Reborn As The Big Shot's Sweetheart Book

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Reborn As The Big Shot's Sweetheart

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Song Xi never loved Wen Yu. She divorced him and spoke ill of him because Xie Ke misled her. However, Wen Yu still tried to save his wife even he was about to die. Only then did Song Xi realize that she made a huge mistake! The b*stard stabbed Song Xi’s chest with a dagger, but she tried her best to hold Wen Yu's cold and stiff before she died. "If there is an afterlife, I will cherish you in the afterlife. All the people who hurt you, I will make them pay!" Song Xi fell in darkness, and when she opened her eyes again, she was reborn to the day before she divorced Wen Yu! The man's face was pale. "This is the property transfer agreement." However, Song Xi jumped up and hugged the man tightly, "I don't want to divorce. We'll not divorce." Wen Yu's eyes were wide as he asked, "Do you know what you are talking about?" "I know. I know what I want to do as well!" Song Xi kissed the man and ripped his clothes. Later, Song Xi's stepsister, Song Nan, came to her villa. Her sister was furious when she saw the hickeys on Song Xi's body and neck. "Did he abuse you? How could he do this to you? Let's go! I'll accompany you to the hospital" However, Song Xi answered her sister lazily, "He didn't beat me. We slept." Song Nan was fuming when she heard Song Xi. "How can you get a divorce after sleeping with him?" "We're not divorcing." Song Xi smiled. "So, stop wasting your time thinking about my man. Next, I will settle everything with you." In this life, Song Xi would beat the b*stard and her b*tch stepsister! Wen Yu hugged Song Xi close to his heart and said, "I'm going to spoil my wife."


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