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Chapter 56 – Dangerous Encounter!

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Era: 1558 BCE (Thor: 2442 years).

- Location: Island of Crete.

Pov. Third-person.

64 years.

64 years after the awakening of the monster that came to be known as Typhon, the king of monsters, in the volcano on the island of Tera. Possessing a roar that shook even the most remote parts of Greece.

Since the awakening of Typhon, all supernatural beings in Greece officially had only two options...

Run or fight.

Most fled and went into hiding, with only Zeus remaining steadfast in facing the king of monsters with Cronus' sickle.

Zeus lost and ended up having the tendons removed from his body by Typhon, with the sickle's help, and Greece was ruled by Typhon for a long time...

However, Zeus was eventually rescued by one of his extramarital sons, young Hermes, who turned out to have an innate talent for thievery, managing to steal Zeus' tendons shortly after Typhon imprisons him.

With Zeus regaining his hamstrings, the King of Olympus decided to think of a plan first, as in the first fight, he had clearly been bested in combat.

It was then that fate acted through his agents...

The Moirais.

The agents of fate from the Greek pantheon ended up giving a special fruit, which through a plan of Zeus, ended up weakening Typhon long enough for Zeus to defeat him and imprison him in the deepest place of Tartarus.

Although, Zeus was irritated by a few things...

Hades did not respond to Zeus' call, and because of that, he was expelled from his seat on Olympus. The ruler of the underworld didn't seem to mind the decision and just stayed secluded in the castle made of ores in the underworld.

Another thing was Hephaestus, who had only asked Zeus for a favor, as the young blacksmith god wanted to be closer to his mother, asked Zeus for a place on Olympus in exchange for help.

Zeus had readily accepted.

But then, 64 years after Typhon's awakening and just a day after the victory against Typhon, here was Hephaestus at his birthplace on the island of Crete.

Or at least...

What was left of the island.

Hephaestus was at this moment on the beach of Crete, staring at a lone spear on the island's deserted beach.

Hephaestus walked calmly to the spear, grabbed it, and then pulled it out of the sands, never failing to look at the spear for a moment.

The young god then walked further into the island, still holding the spear in one hand. When the young Hephaestus arrived at the palace of Knossos, the young god froze as he faced what was left of the island's civilization, the people of someone close to him...

"64 years... Mother said that because her divinity began to some extent to relate to birth, I was the result. So in theory I shouldn't have a father, but I'm sure the feeling I'm feeling right now..." said Hephaestus.

It was then that, coincidentally, it started to rain on the island of Crete, but the rain didn't just make the mood darker...

The rain served to mask the tears that flowed from Hephaestus' eyes.

"…I will continue to do what you taught me and I will be recognized for my work. So, thank you for everything… Father" said Hephaestus.

The young god then stabbed the javelin spear into the destroyed floor of the ancient citadel of Knossos. After Hephaestus took one last look at the destroyed city, he soon left the place...

He didn't notice that the spear vibrated in response and soon shot up into the sky in a roar that sounded like thunder.

- Location: Midgard / Ahvenanmaa Islands.

Pov. Thor.

Although I couldn't get the Telkhines, having an advanced human civilization under my protection was something I gladly did.

After all, the humans in Midgard before the arrival of my people hadn't developed something like 'unity' or 'kingdom', they were basically several people who took care of their own lives and, to a certain extent, their families.

I soon disappeared and dropped my human disguise in front of my people.

Although initially, I was going to explain in a more complicated way, thousands of my people soon shouted that their king had ascended to godhood.

I couldn't help but raise an eyebrow in disbelief, but I soon joined the game and introduced myself as Thor, a god.

Another thing was Igris...

I found him on his knees as he gestured to the houses I recommended he build...

It turns out that he has further increased the number of houses and their size beyond what I expected. When I asked him what so many houses are for, he muttered nonsense things like 'liege', 'followers', and 'worthy houses' until he apathetically replied 'for future inhabitants'.

I had the decency to be a little worried.

After all, I had a brief fear of turning my back and Igris taking a large number of soldiers and going on a crusade in my name.

To avoid unnecessary things, I suggested that Hel give the priests lessons on the Norse deities and the entire pantheon, and Hel was great at that...

In a matter of days, the priests spread the Norse religion to the Aeolite people, and changes of clothing and some cultural changes took place progressively, leaving no time for the development of any difficulty for the Aeolite people to adapt to their new home.

At least they stopped calling me Aeolia...

Igris seemed ecstatic with the Aeolite people and asked me to actively protect them, which I soon agreed to, as a population of five thousand and potential warriors needed to be protected.

I even asked Hel for a favor to have her be responsible for the souls of the Aeolites and transfer them to my home in Asgard, which she readily agreed to. I also protected the city from the supernatural as well as my home, what was missing now was a teacher for runes and magic, and presto, I would have a functioning Nordic army.

Anyway, 34 years of hard work, along with another 30 years ensuring the adaptation of my people to the new territory, gave results faster than expected...

I soon left the archipelago, which I had left under Igris' watch, and headed towards my home in Midgard, where I spent a good deal of time with Fenrir on guard, and every now and then Hel visited her brother, I just went to my house in Midgard on the night of the winter solstice.

As soon as I got to my house and opened the door I was greeted by a confusing sight.

Frigg, my mother, had graced her presence in my livingroom, with Hel looking at her with a coy gaze as she held a silver tray that held what I assumed was coffee.

Also... Fenrir was sleeping in my favorite armchair.

... The audacity.

"*Whooee-uueet!*" I quickly hissed, catching the attention of the people in the room and waking Fenrir from his deep sleep…

As soon as Fenrir saw me he immediately jumped out of his chair and started running up the stairs quickly.

"...This isn't over yet," I said, muttering.

No way was I going to let him get away, this was a suede fabric recliner! This fabric, while comfortable, attracts animal hair like sugar to ants!



The respective voices were Frigg and Hel, who approached me while I was planning a punishment for Fenrir. Although I flashed a smile when I saw that both my cousin and my mother seemed to have gotten along.

It took a while for Frigg to get back together with Hel, after all, Frigg was warned by my paranoid old man and my uncle. But it seemed that the more Frigg was alone with Hel, the more Frigg returned to bond with her abandoned niece, and Hel returned to the mother figure she once had.

"Hello you two," I said, with a smile.

But it seemed my smile wasn't appropriate for the situation.

"I need your help," Frigg said, looking me in the eye.

I must admit, if it was anyone I would say 'no' right away, maybe I could make an exception if I knew the reason, or if the help would benefit me in any way...

But if it were my beloved mother, who raised me and taught me many things in my life, who endured the frequent betrayals of my old man, who showed a mother's deepest love; asking for help with a pained look on her face?

Yes... The answer was kind of obvious.

Pov. Third-person.

"…Who needs to die?" asked Thor apathetically.

This seemed to be the wrong answer, as Frigg was soon alarmed.

"Nobody! Nobody needs to die! I just... I want you to accompany me along with Baldr on my visit to a close friend in Greece..." Frigg said.

In the face of Frigg's answer, Thor looked uncertain, after all, he had left there, and he didn't want to come back anytime soon.

"Why do you want to go to Greece anyway, Mom?" asked Thor, curious.

Frigg then quickly replied.

"I haven't seen my old friend Rhea in ages, I couldn't visit her freely when her husband came to power, I couldn't visit her during a civil war, I couldn't visit her after the civil war, I couldn't visit her during the times of crisis with Typhon..." said Frigg, as she walked away and sat down on the sofa again.

Frigg seemed at this point someone melancholy, mainly due to not being able to help her best friend without causing a disturbance in supernatural politics, but with the victory of the Olympians, and the likely period of peace that began, Frigg believed she could finally visit her.

"I just want to see her again, she was my rock after the Asgardian civil war and I was her rock when her father imprisoned the rest of her brothers," Frigg said, with a longing tone.

Thor remained apathetic, though Hel...

"...Uhhh *sniff*Ugghhh"

Hel's eyes were full of tears, and it looked like she was going to start crying at any moment...

Thor didn't even look at Hel, but still placed a hand on the young goddess's head and caressed her while Hel tried unsuccessfully to wipe away her tears, trying to show comfort.

It was then that Frigg flashed a smile.

"I hear she has several sons and daughters and even grandsons and granddaughters… So I'd like to meet them and introduce her to my sons as well," Frigg said with a smile.

That statement froze Thor.

Thor's mind began to process the various hypothetical scenarios for the encounter...

Most scenarios ended up with Zeus or Poseidon flirting with his mother.

Thor's face darkened.

"I'll go with you," said Thor, without hesitation.

Frigg just gave an excited smile in thanks.

"Thank you, my son, just me, you, and Baldr will go, the rest of your brothers won't be able to go due to an important mission on an island further north," said Frigg, getting up from the couch and walking towards Thor.

Thor raised an eyebrow and looked pointedly at Hel, who soon realized the meaning.

"I can't cousin, I have work, if I didn't there wouldn't be souls in Valhalla... After all, souls can't judge each other" said Hel.

Thor soon nodded in acknowledgment and looked back at Frigg.

"Isn't it too risky to take Baldr? He's the future ruler... Maybe it's better if only me accompany you, Mom," said Thor.

Frigg then responded promptly.

"You know your brother, he's the one who volunteered. He said he would like to meet the person he became my best friend with," Frigg said with a smile.

Thor could only sigh in response, and it looked like he was going to make a comment in this regard, but stopped, as he was interrupted by something that caught his attention.

"...Did you hear that?" asked Thor, in confusion.

The two women in front of Thor denied it and just looked confused at Thor's reaction, who started to look around in curiosity.

Thor had heard a sonic boom. In fact, Thor could still hear the sound as he was getting closer and closer...

At high speed.


The earth shook briefly, and Thor looked at the door suspiciously as the sounds had stopped after the tremor.

Thor then approached the door and opened it.

The first thing Thor saw was the javelin spear in front of him, floating harmlessly... The second thing was the crater created in front of his house, where the spear was located exactly in the center.

The thunder god just swore in response, and soon left the house and closed the door, preventing Frigg and Hel from seeing the spear in front of his house.

Thor then ran to the crater, grabbed the spear, and placed it inside its storage space just in time before Frigg opened the door.

"Thor, my son, what happened?" Frigg asked, looking at the crater.

Thor just assumed a calm countenance, as he left the center of the crater and answered briefly.

"No big deal mom, just a little mishap... No need to worry, let's just get Baldr and go visit this friend of yours" said Thor.

Somehow, Thor managed to keep Frigg from commenting on the events at Thor's house, and they just went in search of Baldr in Midgard.

Baldr ended up standing in what would come to be known as Future Greenland, admiring the view... Enjoying the stunning scenery that the sun offered.

That was one of the few perks of being the sun god.

Although Ra is enshrined as the strongest solar deity, the other solar gods should not be underestimated.

Baldr was one of those gods.

The Norse sun god was already strong and powerful but in the presence of the sun...

Baldr could be described as invincible, as nothing should harm him.

There was no doubt that after Thor and Odin, Baldr was the third strongest in the entire Norse pantheon.

In fact, it was quite possible that Baldr had already surpassed Odin himself, but the young god didn't hold many achievements, unlike Odin.

When Frigg and Thor finally sought out Baldr, the three Norse supernaturals headed for Greece.

And they stopped at a specific city, which in the future would be known as Athens. However, at this time, the city didn't even have a name, and it didn't have a name for the territory.

- Location: Region of future Attica / Greece.

Pov, Third person.

In the center of town at night, Thor, Frigg, and Baldr strolled carelessly, not caring for the humans who didn't seem surprised by the appearance of the three deities.

This was due to the fact that both Thor, Frigg, and Baldr had formed a rune that masked their physical presence to humans, making them invisible to non-supernatural eyes.

"What a lively place... Very different from our territory," Frigg said, watching the city's streets move with interest.

"Indeed, Mother... Although I find their culture a little strange," said Baldr uncertainly as he looked at the piles of rocks in front of the houses.

Thor only glanced briefly at the piles and shuddered in response, as if he knew what it was for...

"Weird culture or not, we didn't come here to question this... Mom, where's your friend?" asked Thor.

Frigg looked confused before answering.

"Rhea said someone would come to pick us up here, she won't be coming in person, because she will be preparing a welcome feast for our arrival," Frigg said.

It was then that some humans began to crowd together, drawing the attention of the Norse deities.

"Listen, listen!" shouted a voice, which resounded throughout the place.

It was just a young man who was putting on a little competition...

A competition between gods.

The gods were Athena, who wore a serious countenance, and Poseidon, who wore a confident smile.

"Today we will decide the name for our much-loved city, with two great gods vying to sponsor our city offering us gifts! The best gift will win and our king, Cécrops, will be the one who decides the victor!" said the young man.

The audience soon applauded even Frigg and Baldr, who applauded politely...

Only Thor didn't clap and just stared in disbelief at what he was seeing and hoped it was an illusion.

King Cécrops looked like any other human... Except he had a sea serpent's tail.

It was then that Poseidon began the competition.

With divine power, Poseidon glowed in a mixture of green and navy blue colors, which briefly blinded the audience.

When the glow faded, three thoroughbred horses were at Poseidon's side, who soon gestured with his trident and began to speak.

"I give you the best horses in the world! They will serve both for work and for war!" said Poseidon confidently.

Poseidon thought he had managed to win, as according to the established rules, gifts shouldn't be supernatural or powerful, as they would be given to humans.

And at that moment... A horse's life was worth more than a human's.

When it was Athena's turn, the goddess didn't use divine power... She just used her hand to grab something inside the armor.

When the goddess reached out her hand, everyone saw what the goddess took...

A plant with golden leaves.

Thor distinguished as being an olive branch.

Athena soon let go of the branch and used divine power to make a tree from the branch on the ground.

"I offer you... Olive Plantations!" said Athena.

People marveled at the tree that began to grow until it became gigantic. But Poseidon just rolled his eyes and looked at the king, who was the judge and waited for the verdict.

King Cecrops was silent before approaching both gods.

"Both gifts are of great importance to our city, however... Goddess Athena's gift comes out victorious! And therefore our city will be named after her in honor of her victory!" said Cecrops.

The people soon agreed with the decision, because for the people the olive tree was the noblest of trees, being resistant to droughts and providing the fruits with which oil was produced, which was a food fortifying the muscles of athletes and warriors and fuel for common dwellings and temples.

Undoubtedly, planting olive trees around the city was far more valuable than a few horses.

Poseidon had obviously been upset by the decision, as it meant a defeat for his niece and his brother's 'favorite' daughter, and soon gripped his trident in anger and stared at Athena, who stared back.

"...It won't stay this way," Poseidon said.

Poseidon's power soon roared in response, though only Athenas and Cecrops seemed to react to the buildup of power, and they worried that Poseidon might try something...

That's what they thought until a new force appeared out of nowhere, knocking out mortals and bringing Greek supernatural beings to their knees.

For Cecrops, it was as if he was being crushed by an enormous force and it looked as if he would lose consciousness at any moment.

For Athenas it was as if someone was stepping on her body, preventing her from getting up, while she sweated nervously at the new presence.

For Poseidon... It was worse.

For the focus of power was actually the god of the seas himself, who by a miracle was still conscious, though he was on his knees and sweating profusely as he tried to support himself with trembling arms in the face of the overwhelming power.

It was then that footsteps were heard.

The footsteps seemed to be something like metal connecting with the earth, causing a distinct sound.

The three Greek supernatural beings acquired the strength to look towards the source of the sound and saw something that made them hold their breath.

A man with long red hair, wearing a kind of white coat along with black gloves and a golden belt, which had a hammer attached, walked towards them. The man held a gaze that would make anyone freeze in fear, with black scleras and gold eyes gleaming with power.

It was Thor.

As soon as the Norse god stopped next to Poseidon and Athena, the pressure from before was gone and the Greek supernatural beings could breathe properly, although they faced Thor in fear.

"... Let's calm down, shall we?" asked Thor, raising his eyebrow.

Athena sweated in response.

"...That wasn't the best way to calm us down..." whispered the goddess Athena.

"Thor! Don't cause a scene like that again, you could have accidentally killed someone," said Frigg, who soon followed Thor.

Baldr followed Frigg closely and seemed unaffected by what had happened.

In fact, neither Frigg nor Baldr were affected, as Thor took aim at those in his line of sight.

Thor only smiled in apology.

"Sorry, mom... But I assumed one of those two would be the one who should be leading us to Olympus," said Thor, nonchalantly.

Thor actually felt no excuse, after all, for the Norse god of thunder it was a good way to practice the Viljestyrke – King.

Frigg just snorted in response and soon went to scold Thor again, but Baldr soon interfered.

"Mom, I think it's okay, no damage was done, I think Thor just wanted to get the attention of our future hosts... Although I don't really agree with the method," said Baldr, with an uncertain smile and sweating, as he looked at Thor.

Thor just shrugged.

"…It worked," said Thor.

It was then that Athenas and Poseidon soon knew who was in front of them...

The guests that Rhea had said to fetch before Poseidon entered a competition against Athena to see who would be the patron of the city newly founded by Cecrops.

The god of the Greek seas soon took the initiative, in addition to showing a self-seeking look to Frigg.

"Greetings! Welcome to our territory, I am Poseidon, and I was commissioned by my mother to take you to Olympus," said Poseidon.

Poseidon had already risen from the ground, and though he gave Thor a fearful look, he looked at Frigg with some interest.

When Frigg held up her hand for Poseidon to shake, the god of the seas surprised not only Frigg but Thor and Baldr by taking the hand and placing a tender kiss on the calloused knuckles of Frigg's hand.

A pop vein could be seen on the forehead of both princes of Asgard.

Frigg, however, soon defused the situation by trying to introduce herself to Athena.

"And you, my young one? How are you?" asked Frigg, releasing her hand from Poseidon's grip and extending it to Athena, who had approached shyly, while she glanced at Thor from time to time.

"I am Athena, daughter of Zeus…Greetings to you, queen of Asgard," said Athena, bowing briefly to Frigg.

Poseidon soon took the lead again, while looking only at Frigg.

"Come on, come on... My mother awaits you at the great feast," Poseidon said, offering an inviting arm.

Frigg just gave a polite smile.

"Fine, you can show us the way," Frigg said, quickly taking Baldr's arm, refusing Poseidon's arm.

The god of the seas didn't seem upset, quite the opposite, in fact, there was only one thing going on in his mind...

[I like it better... The hard ones~...] Poseidon thought while licking his lips.

The group soon left the newly named city of Athens and once they were a good distance away, Athena summoned a teleportation circle, which transported them all to the top of Mount Olympus.

At the top of the highest mountain in Greece, there was a kind of magic circle carved into the ground.

This was the gateway to the abode of the gods...

Poseidon soon activated the circle and then a flash of light soon engulfed all those present and transported them to Olympus.

Olympus, or the abode of the Greek gods, was actually a vast city in the clouds, with luxurious houses and temples made entirely of gold.

It was then that the group saw a figure running towards them, the figure didn't stop running and just passed the group, just making the wind roar.

"Hermes is always working..." said Poseidon in contemplation.

"It's natural... He's the messenger, so it's quite common for him to be busy," said Athena.

The Norse gods only thought of their messenger...


All the Norse, even Frigg, admitted that Hermód was not the busiest being in their pantheon, in fact, he was the opposite...

Hermod was lazy most of the time.

The group then continued to a great hall, which was a giant table that at this point accommodated all of the high-ranking supernatural beings of Olympus, with the exception of a few deities...

"Frigg! It's so good to see you again, even after so many years" Rhea said, approaching quickly and hugging Frigg.

Frigg just smiled in response and returned the hug.

"Yes, Rhea... I'm assuming you look alright after all that happened" said Frigg.

Rhea then pulled out of the hug, still smiling.

"Come, sit down and I'll introduce you to my family," Rhea said, then pulled Frigg to the table.

Thor and Baldr just followed their mother closely as they looked around interested in the architecture of the place as well as the people.


- Location: Future Iceland.

Pov. Third-person.

Three deities were walking around the island carrying out a reconnaissance mission.

The three were Vidar, Váli and Hermód.

And at that moment, they are close to an active volcano on the island.

"This is worrying..." said Váli, seriously.

"Don't tell me genius, this is the 25th active volcano we've found... This shouldn't be normal, Váli, so of course, it's worrying," Hermód said.

Vidar remained calm as he looked around.

The island they were on was a special island, after all the biggest volcano on the island was the entrance to the kingdom of Surtr...


The mission given to them by Odin was to investigate the island as it now looked like an increase in activity. For although Surtr is confirmed to still be sleeping, his children are starting to get restless according to Odin...

This in itself caused concern to the Asgardians.

It was then that something caught Vidar's vision...

Claw marks climbing up the slope of the volcano.

"You two shut up! We have a situation here," Vidar said in a commanding tone as he drew his sword.

Hermód and Váli soon drew their weapons and looked around, copying Vidar's actions.

The three brothers were silent and tried to hear something.

"I... don't hear anything," said Váli, worried.

Váli was worried because hearing anything in a place that should have some sign of life was never a good sign, as it could only mean one thing...

A predator was nearby.

It was then that the ground exploded close to Váli, he soon raised his shield to block the attack, though the young god was hit, and soon flew by the force of the blow and fell next to Hermod.

"Váli!" shouted Hermod.

"Hermód! Go home and tell our father! This order is not as a brother, but as a leader of the group! Váli and I will take care of it!" said Vidar, already positioning himself in front of Hermód.

Hermód was silent and soon began to run at a sonic speed, by which time Váli had already got up and stood close to Vidar, who watched the cloud of dust carefully.

"...Do you have any plans?" Váli asked, seeing two golden eyes emerging from the cloud of dust.

Vidar just snorted in response.

"Yes... Try not to stand in my way to glory," Vidar said.

Váli gave a short laugh.

"HA! Well said... I would say the same line for you, brother," said Váli, with a smile.

As the dust settled, the brothers saw the monster made purely of rock and molten magma, 15' feet tall, looking at them as if it were seeing new prey.

It was one of Surtr's 'children'.

Surtr's child roared in response and soon attacked the brothers, who only smiled in response and charged at the same time the creature attacked. Both of Odin's sons gave a battle cry as the creature gave a roar of fury that spat magma from its jaws.

This was their first contact with one of Surtr's offspring, and it would be the first time the Asgardians would witness the power of one of Surtr's millions of children.

The brothers soon split up one going a different way, trying to confuse the magma creature, but were surprised when spikes made of magma popped out of the creature's skin.

The brothers soon blocked the spikes with their shields and tried to dodge the rest.

"Váli! The legs!" shouted Vidar.

The pair of brothers soon approached the creature, which was still trying to hit them with its claws or magma spikes.

When the brothers got close enough, they tried to use their swords and stab where the tendons should be, looking to make the creature fall or lose its balance.

However, the swords soon bounced off the creature's hard skin, which roared in response and stomped to the ground, causing a small earthquake and unbalancing the brothers.

The creature didn't stay still, and soon it swung one of its arms, which extended as if it were made of water, and soon it hit Vidar squarely, who barely had time to raise his shield.

Váli didn't just watch and took advantage of the moment when the creature attacked Vidar and threw his sword at one of the creature's eyes, since it was impossible to break through the hard skin, Váli thought the weak points would be the eyes.

The god Váli would not prefer to use swords, after all, he was an archer, but Váli's aim was considered lethal, with chances of success with each throw; that means, Váli never missed a target.

The creature roared briefly as the sword hit the eye squarely and just turned its head slowly towards Váli, who looked up in shock when he saw the sword stabbed in the eye begin to melt.

"This... It's going to be harder than I thought," said Váli, raising his shield again and running toward the creature.

It was then that the creature let out another roar in defiance and began to run, but was soon stopped when a shield slammed into the side of its knee and sent the creature falling to the ground.

The shield then returned to the caster's hands, who turned out to be Vidar.

"Use magic brother! Ice or water!" said Vidar, already creating a white magic circle that soon shot a blast of ice towards the creature's legs on the ground.

Váli soon obeyed the command and created a blue circle, shooting a jet of water, which was quickly frozen by the ice magic.

The brothers noticed that the magma in the creature's body seemed to lose its luster as if cooling, and believed it was working, as the creature also began to roar in what appeared to be pain.

Until the creature spat a jet of magma at Vidar, who dodged the attack but had to stop the blast of ice in the process, giving it just enough time to reach out a hand and hit the Váli squarely, canceling the jet of water, causing him to spit blood and being thrown away.

The creature's magma glowed brighter than ever and began to melt the ice.

It was then that Vidar gave a final battle cry and jump towards the creature's head, which then reached out its right arm and grabbed Vidar's legs, raising the temperature and burning Vidar's clothes and skin, who roared in pain.

The creature soon swung its arm and sent Vidar crashing to the ground, creating a crater, and causing the young god to choke on blood along with the scream of pain.

Vidar didn't give up and soon he lifted the sword and imbued it with his divine power along with magic circles of ice nature and then hurled the sword towards one of the creature's eyes.

The creature seeing the action used its free arm to defend itself but was stopped when Váli, who had already stood up, hurled his shield which slammed into the creature's arm, knocking it out of the way of Vidar's sword.

Vidar's sword soon successfully hit the eye, and unlike before, the creature let out a roar of pain that resonated across the island towards the sky, as the glowing magma took on a hue of blue before starting to fade completely.

When the magma was extinguished, the creature remained a statue, until it began to crack and gradually disintegrate.

"Brother!" shouted Váli, choking on blood as he ran towards Vidar, though stumbling along the way due to the pain in his body...

Or at least, what was left of Vidar's charred legs.

Due to the shock of losing most of his legs, Vidar began to gradually lose his eyesight, only briefly seeing Váli yelling at him to try to keep him awake...

Though the screams fell on deaf ears, for Vidar had already lost consciousness by the time Váli arrived...


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