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Chapter 7 - The bargain: Success!

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Pov. Thor.

Frey then noticed me in his throne room.

"Hmm?... Ah! My friend Thor! Sorry, but could you come back another time? I'm in the middle of an extremely important reflection," said Frey.

... I don't know if choosing birthday presents should be treated that way... It looks like he's disarming a bomb and doesn't know which wire to cut.

But this works in my favor...

"My dear friend! It won't take up too much of your time I guarantee, I only came here because I would like to make a little exchange with you…" I said smiling.

"Exchange something? Hmm... What do you want from me?" Frey asked curiously.

"First, before I tell you what I want from you, I would like to share with you that I am a blacksmith in full right now!" I said smiling.

"Oh! Congratulations my friend, a great achievement! We must celebrate! You've already done your first centenary, right? Let's drink mead in Valhalla!... But they're busy because of... my sister's name day... Hmm... I'm sorry my friend, can we arrange another time? I need to get back to what I was doing before…" said Frey, in an apologetic tone.

As expected from the greatest siscon of the Norse gods... Honestly, if the Norse pantheon were incest friendly, I bet Frey would have asked his sister to marry him...

The thought of it makes me shudder, as it reminds me of the Greek pantheon... Or as I like to refer to it: the Alabama of mythologies.

Uranus and Gaia: Son fucks his own mother.

Chronos and Rhea: Brother fucks his own Sister.

And that's not to mention the future Olympians...

"I understand that, my friend, you're busy... But let me show you the item I made as my final task!" I said, taking the box and opening it.

On it was the necklace that took me a whole year to make with the right items.

"By Odin! It's magnificent! I've never seen anything like it..." said Frey, mesmerized.

The glamor rune is working perfectly...

"Thank you my friend Frey... However, I don't have much use for it... As you can see, it's a female necklace... My mother doesn't like this style of jewelry and Sif prefers a sword than a necklace. .." I said, smiling innocently.

"I... I understand..." said Frey, still hypnotized.

... I think I will have to be a little more direct...

"…Do you…think your sister would like that neck–" I started to ask, but was soon interrupted.

"YES! Ahem... I mean, maybe... I... I never gave a perfect gift for her, you know... The last one was a pair of boots, but... She only accepted the gift out of politeness, I know my sister's polite smile; she usually gives that smile when she rejects suitors who try to ask for her hand in marriage... I… I don't know if she would like this necklace... But again, I've never given her a necklace like that…" said Frey.

"Um...I'm sure this necklace fits her tastes, don't you think?" said in affirmation.

"...Yes...Maybe?...How do you know she'll like it?" asked Frey curiously.

"... It's just a feeling" I replied smiling.

Total bullshit... I just wanted the fucking flying ship... While the necklace is useful because of the time and space runes, and Idhuna approved... I had no idea of ​​Freyja's jewelry tastes...

But again, at this point, I looked like a salesperson trying to sell a product of dubious provenance... I had to be convincing.

"Hmm... It is quite beautiful and unique as I haven't seen anything like it... I'm sure she will like your present, my friend... I still have to decide my present for my lovely sister" said Frey with a sad smile.

... Is it so hard to get between the lines, Frey? You know what... Fuck It!

"…How about YOU give this necklace to your sister? As I said before, I don't have much use for it…" I said.

"Really?! Thank you very much my friend" said Frey trying to snatch it from my hand.

I soon closed the box containing the necklace and took it out of his reach.

"Calm down my friend... Let's not be too hasty... While I would like to give you this necklace... I wanted something in exchange for you" I explained.

"Ah! You said you wanted to bargain, right? What would you want for the necklace?" Frey asked excitedly.

Here we go...

"I heard you had a special ship…capable of sailing anywhere…" I said.

"YOU WANT THE SKIDBLADNIR?! No! That does not gonna happen! I can't!" said Frey already denying the request.

I was already expecting that...

"It will be borrowed!" I said quickly interrupting him.

"… What?" Frey spoke confused.

"... I will give you the necklace, and in return... You will lend me your ship for a few days" I explained.

"…Even so… Thor, while I respect our friendship… You're asking too much of me, the Skidbladnir is not just any boat. It was made to transport us gods and einherjar them in wartime unobtrusively... Because it doesn't emit residual magic like teleportation runes and uses senjutsu to camouflage itself with the environment... It's the only ship from our pantheon that does that! In addition to having an internal forge, powered by the energy of any star, for repairing weapons and barracks, thanks to magical space runes. It is very expensive to build another one that provides all this! There is only one other ship that does the same thing... Atem-Ra's solar ship!" explained Frey.

I knew that... And that was exactly why I wanted him!

"I understand Frey... Skidbladnir is unique... But so is this necklace! It's made of rare materials besides having magic runes, there is no other like it. I won't take your ship, I'll just borrow it for a few days, and then I'll return the Skidbladnir to you," I said, trying to convince him.

"I don't know... I don't know if I need... This exchange... I think I can get another gift" said Frey undecided.

"I see... In this case, I wish you good luck and I'm sorry if I wasted your time..." I said heading towards the exit... With a small smile.

"...So I think I'll give this necklace to Freyja on her name day... I'm sure she won't receive a gift like this, I wonder what expression she will make for such a unique gift..." I continued talking as I walked to the door.

As I spoke, I could hear Frey talking quietly behind me.

"I don't need it... I don't need it... I don't need it..." whispered Frey, trying to convince himself.

... just need one more push, my siscon friend...

"I wish you the best of luck in your search for the perfect gift, my friend Frey. But remember that it's only three days until your sister's name day~" I said, I didn't even have to leave before I heard Frey screaming.


All this time I had a smile on my face.




When leaving the palace of the Vanir gods, I had a miniature Viking ship. Now that I had the ship for a few days... I'll finally go pick up my partner.


I looked towards the voice calling me and realized it was my old friend Sif.

"Sif? What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in training camps yet?" I asked confused.

"My father had business with the leader Vanir Njord, I came with him" explained Sif.

Just then Sif watched me and noticed the Megingjord belt I was wearing.

"...I see you are wearing your new gift..." said Sif smiling at me.

"Yes... Thanks for the gift, I will reward you in the future" I said smiling.

"Um...Really?...You know there's something you could do for me~" said Sif in a suggestive tone.

...Who the hell is this woman? An imposter?...

"What can I do for you?" I asked.

"Fight me!" said Sif instantly.

... Now I was sure she wasn't an imposter... Here's my battle-mad friend.

"No, we've already fought recently, be patient," I said.

"It's not fair! You only accept my challenges once a year..." Sif said in disgust.

I really don't know if a one-sided massacre can be called a 'challenge'.

"I fight you once a year because I can see how much you've improved over the previous year," I explained impassively.

"You're not fun..." mumbled Sif.

Before I could retaliate, another voice was heard.

"Sif! Let's get going!"

I looked over and saw Sif's father, Rhagnar, carrying a small chest... It was probably a reward from a completed quest.

"Ah! Prince Thor, it's an honor to see you again," Rhagnar said as he bowed his head.

Honestly... I've never seen a couple as different as Idhuna and Rhagnar... I still remember the day I saw Idhuna together with her husband... She looked like a teenager in love, nor did she seem like the dirtiest mouth and violent half-dwarf of the forge. I mocked her as soon as her husband left.

She took her anger out on my next quest... The quest? I had to collect the fucking blood of a Draugr...

But was it worth mocking Idhuna?... Absolutely.

"Rhagnar, it's been a while... I'm just passing through, I came to settle some... Matters with Prince Frey" I said smiling.

It was then that Sif noticed the Skidbladnir in my hands.

"...Is this what I think it is?" asked Sif raising her eyebrows.

Then Rhagnar noticed it too, and he was surprised.

"The Skidbladnir... I don't want to sound too intrusive, but... Why are you, my prince, in possession of Prince Frey's ship?" asked Rhagnar curiously.

"Well, you see... Soon, I will go on a quest, and Skidbladnir will be essential" I explained to the best of my ability, without giving too much detail.

"A quest? Right now? But Freyja's name day is in three days... Remember the last time Mrs. Frigg did to you for missing a very important day?" asked Sif in disbelief.

I shivered.

Yes, Sif... I remembered very well...

It was the day I made a new rule, don't mess with the person who can literally transfer someone else's pain to you.

"I will be present on Freyja's name day... I will only go on my quest as soon as the festivities are over" I said.

Partner... Wait just a little longer... Soon we'll break some skulls...


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