god Etoulde was trying to escape.

"You have become weaker. It's not surprising, after all, billions of years of life have passed, and finally your greatest weakness appears... Time" said Melvazoa, while staring at the old Resetoras in his hand.

"Hmph! You're the same age as me, just a few attoseconds younger!" Resetoras said, smiling.

Melvazoa just shook his hand and it was possible to hear Resetoras' bones cracking as if they were twigs.

"I don't think this is the appropriate time for you to still be looking for a way to smile. You gave me a lot of trouble, now that you are in my hands, you should only open your mouth to answer a single question..." said Melvazoa.

It was then that Melvazoa brought Resetoras, still trapped in his hand, up to his face.

"Where are your remaining sons and daughters?" asked Melvazoa.

Resetoras remained silent, which was interpreted by Melvazoa as a last pathetic form of rebellion.

"My army has exterminated any life form you Etouldes have created, there is nothing you can create that I cannot destroy. It's over, I won, if you tell me the location of the remaining Etouldes, I will make sure their deaths are quick" said Melvazoa.

Resetoras lost his smile and just said in a voice with a calm tone.

"You haven't won yet... I may not be able to beat you, but there will be someone who can" said Resetoras.

Melvazoa just clenched his fist once more, breaking more of Resetoras' bones as he tried to resist the pain.

"Your attempted threat is commendable but futile. You, Etouldes, always choose the more spiritual and therefore more sentimental side; you are not answering my only question and you are just delaying, if you do not answer, I must warn you that I will erase galaxies until I find them, the only variable will be time itself" said Melvazoa.

It was then that Resetoras surprised Melvazoa with the following actions...


The 'Father God' just laughed.

When Melvazoa became angry enough, he squeezed Resetoras's body again so that he would stop laughing.

"I can't understand the amusement in my words… Care to explain?" asked Melvazoa.

Resetoras then smiled.

"I just wished to be nearby when it happens..." said Resetoras.

The answer confused Melvazoa.

"Nearby? When 'it happens'?... What are you talking about?" asked Melvazoa.

Melvazoa's irritation was palpable, the amethyst aura surging in uncontrolled fury from the giant metallic body was proof of that.

"When we started fighting, we destroyed entire galaxies in the clash of our blows, but we always ended in a kind of draw. Years later, you started to get stronger continuously and made me start running away from our fights" said Resetoras.

Melvazoa was silent, but inside the cybernetic mind of the god Evie, he went through the memory history of all the fights and calculated the number of times Resetoras fled and fought, establishing a pattern of behavior to define why Resetoras fled.

"... I became a threat to you, I don't see it as something illogical, I observed and analyzed the way you fight and your limits in all our confrontations. There is no reason to explain such a change of action on your part, it was your natural and involuntary response, but I still don't understand why you laugh" said Melvazoa.

Resetoras smiled once more.

"You made me understand a feeling that I never had, in addition to being a feeling that you will discover in the future..." said Resetoras.

Resetoras' next words sealed the fate of the old god Etoulde.

"Fear" said Resetoras.

The silence after the statement and Resetoras was absolute.

The emptiness of space only demonstrated what was going on in Melvazoa's mind...

The lack of an appropriate response.

Until Melvazoa showed his displeasure in the form of his amethyst aura roaring in fury, causing another flash of light that completely imbued Resetoras...

Erasing any form of matter that remained from the confrontation between two of the oldest and most powerful gods in the ExE dimension.

- Location: Thor's House / Midgard.

Pov. Thor.

Months have passed since my return to Midgard.

Obviously, just as I predicted, Sif didn't approve of my 'surprise wedding', which resulted in my displeased wife and I practically receiving an ice-cold shoulder for the next few days.

Fortunately, Sif started to become more inviting, and I managed to placate most of my wife's discontent, although there were days when she was happy in the morning, and by the end of the afternoon, she was furious over something simple.

I attributed these mood swings to pregnancy hormones.

So months passed since that day, Sif and Jarnsaxa got to know each other and became close over time, which made me sigh in relief.

As much as I was basically 'trapped' in a marriage, maybe it would be better than another bloodbath... At least that's what Baldr said...

I respected the future king little shit enough to do this favor.

After a few months, Sif's belly began to show signs of pregnancy and finally, after 9 months, she gave birth.

A girl.

I held Hephaestus when he was just a baby and I must say... The feeling that I was holding the most fragile and yet precious thing was the same.

Thrud Thorsdottir.

She was cute and a ball of energy.

But most of all...

"Thrud Thordottir! Come back here now!" shouted a voice.

She was a little brat.

Even though I was in the basement of my house, more specifically in the basement, I could hear Sif shouting curses at my little princess.

She probably ran away from the bath time again.

That's when I heard the forge door and a shape running towards me.

Yes, wearing only pajamas while running around laughing at the situation... It was definitely Thrud.

"Father! Save me!" Thrud said.

She looked like a fusion of me and Sif, her hair color almost looked like a shade of red more similar to orange, and as well as blue eyes that descended from Sif. Thrud ended up inheriting another of my peculiarities, namely the 'exposed veins', mine being gold and hers being blue, which glowed every time she used some divine power.

Now when you have a 5 year old running towards you having fun and calling you a father, you can only do one thing...

"Your father will save you, my little Valkyrie!" I said, smiling.

Join in the fun.

I soon dropped what I was doing and held her until I placed her on my shoulders. Unfortunately, before I could plan my next move, someone else entered my private forge.

Sif had an annoyed look on her face as she used a towel to cover most of her body.

"If you don't want to sleep on the couch today, you'd better hand me over the energetic little chubby girl!" said Sif.

Well... Sleep on the couch or betray my beloved daughter's trust.

The answer was obvious.

"... I promise to bring her before dinner!" I said, smiling and winking at Sif.

I soon formed a teleportation circle, which made my wife's eyes widen.

"Do not you dare! Forget the couch! If you go, you will sleep on the floor!" shouted Sif.

I didn't hear the rest of the curses and just disappeared and reappeared somewhere in Midgard, with some kind of burnt oak tree nearby, with my little Thrud still on my shoulders.

I soon smiled at my daughter and decided it was time for me to have some father-daughter time.

"So, what do you want to play?" I asked.

She just threw her arms up and screamed.

"I'm going to be a Valkyrie! I want a horse!" said Thrud, excitedly.

A horse... Hmm...

I got it.

If I remember correctly, there were rumors of a giant gray and black horse that lived in the mountains of Midgard in Jotunheim... What was the name again?

Vadilfari? Svafari? Ugh...

"Father, can you help me to find my new horse?" Thrud asked.

I just froze and looked at the hopeful look at my daughter until I made up my mind...

Fuck it, my daughter wants to be a Valkyrie so she deserves the best!

"Your father will give you the best horse... I promise" I said.

"Yay! My father is the best" said Thrud, with a bright smile, as she then bent down to kiss my cheek.

At the same moment, I felt something...

Maybe it was the innocent smile, maybe it was my daughter claiming I was 'the best', maybe it was the drool on my cheek from my daughter's clumsy kiss, maybe it was the dad instincts kicking in...

It didn't matter what it was...

I would only come home with a damn horse, the BEST horse, even if I fucking turn Midgard upside down.

- Location: Thor's House / Midgard.

Pov. Third person.

"Fucking loving father, fucking daughter who doesn't like baths, fucking lack of respect for her mother, fucking disobedience" said Sif, as she mumbled and cursed as much as possible while returning to the bathroom.

As Sif walked, she passed Jarnsaxa who was reading a scroll. The Jotun queen looked at Sif and raised an amused eyebrow.

"They ran away again, didn't they?" Jarnsaxa asked.

Sif stopped and looked at the Jotun queen before grimacing.

"I was going to tell you to go use that mouth for something more productive, but our husband's cock isn't here... So leave me alone" said Sif, returning to the bathroom while grumbling.

Ironically, it was Jarnsaxa's turn to complain in the same way as Sif, but with different words.

"Cursed be a dwarf's mouth, cursed be a dwarf's blood, cursed be a dwarf's vocabulary..." said Jarnsaxa, as she returned to reading the parchment.

It was at that moment that someone knocked on the door and then Jarnsaxa sighed and got up from the sofa to answer the door. As soon as the Jotun queen opened it, she was faced with a peculiar scene...

"... Hello Hel, who is your friend?" Jarnsaxa said.

The queen of the Norse underworld, Hel, came to visit again, but unfortunately it was not like other times, as Hel was accompanied by someone that Jarnsaxa did not recognize among all the figures that appeared in the house after her arrival.

The figure turned out to be a figure from another pantheon...

It was the goddess Ereshkigal, and it seemed that she was distressed due to her face that conveyed concern.

"Hello! Can we come in? Ereshkigal needs to talk to Thor about something" asked Hel, shyly.

Jarnsaxa didn't even have time to respond, as Sif answered for her as soon as she approached.

"Come in quickly, you don't need to ask permission, you are welcome here... you are not elves for me not to allow in my house" said Sif, grumbling at the end.

Jarnsaxa just rolled her eyes.

"Dwarves and their hatred of elves... when will they learn" said Jarnsaxa.

Sif soon turned to the Jotun queen and looked her in the eyes while sporting a frown.

"Are you a nature lover too? Go fuck the grass in the backyard then" said Sif.

While Jarnsaxa and Sif were arguing, Hel and Ereshkigal entered the house. After things calmed down, Ereshkigal said why she was there...

The Anunnaki, the deities responsible for creating one of the first pantheons, in addition to being part of the creation of the world...

They were disappearing.

- Location: Future England.

Pov. Judas.

My trip ended up being more difficult than I expected, I met travelers and thieves, families and loners, all with the intention of going to the island discovered by the Roman empire, being victims of the Roman propaganda of riches, or leaving from there, victims of the brutality of the unknown.

I didn't fear the unknown, not anymore...

After all, my mission in the world was given to me by my former master, I had nothing to fear.

I will make my unwavering devotion my attempt to wash away my sins on earth, so that when death finds me, I will have the courage to look my former master in the eyes and apologize, accepting my punishment with my head held high, not overcome by shame evident from my soulless body.

Here I was, walking through the forest, avoiding the sunlight, as if the light itself were the Lord's eyes, choosing to hide in the shadows of the godforsaken forests like a true monster that I am.

"You are strange" said a voice in the darkness of the forest.

The presence surprised me, as I hadn't smelled it, which meant I was possibly not facing a human or anything like that.

From the shadows emerged a woman I could describe as devilishly sinful, with wine-colored hair, ruby ​​eyes, clothes tailored from what appeared to be the finest wool, and sporting the color of the Emperor of Rome, a purple that showed off every seductive body curve that emphasized not only the woman's femininity and delicacy, but the countenance that displayed an apathy for life, which marked such a beautiful face.

The woman in front of me, despite being beautiful, was the most apathetic being towards life I have ever had the displeasure of meeting.

A dark being.

"Who are you, being from the shadows, did you come to face me in search of glory?" I asked.

My instincts screamed for blood and combat, such primitive acts helped me in moments of extreme need, but at that moment I realized something...

Something was wrong.

I narrowed my eyes and flexed my muscles, tensing them to be ready for a hostile reaction, which turned out to be a spear appearing in the woman's hand.

A ruby-colored spear, the same color as her eyes...

Something was definitely wrong.

"If you want to fight... come with the intention of killing, but know that the moment you face me, only death awaits you, because I, Scáthach, offer no mercy to those who seek the eternal silence" said the woman identified as Scáthach.

Such an assertion...

The feeling of power that this woman called Scáthach emitted, in addition to a unique aura, was indeed intriguing...

Perhaps she is one of those pagan gods, worshiped by humans who seek a way to praise and worship the unknown of the supernatural in search of protection and direction.

"You are a goddess?" I asked, carefully.

It wouldn't be the first time I've encountered a supernatural being, this island was infested with them, as it was sparsely inhabited and had an air of mystery.

The woman blinked and then tilted her head in curiosity as she lowered her spear but not her guard.

"You're definitely not from here, because even the youngest knows my name... in relation to your question, I prefer the term teacher" said Scáthach.

I could only be overcome with confusion.


Why the preference for such a title?

"Any reason for such a preference?" I questioned.

She seemed to soften her gaze to the point where it bordered on melancholy.

"The age of the gods has passed, and the age of heroes is coming to an end, soon I will be forgotten in the most cruel and brutal way possible..." said Scáthach.

She seemed deep in thought as she stopped explaining, but the next thing she said surprised me even more, making it difficult to maintain my composure.

"I was born and fought all my life from the moment I knew how to wield a spear, I seek to pass on my teachings to someone worthy, because I want that someone to be able to fulfill my biggest dream as a warrior in life... kill me by my art itself" said Scáthach.

She wanted to die.

What a conflicting feeling, because I was once in her shoes. Although, unlike this woman in front of me, I chose the coward's path, while she wanted to leave this world as a true warrior...

Fighting to the death and perishing at the hands of a stronger warrior.

"Admirable... unfortunately, I do not pursue such a dream as yours, as I have already failed and now I only await the day of my punishment" I said.

There will be no judgment for me, just a straight path...

My dream is to serve as long as this body will bear to the best of my abilities, until I end up standing in front of my old friend and master, so that I can look him in the eye.

The woman seemed to consider before speaking to me again.

"Are you interested in learning, stranger?" asked Scáthach.

Did she want me to make her dream come true? She expects a lot from me.

I couldn't, after all, despite my abilities and the curse given to me by God, it would be very unlikely that I would even be able to be a worthy opponent.

"While I do not want to doubt your capabilities as a teacher, I regret declining your offer," I said, denying the dark woman her greatest wish.

Although she was frowning and seemed to want to question my decision, we were abruptly interrupted by something...


A roar from the sky that shook the foundations of my remaining courage, resounded through the forest and interrupted any thoughts of me and the woman called Scáthach. What intrigued me was that Scáthach didn't seem to care, as if the roar was common.

"Ah... it looks like Gwiber is awake once again" said Scáthach, looking at the sky.

As I followed Scáthach's gaze, I came across something that made me weak in fear, a fear that sent shivers throughout my body.

A dragon.

An enormous serpentine white dragon, with blue eyes, two golden horns, and feathered wings, flew across the blue sky.

Although the image was beautiful, I was not foolish enough to ignore that the being that was flying in the sky could erase not only my existence, but possibly the entire island I was on.

I was becoming worried about the situation I was in and Scáthach seemed to be fully aware of it.

"Do not fear, he usually ignores us... a wolf does not notice the presence of an ant" said Scáthach, apathetically.

Although the claim and comparison were absurd, they had a certain meaning that made me relax a little.

With that said, the dragon passed us by, whether he ignored us or didn't even notice us was something I neither knew nor wanted to find out.

"Congratulations, usually those who are in Gwiber's presence end up fainting from fear, or running for their lives, or, my favorite, kneel down and start asking the gods to help them, even though no god or goddess in these lands can help due to power disparity" said Scáthach.

The assertiveness was understandable, but I couldn't help but wonder if I could even consider being more useful in combat when there are things like this dragon out there...

"...You reek of fear" said Scáthach, as she walked towards me.

As someone who was once human... fear is a recurring thing.

"Being afraid is natural" I said.

To my surprise, Scáthach nodded in response, agreeing with my statement.

"Fear is useful, it keeps you alive when you face adversity that you know you cannot overcome directly or immediately" said Scáthach.

The silence that followed was palpable, until the woman surprised me again by smiling in my direction, although the smile was...


"While you may not be the one to fulfill my dream, allow me to teach you how to fight properly, soulless creature," said Scáthach.

I reflected on the gains and losses before I was willing to accept the offer, after all, she claimed to be a teacher, and she didn't waver when facing or being close to something stronger, something that I still had to learn.

"I will accept the proposal… when do we start?" I asked.

My question was answered when I was surprised by Scáthach raising her spear and assuming a battle stance.

"Now," said Scáthach.

She soon disappeared from my sight in a burst of speed, a speed even greater than my maximum, and when she appeared again she was swinging her spear, with the blade falling on my neck.

For a brief moment, I thought she was actually going to kill me, but those thoughts were proven wrong when the blade stopped just a finger's width from my neck.

Scáthach looked disappointed.

"You need to follow your instincts more, you can't just rely on vision, let's work on that first... since I'm going to teach you, be bold sharing your name, creature?" asked Scáthach.

I swallowed hard and frowned.

"I am Judas Iscariot... please receive me as your student" I said, bowing briefly.

Scáthach seemed to grace me with a more genuine smile.

"I will welcome you as my student when you demonstrate to me that you deserve it, before that you are nothing to me" said Scáthach.

The woman then backed away slightly and assumed a battle stance.

"Let's start again" said Scáthach.

Unlike before, I didn't freeze and soon let my most primitive survival instincts take over my body.

I had a lot to learn.

- Location: Kingdom of Asgard / Breiðablik (Baldr's palace).

Pov. Third person.

The kingdom of Asgard held vast lands, for such a vast kingdom it was obvious that it needed protection.

The protection is 4 castles were built according to the cardinal points, with the city and main palace of Asgard in the center.

One of these points was the East, where Baldr's home, Breiðablik, was built.

After Baldr's marriage to Nanna, this castle ended up becoming the home of the Jotun princess for centuries to come, and at this moment, coming out of the entrance was Nanna, with a frown that stained the young Jotun's beautiful face.

"Damn you, Frey, you had to ask Baldr for help, you know very well that he doesn't know how to deny a request for help... and you know that I can't deny him if Baldr asks me for something" said Nanna, grumbling at the end.

The future queen of Asgard was at that moment verbally cursing the Vanir prince, Frey, for the situation she ended up in.

That morning, Frey appeared at Baldr's house asking for help, which was soon responded to by Baldr positively.

The help was in relation to Frey's centuries-old passion for a Jotun, the most beautiful Jotun of all, said to be the personification of beauty...

Gerdr, daughter of Gymir and Aurboda.

The problem was that she was also the sister of Beli, a Jotun that Frey ended up accidentally killing.

After so many centuries and several attempts, Frey bet everything with Baldr, because if that failed Frey would appeal to Skírnir, his servant, who said he had an infallible method, but the Vanir prince hesitated because he believed that Skírnir was a bit extreme when it came to negotiations...

As Baldr didn't know how to woo a woman who hadn't caught his attention, he asked for help from the person closest to him and extremely trustworthy...


"Why can't I be like Sif and just 'don't give a shit'… Hmm?" said Nanna before narrowing her eyes as she saw something approach Baldr's castle.

The approaching figure was distinctly feminine, with long white hair that highlighted the amethyst color of her eyes, wearing a violet-colored dress that highlighted the woman's curves.

"Freyja? What is she doing here?" asked Nanna, confused.

The woman, identified as Freyja, Frey's sister, was heading towards Baldr's house being transported by a carriage pulled by two domestic cats the size of lions.

As soon as Freyja's carriage stopped, the goddess Vanir jumped up and began running towards Baldr's palace, but slowed her pace when she saw Nanna at the entrance.

"Ah, Nanna, how lucky for me! I need to talk to Baldr, but he doesn't seem to respond to the communication rune?" Freyja asked.

Nanna soon replied in response with a small apologetic smile.

"I'm sorry Freyja, for some reason, the secular conference of the leaders of the gods of the world has been brought forward to tomorrow, Baldr is accompanying Odin to no man's land intending to witness the meeting as a future ruler" said Nanna.

The secular meeting usually took place once a century, but due to recent events, a messenger from the Egyptian gods ended up coming to Asgard to notify Odin of an emergency meeting.

Grim news has been brought...

Ancient gods have disappeared.

This news began to move the previously idle pantheons, to find out what happened. Odin soon took Baldr too, after all, he would one day be the future king, and that day was closer than ever.

With Nanna's response, Freyja's mood soon dropped.

"Oh no…" said Freyja, worried.

Seeing her longtime friend's mood, Nanna quickly asked.

"What ails you Freyja? Did something happen?" Nanna asked.

Freyja was soon awakened from her thoughts, and soon answered the reason for her coming.

"It's Frey… he's gone" said Freyja.

Nanna froze in response, as if she hadn't expected such an event.

"It disappeared? Impossible... How did the Vanir react? When was the last time you saw him?" asked Nanna, hurriedly.

Freyja soon began to tell about the last time she saw Frey.

As the Vanir prince had begun to lose hope of courting Gerd, Frey ended up becoming increasingly bored, resulting in the prince's reclusion and depressed mood. After days, locked in his own rooms, there was a commotion in Frey's castle when Skadi came to visit him, intending to drag Frey out of the room.

However, when Skadi opened the door... Frey wasn't there.

Just a letter that said he would learn a little from humans, just as Thor had done, but to see how to properly court a woman, as well as claiming that humans seemed to know more about such matters.

In the same letter, Frey said he would return as soon as his curiosity for mortals was satisfied.

An uproar was caused, and it was all the fault of the prince who abandoned all his obligations, leaving it to his sister, in order to be alone.

- Location: Midgard / Future Sweden.

Pov. Third person.

Frey's first idea of ​​humans was that they were like ants.

Ants work for the queen, which could be compared to humans working for a more important human.

Ants are sociable with the colony, which could be compared to humans who live in small villages and socialize.

Ants end up killing anything to sustain the colony, the same can be said for humans.

And, most importantly... Ants kill ants.

Frey would not be the first god or goddess to think this way, after all it was something natural and almost a rule among many deities.


"Hail Yngve! May he reign be long!" screams sounded.

Dozens of people sang a single name as if they were a single voice...


A name of a man of beautiful appearance, with features that could be said to be perfect, being compared to the divine, with golden hair and eyes as if they were the color of the morning sun.

This same man was over the body of a Troll, who had been terrorizing those mortals for some time.

As soon as this man overthrew and killed the Troll with just a golden sword, he was consecrated by the people as king, to avoid misunderstandings, the man soon introduced himself as someone who was doing his duty as a protector, but people understood his name like Yngve in their language, when in fact the name was a little different...

Frey, the Vanir prince, was among the mortals.

When Frey saw that his attempts to alleviate what had happened were fruitless, in addition to hearing the people crying out for him, the prince remained silent as he listened ecstatically to the praises of his name.

Frey liked that feeling.

"Maybe... I can stay... just for a little while" said Frey, with a shy smile.

As soon as Frey raised his sword again, new screams were heard, increasing the people's reaction and clamor for him, while the prince's mind reveled in that feeling of adoration that he had little in Asgard due to more famous beings like Baldr and Thor.

"I think I might enjoy this, while I'm here," Frey said.

- Location: No Man's Land / Future island of the Azores.

Of all the corners of the world, it was in this archipelago where it all began.

It was here where the council of pagan gods was established, a remote place far from the influence of any pantheon, with the only exception being the proximity of the Greco-Roman pantheon.

On one of these islands, someone was sitting on a structure that resembled a pyramid.

It was Baldr together with Odin.

"Father, some of them are late," Baldr said, frowning.

Odin just grunted in response.

"It's a last-minute meeting, but it really surprises me that we are the first" said Odin.

Before Baldr could respond, a new voice was heard by the Norse gods.

"Don't expect us to drop everything and just come and meet us to discuss who is invading whose territory" said the voice.

When Baldr and Odin looked to the source and saw a handsome man, with snow-colored skin, with eyes the color of the full moon. In addition to a half-moon tattoo located on his forehead, slightly covered by long white hair the color of the new moon.

Odin soon sighed in defeat as he wore a disgusted frown.

"Tsukoyomi... it's been a while" said Odin.

The man, identified as Tsukoyomi, snorted in response.

"Not enough, unfortunately. My brother and sister usually attend this meeting, but both are unavailable at the moment, my brother with a dragon, and my sister chose the worst time to lock herself in a cave" said the moon god of the Shinto pantheon.

Baldr soon got up from where he was and went to his father's side intending to support Odin's presence.

Tsukoyomi noticed this, but before he could say anything, a new voice appeared.

"Looks like I arrived at the right time~" said a new voice, this time distinctly female.

The three gods present looked towards her and the result was a mixed reaction.

Baldr narrowed his eyes, while Tsukoyomi wore a disgusted frown... but Odin?

Odin was blushing like a hormonal boy.

"Greatly blessed valley... Greetings Chalchiuhtlicue, you grace us with your rather... voluminous beauty" said Odin, looking at the beautiful dark-skinned woman in the most specific area possible...

The breasts.

The woman, identified as Chalchiuhtlicue, was the Aztec goddess of lakes and streams, patron of births, and the goddess of water best known to the Aztec people, who worshiped her due to their culture and how they believed activities such as fishing and swimming they depended on the will of this particular goddess.

Although... she was not even close to the most common representative of the Aztecs.

"Chalchiuhtlicue... it's the first time you're here, what happened? Couldn't Tezcatlipoca or that feathered serpent make it this time?" Tsukoyomi asked, curious but disappointed.

If there were some gods that Tsukoyomi could tolerate and even get along with amicably, Tezcatlipoca would be one of those gods; while Tsukoyomi strongly disliked Quetzalcoatl due to differences of opinion.

Amidst Tsukoyomi's question, Chalchiuhtlicue just smiled in response before answering.

"I'm sorry to say, but they were busy and I had offered to come, so... here I am, if you don't like my presence very much, I can leave and send someone lower in rank" said Chalchiuhtlicue.

It was then that a new voice answered for Tsukoyomi.

"No... it's almost time" said the voice.

It was Perun, the leader of the Slavic pantheon, and he was accompanied by a rather... fat guy.

The man accompanying Perun was not wearing a shirt, just a cape and trousers made from the skin of what looked like black bear fur, and he carried a club in his hand. He had long fiery red hair, with a beard that went past his neck.

This man also had a playful smile on his face, his eyes brimming with ancient magic that made them shine even in the darkest night.

Tsukoyomi grimaced in disgust.

"Perun and... Dagda" said Tsukoyomi, with a tone of disgust when he said the last name.

Dagda didn't seem perturbed, that much could be seen when his smile widened.

"Tsukoyomi! You are so radiant with your mood, as always!" said Dagda.

Tsukoyomi narrowed his eyes.

"I'm not 'radiant'...that would be my sister" said Tsukoyomi, mumbling in disagreement.

Before the conversation could continue, a new voice spoke.

"Let's begin," said the voice, this time with a distinctly childlike tone.

It was Shiva in his human form, and next to him was Horus.

No deity dared to oppose Shiva, because among everyone there he was an even more powerful being.

Dagda then stepped in and created a stone table, along with chairs for everyone to sit on. As the gods settled, the only woman present spoke once more.

"There is no one from the Olympians, Orixás, Anunnaki, nor the Dao... shall we still start even like this?" asked Chalchiuhtlicue, questioning the lack of other beings from other pantheons.

Horus then spoke.

"I live nearby, so I flew to the Dao first... imagine my surprise when they claimed to have trouble with a monkey, they sent an emissary and she's almost here" said Horus, snorting in amusement.

Tsukoyomi was soon questioned by Horus.

"Although I'm fast, why didn't you go and call them? You live closer" said Horus.

Tsukoyomi soon responded.

"I'm a god, not a messenger... congratulations on lowering yourself, god of the Kemet" said Tsukoyomi, with a mocking smile.

Horus soon became irritated, after all, the temperament of the god of the Egyptian skies was well known to everyone. Seeing a possible confrontation, the voice of reason intervened in the form of a newcomer who chose that moment to appear...

"I see you are ready for a fight... by all means, continue; After all, the more of you die, the more lands I will rule" said the voice.

While everyone looked in the direction of the origin, Shiva was the only one to ignore.

"It took your time to reveal yourself to us... Hades" said Shiva, closing his eyes.

From the shadows, a skeleton wearing black robes, and a bident soon appeared out of nowhere, slowly walking to the table and sitting in a free chair.

"Are you going to be the representative of the Olympians? What happened to Poseidon and Zeus?" asked Perun, raising an eyebrow.

The skeleton, identified as Hades, soon nodded in response and responded, although only opening his jaw and letting the magic speak for him, as there were no lips or tongue on the face of the Greek underworld god.

"Yes, I will be the voice of Olympus. My brothers are at odds at the moment, due to... certain unfortunate events in our territory" said Hades.

Chalchiuhtlicue soon asked.

"What there was? You rule possibly the most powerful mortal territory of this century, what would make your brothers stay?" asked Chalchiuhtlicue.

Hades didn't respond immediately, but it only took a few seconds...

"I don't think it's any of your business, Chalchiuhtlicue... you don't have to meddle in the affairs of other deities, but know that it's only about the mortals, so it's nothing serious like Typhon" said Hades.

Tsukoyomi snorted in amusement as he looked at Chalchiuhtlicue, who frowned at the obvious disrespect.

Shiva then chose this moment to speak.

"The last ones to come have arrived..." said Shiva, looking up at the sky as he opened his eyes again.

From the sky, a chariot made of jade, being pulled by white tigers, descended towards the gods, carrying two women.

One woman had long black hair and pale cotton skin, while the other had considerably darker skin. The biggest difference is the clothes being quite different from each other.

It was Dagda who smiled in response.

"Xi Wangmu and Lemanjá, welcome!" said Dagda, opening his arms and creating two more chairs.

The two women smiled in response and soon sat down on the chairs.

A few seconds passed for everyone to settle down, before Shiva returned to talk about the reason for the meeting.

"Well, with everyone here... let's begin" said Shiva, taking on a serious tone.

While some nodded in response, most were confused.

After all...

There were still gods left.

"Lord Shiva, although I have arrived now, I know that not everyone has arrived... the Anunnaki, for example, has not given any news" said Xi Wangmu.

Shiva then looked at the goddess who was the Jade Emperor's wife, the queen of all the gods in the Chinese pantheon.

"This meeting will also address the reason for their absence. As for those who didn't come, I was notified in advance, some like the Tagalogs, warned that because Mayari and Apolaki were arguing they would avoid coming to prevent the conflict from escalating again, they don't want Mayari to lose her other eye" said Shiva.

Xi Wangmu nodded in response, while the others seemed to accept the explanation. It was then that Tsukoyomi spoke about why she was there.

"As for the whereabouts of the celestial dragons? Did they fight again?" asked Tsukoyomi.

Dagda soon responded.

"Gwiber is still flying through the lands of my people... Goch remains missing, although there are allegations of him going to the underworld in search of something, but it seems they will fight soon" said Dagda.

It was then that Hades responded.

"It seems that Goch is going more often to the familiar forest, I don't dare go into that side, Tiamat is quite territorial" said Hades.

The Orixá goddess, Lemanjá, then snorted in response.

"Two powerful dragons, alone... will we have little dragons soon?" asked Lemanjá, jokingly.

Tsukoyomi laughed in response.

"HAHA! Unlikely, it is easier for Tiamat to rip out Goch's throat, she has been in a bad mood since her power was divided by Enlil, during the Enuma Elish, and then by Marduk before the construction of that Ziggurat called, Etemenanqui" said Tsukoyomi.

It was then that Shiva intervened.

"Speaking of Etemenanqui... there is someone who needs to clarify something, considering that this something is related to the current situation of absence of the Anunnaki" said Shiva.

The Hindu god then looked to Horus, seeking a response from the god of the Egyptian skies, who had been silent since the official meeting had begun.

"...This would be best explained by someone who was part of the project..." said Horus, looking away from Shiva and looking at a specific location.

When the other gods saw Horus' actions, they copied it and looked toward the same location.

It was then that an Ibis bird that glowed a spectral blue color descended from the sky and landed nearby, where it took the form of a man...

It was Thoth.

The Egyptian god of wisdom observed the people present before saying something.

"...Greetings" said Thoth, while crossing his arms.

"Scribe..." said Hades, in disgust.

The Egyptian god did not seem shaken by the obvious disgust of the Olympian god, in fact he remained apathetic to the situation in which he found himself.

"Hello to you too, walking skeleton. I see that being connected to the concept of death for a long time has only provided an abrupt change in your physical appearance" said Thoth.

"I accepted the fragility of the flesh, and embraced the potential of magic... I don't regret it for a moment, Hecate was useful" said Hades.

"Hmm… how is Persephone? Still in a bad mood after your escapade with that nymph?" Thoth asked, with a knowing smile.

Hades jumped out of his chair, faster than he should have.

"How do you know that?!" asked Hades, demanding answers as he banged on the table.

It was then that pressure arose and stopped Hades from moving forward with threats...

Shiva just stared at the Achaean god, who immediately sat down again.

"Humpf... I don't care, to answer your question, she's still indeed in a bad mood, but I prefer the term karma. After all, she had become interested in a mortal with a pretty face as soon as the flesh on my face began to rot..." said Hades.

Thoth just hummed in response.

"Hmm… rot? Fascinating" said Thoth, taking out a parchment and writing something down.

As Thoth took notes, the Aztec goddess, Chalchiuhtlicue, chose this moment to speak.

"Changing the subject... What about the horseman? Are they still vessels?" asked Chalchiuhtlicue, worried.

Shiva was the one who responded.

"Yes, they are still out there in the world... I toke care of 'War' a few days ago, he came to intrude on my people's lands and influence them. At least I cleaned up the Yavanas' mess, humans don't know what exactly happened, it's better to leave it like that" said Shiva.

Tsukoyomi then chose to respond, complementing the observation.

"As for the others, the whereabouts of 'Famine' is possibly close to the Aztecs, there has been no sign of her for a few months, but she always appears in winter, as for 'Conquest'... it is possible that she may be close to mine territory" said Tsukoyomi, frowning.

"Wait... 'she', I thought it was 'he' a few years ago, and it was in Slavic territory... if there's another vessel, how did the old one die?" said Odin.

Perun chose to answer the question.

"In simple terms, it was pure bad luck... 'Conquest' ended up meeting Goch, who was passing through and heading west, possibly to meet and fight Gwiber, but as soon as Goch saw 'Conquest' he thought it would be a good warm-up" said Perun.

Odin sighed.

"Goch is increasingly agitated... he becomes restless in the North, it is rare for him to stay anywhere" said Odin.

The other gods nodded in agreement, it was then that Hades chose to speak...

"Let's leave the matters of the horsemen aside for now... let's return to the topic from before, which would be what Thoth wants to talk about Etemenanqui" said Hades.

Everyone agreed and looked at Thoth, giving their full attention to the Egyptian god who had stopped writing and looked around.

Thoth sighed and just started walking as he created a form of matter made of pure divine power.

"The construction of Etemenanqui was Marduk's idea, I helped with the project at the request of a friend of mine. The idea was to create a place for mortals to pray and seek the protection and counsel of the gods, without the gods being present, no matter what language the mortal was speaking, within the Ziggurat, there would be no such worldly difference..." Thoth said.

Shiva narrowed his eyes.

"...Another Cer'Ne? I thought we stopped that" said Shiva.

Thoth denied it.

"It wasn't like Cer'Ne, we wouldn't interact with mortals directly, only indirectly, it would be perfect... too perfect" said Thoth.

The Egyptian god then returned to the explanation.

"Centuries ago, during an invasion by a foreign people, Babylon fell and the temple was burned, but... during the destruction of the city, something went wrong..." said Thoth.

It was then that the divine power of Thoth began to take shape in the city of Babylon, as well as showing the fall of the once city and the Ziggurat being destroyed...

Plus something coming out of the rubble.

When the gods present, except for Thoth, saw something emerging from the rubble, they were surprised.

"What is that… thing?" asked Hades.

"It looks like a mortal, but... something is wrong with it" said Horus.

Among all the gods present, Xi Wangmu was the most shaken.

"It is so full of… other people's suffering" said Xi Wangmu.

Odin was confused.

"If you don't mind, what do you mean, Xi Wangmu? Are you claiming that this 'suffering' doesn't belong to it?" asked Odin.

The jade wife stated in agreement with the lord of the Asgardian pantheon.

"Indeed... It is as if all pain, suffering, evil, sadness, anger, and any negative feelings were thrown into one body... such a birth is a sacrilege in my view" said Xi Wangmu.

Tsukoyomi soon lost his temper.

"What does this aberration have to do with the Anunnaqui not attending this emergency meeting?" Tsukoyomi asked.

It was then that Thoth spoke the next words that caused the gods present to be surprised and worried.

"Because as soon as this thing was created and left the Ziggurat, it went on a rampant killing spree, until it met Enki and fought and almost killed him on the spot, at least until Enlil contacted me and headed towards the battlefield. to stop this thing" said Thoth.

The gods were silent, while Thoth spoke the next words that would mark the creation of a monster that would eventually be comparable to the strongest dragon God himself, Great Red.

"After Enlil left... I lost contact with almost all members of the Anunnaki pantheon" said Thoth.

- Location: Nibiru / House of the Anunnaki.

Nibiru could be considered a completely different world from the world in which humans lived. Here, gods and goddesses were in abundance, as it was the home of the Anunnaki race and in addition to being the reason for the Sumerian pantheon to have one of the largest numbers of gods, being comparable to the Chinese and Hindu pantheons.

But now...

The planet once full of life was desolate.

A lone figure walked amid the apocalyptic landscape of fallen buildings and fortresses and dismembered bodies, with divine blood staining the once snow-colored sands of the cities.

The figure ended up falling into the sand, as he tried to cover the open wounds on his chest, with blood flowing freely onto the sand.

The figure turned out to be Enlil, injured but still alive.

The only one alive.

He was the only survivor of the once paradise of the Anunnaki.

A body caught the attention of the former and feared leader.

It was the body of his own mother, Ki, goddess of the earth, who had died holding the body of her husband, Anu, who had a hole in his chest that showed the lack of a rib cage.

Enlil's frown was noticeable, but the Sumerian god did not have time to mourn the death of his parents...


Because whoever killed them and the rest of the planet's population had found him again, falling like a meteor and raising a cloud of dust.

When the cloud of dust settled, the killer revealed himself to be a figure with long golden hair with a dark aura.

Enlil only sighed in response and assumed a fighting stance, although the ancient god's eyes showed a sense of acceptance at the possible outcome...

The former Anunnaki leader knew he would lose.

But he, as the proudest Anunnaki, would never die as a coward.

"...If you expect me to ask for mercy... go fuck yourself" said Enlil, spitting out blood.

The figure narrowed its eyes, seeming to understand the curse, and then flew towards Enlil with its fist raised. The Sumerian god of winds just jumped to avoid the blow, which caused an earthquake as soon as it hit the ground.


A new cloud of dust was created, but it did not last long as the golden-haired figure soon shot towards where Enlil was in the air, with the Anunnaki responding in the same way.

Both collided forearms, blocking each other's advance and nullifying the attack...

At least for a few seconds.


Until Enlil's forearm gave way to the pressure, breaking in two, while the golden-haired figure's arm continued advancing and ended up crushing the Anunnaki god's ribcage.

Enlil was then violently pushed towards the ground, causing a shockwave upon contact.

The golden-haired figure soon descended from the sky at high speed, towards where he had thrown Enlil, intending to crush the Anunnaki god without mercy with its feet.

With only a few meters to go, Enlil used wind magic to propel himself and twist his body to dodge and move away from the golden-haired figure's landing spot.


The figure, seeing that he had made a mistake, immediately raised his hand and created, with black energy, a kind of sword, ready to swing the energy blade at the Anunnaki god still on the ground.

Enlil was quick and extended his arm, with two fingers raised, and created a blade of wind that cut the blonde's legs, unbalancing him for just a few seconds, but long enough for Enlil to take the opportunity to get up and avoid the blade of wind. energy, as well as punching the figure in the face with enough force to rotate the skull 180º.

The blonde, despite the line of sight on his back due to the skull having suffered a violent turn, used his free hands to grab Enlil's arm who punched him, briefly surprising the Anunnaki and tried to cut him with the energy sword again.

Enlil jumped and kicked the blonde who carried the energy sword, trying to reduce the damage that the imminent cut would cause, at the same time with his free arm, although broken, he soon created a new blade of wind to cut the arm that was holding him and escape out of the blonde's reach.

When Enlil walked away, he just looked without reaction as the blonde regenerated his arm and his head turned again, this time to the right side.

For the Anunnaqui, the feeling of this fight was a test of endurance...

Whoever falters due to fatigue will die.

Enlil was tired... very tired.

Fighting for months against this being, even with the help of other gods, only to see it regenerate and kill any unsuspecting or tired god one by one.

Until only Enlil was left.

Enki, the god of water and brother of Enlil, the second strongest in the Sumerian pantheon, died as soon as his divine power became so low that he could no longer heal himself.

When the blonde creature noticed this, he made a point of using energy from extreme temperatures to make Enki's situation even worse, as he was charred to death, becoming a body with completely blackened skin and a hole in his stomach, where the creature had punched and pierced, creating an orb of energy inside Enki's own body.

It was then that Enlil felt something strange.

Everything was lighter.

As if something had taken away the anguish and fatigue of the Sumerian god.

For Enlil, everything was fine...

The Sumerian god only blinked slowly when he felt his own body falling backward, landing on the white sands stained red with the god's blood.

When Enlil realized that he couldn't feel from the waist down, it was already too late...

With almost no divine energy left to even heal himself, Enlil can only accept what has happened.

He miscalculated, he thought the cut wouldn't be that deep...

What had happened was that the energy blade, as soon as it came into contact with Enlil's body, expanded the blade while burning the nerves in an instant while also cutting through the Anunnaki god's body as soon as it came into contact, to make Enlil not feel the wound and disregard using any divine energy to attempt to heal himself.

The loss of blood came soon after, along with the severity of the wound, making Enlil's serious condition less noticeable, as well as providing Enlil with a state of physical lightness that he had not experienced in months of fighting for survival.

"Ugh… it seems like this is how… my journey ends" said Enlil, finding it difficult to even speak due to the blood pooling in the back of his throat.

Enlil could only hear the sound of approaching footsteps.

The executioner was coming to finish the job.

When Enlil looked briefly, he saw that the blonde figure was just a few steps away from him, still with the energy sword in his hand.

Enlil then looked at the starry sky, which due to there being no sun on Nibiru at that time, in addition to the lighting of the cities being completely inoperative due to the destruction, the sky of Nibiru was graced with thousands of stars, each one shining as brightly as the other, in addition to a nebula still decorating the sky, along with shooting stars that appeared from time to time.

It was something so simple, but magnificent, that captured Enlil's attention and made him smile, even in the face of imminent death.

When the blond approached and raised the energy sword just a few centimeters from his heart, Enlil still hadn't looked away.

The Anunnaki god and ancient Sumerian leader thought about the life he had lived...

He thought about his youth.

He thought about the love of his life, Ninlil.

He thought about his sons, Ninurta and Nannar.

He thought about his rule and the golden age of the Anunnaki.

He thought about Enki.

He thought about what and how he could have done better.

He thought about even humanity and other deities and how they would deal with this monster in front of him.

But most of all...

Although there were ups and downs, mistakes and successes, happiness and sadness...

"I think... I lived..." said Enlil.


The blond man didn't wait for Enlil to finish his sentence and even stabbed him in the heart while looking into the eyes of the dying Anunnaki without a hint of remorse.

Although Enlil was interrupted, the last word still echoed in the mind of the last living Anunnaki on Nibiru...


After Enlil finished judging the way he lived, the last thoughts of the strongest god Anunnaki echoed through the fallen god's dying mind...

[Ereshkigal, Kamish... live well, my granddaughter and great-grandson] thought Enlil, closing his eyes with a smile still on his face.

Just as Enlil was about to stop thinking about things and embrace the cold of death, another face appeared in the god's mind...

An almost forgotten face, but one that could still be alive.

[Yes... although you may never love me, I will understand... I just hope you live well too, daughter of Utu and my other great-granddaughter...] said Enlil.

The last thoughts, as well as the last face that the Anunnaki god thought of, was of someone who had left a long time ago due to abandonment by the Anunnaki due to the culture of race purity. Finding a home elsewhere, thanks to the help of a god who was passing, in addition to still being very young when she left...


Thus, the last living Anunnaki of Nibiru closed his eyes for the last time.

The blond man, seeing that Enlil had died, withdrew his sword and looked around and began to walk in a random direction, always accompanied by a sphere of light, which had appeared after Enlil's death and contained a kind of fairy...

As if he was looking for something else to kill.


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