The sharp dagger pierced through her chest as the intense pain made Song Xi stop breathing.

She held his hand and looked at the man in front of her in disbelief.

"Hubby... Why? Why?"

"Don't call me hubby!"

Xie Ke's handsome face was full of wickedness. "You're just a piece of trash who got divorced. If it weren't for the large sum of inheritance from your ex-husband, Wen Yu, why would I marry you!? Now that you're dead, all the inheritance is mine!"

Song Xi's eyes widened.

What was he saying?

This man had been gentle and protective of her before she got divorced. Compared to Wen Yu's silence and indifference, she did not hesitate to leave Wen Yu and choose the man in front of her.

However, he was telling her that everything was fake. He was only doing it for Wen Yu's inheritance!

Song Xi's body and heart were in extreme pain. She swallowed a mouthful of blood and said, "Aren't you afraid of the police...?"

"The police? Haha..."

Xie Ke laughed maniacally. "You must be dreaming! We're at an extraterritorial deserted island, and with my bodyguards, not even a bird can fly..."


Suddenly, the door was kicked open, interrupting him.

Song Xi squinted her eyes in pain and looked at the door. She saw a tall figure walking toward her slowly.

The man's arm and abdomen had been shot as blood was dripping. When Song Xi looked up, she saw a handsome face.

It was Wen Yu!

As usual, he was expressionless. However, this time, Song Xi's eyes turned red for him.

Xie Ke pulled Song Xi toward him and pulled out the dagger, placing it across her neck. "You actually found your way here? It looks like you really love her."

Song Xi was in a daze when she heard him. What did Xie Ke say? Wen Yu loved her?

He was always cold to her, was he not?

Xie Ke laughed maniacally. The sharp dagger could cut Song Xi's carotid artery easily anytime.

Blood was dripping down from Wen Yu's forehead, blurring his vision. He could only hear Song Xi's sobs...

"Let her go!"

Wen Yu supported his weak body as he gritted his teeth and shouted.

Xie Ke's eyes revealed his viciousness and scheming as he said, "You want me to let her go? Sure!

"As long as you make a will, give me all your assets, and let me kill you...

"I can consider sparing her life!"

Wen Yu did not hesitate as he wrote down the will according to Xie Ke's request. Blood was dripping onto the paper as it was bright and dazzling!

Song Xi widened her eyes in horror and screamed desperately, "Wen Yu, don't be stupid! Don't..."

Wen Yu acted as if he did not hear her.

Xie Ke raised his gun and aimed it at his chest. He then pulled the trigger.


Wen Yu's body swayed before he fell to the ground, lying in a pool of blood.

Finally, Wen Yu looked at her. His deep eyes contained a deep affection that she had never seen before, and then he closed his eyes slowly.

Song Xi's soul seemed to have been sucked away. "No... Why? Why did this happen?"

Xie Ke shook Song Xi off and held the bloodstained will in his hand. He laughed out loud. "I didn't expect it would be this easy!"

He caught a glimpse of the woman who was slowly crawling toward Wen Yu from the corner of his eyes. He stepped on her hand, bent down to pick up the dagger, and slowly slid it across her beautiful face as he grinned hideously.

"Seeing that he likes you so much, I feel sorry for you...

"How about I let you reunite with Wen Yu?"

Xie Ke stabbed her chest with the dagger, and blood continued to flow. Before Song Xi died, she held Wen Yu's cold and stiff hand tightly.

"If there is an afterlife, I will cherish you.

"I will make all those who have hurt you pay the price!"

Tears dripped onto the floor. Song Xi mumbled as her vision slowly turned blurry.


"Don't pretend to be asleep."

In a daze, a cold yet familiar voice sounded beside her ear. "This is the divorce agreement and the inheritance transfer agreement. You are free now."

This voice...

Song Xi opened her eyes abruptly.

After the dizziness subsided, an extremely handsome face greeted her. The man's eyes were deep, and he had a straight nose. He would always purse his lips into a straight line, giving off a solemn feeling.

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