10 USJ Part 2!

(3rd Person Pov.)

Pandemonium Erupted amongst many of the students of 1-A who were completely taken off guard by the sudden turn of event's. Actual villains somehow managed to infiltrate and bypass all known UA security measures, and now they were face to face with a scenario that should have only happened once they've began their journeys as actual heroes not when they were barely a month into their first year at UA.

Aizawa took charge of the group and immediately barked out order's.

Aizawa: "Lemillion, Suneater! Your both with me! Hado! Yourself, thirteen and Midnight remain here and protect the first years!"

Everyone: "Understood!"

Aizawa, Tamaki, and Mirio all rushed towards the massive beast as Mirio dissappeard underground, and Aizawa covered his eyes with his goggles activating his quirk on the beast infront of him, and Tamaki ate several balls of Takoyaki turning his arm into octupus tentacles.

Mirio appeared behind the Nomu and landed a solid punch sending the Nomu flying towards Tamaki who restrained the beast with his tentacles as Aizawa jumped atop Tamaki's shoulder doing a backflip and landing a heavy ax kick onto the beasts exposed brain crushing it and sending chunks of brain matter everywhere. And with his quirk still active, the monster fell onto the ground dead. Aizawa stood straight deactivating his quirk as he analysed the situation.

Aizawa: 'They've somehow deactivated the security systems. But was that it? This monster was definetly one of the same as the many other variants that attacked the Gremory household twelve years ago. Thankfully with Mirio and Tamaki' s assistant, we managed to kill it. As much as the government likes saying that killing is wrong, against this kind of monster, it's best to swiftly kill it. And now the next problem. Not only are we surrounded, they've also got a teleporter that was the same one that helped drop off all those monster's. And the worst thing of all is that the blue haired villain is unusually calm witnessing us kill this monster.'

Aizawa, Mirio, and Tamaki felt uneasy as they witnessed none of the villains so much as lifting a single finger. Something wasn't right about this situation. Confirmed by the blue haired villain scratching his neck quite violently ripping through his own skin and causing blood to drip onto his fingers as he spoke. 

Unknown Villain: "Tsk. They killed it so quickly? Most likely because of eraser heads quirk. Ahhhh what a cheater. But that's alright, the first one was just a test to gauge who was the most troublesome of you all. Turns out it's both Eraser Head, and Cartoon Boy. Since it seems like one Nomu isn't enough, how about we gift you a dozen of them?! Kurogiri!"

The mist villain now identified as Kurogiri nodded his head as he spoke. 

Kurogiri: "Understood."

Out of the purple mist came out a dozen of these (Nomu's) causing everyone to tremble in horror. And unlike the last one that was simply just bulky, this time there were those that were flying, those that had chainsaws for mouth's, and those that looked more like the first Nomu just leaner.

Everyone gulped in dread as Aizawa gritted his teeth as he whispered to the two. 

Aizawa: "I have an idea, but we'll need Hado's assistant. She'll be expanding alot of energy for this one."

Mirio & Tamaki nodded their heads as they both glanced at Nejire who understood that they were telling her to prepare for battle. 

Aizawa: "No if's and or but's. I'll handle the responsibility for whatever happens later on. Mirio, I need you to kill the blue haired villain. Well first make him think that were planning on taking down the Nomu's but you'll immediately aim for who seems to be the mastermind controlling them. I'll also erase the teleporters quirk to prevent him from saving his ally. Tamaki, for atleast two seconds Nejire and yourself will keep the Nomu's restrained. I'm confident that Mirio can kill him in two seconds."

Mirio: "It's our only choice huh?" 

Aizawa: "I'm sorry. But your the only one who can get close to him."

And they immediately implemented their plan. They rushed the group of Nomu's causing the blue haired villain to mutter in annoyance. 

Unknown Villain: "They should be grateful I allowed them to make up their plans. Now then, how do you plan to kill these Nomu's?" 

As Aizawa and the other two began their plan of attack, class 1-A was having their own sets of problems. 

Bakugo: "Let me at them! I'll blow them to bits!" 

Thirteen: "Absolutely not young man. The fact that those despicable creatures have resurfaced after twelve whole years isn't a good sign. You may have a powerful quirk, but against those monsters, you'll be dead weight to the actual pros."

Just as Bakugo was about to curse the space hero, he felt a firm hand gripping his shoulder's. He turned around to curse whoever just touched him and froze as he saw Izuku's serious expression. Izuku looked towards Ida then Hagakure, and finally Momo before he turned towards midnight and spoke. 

Izuku: "Miss Midnight. Are you able to call for back up?" 

Midnight: "No. They've blocked all forms of communication to the outside. Dammit if only he was here they'd all be dealt with already."

Izuku ignored her ramblings as he addressed Hagakure. 

Izuku: "Hagakure-San."

Hagakure jumped slightly at Izuku's sudden change of attitude but still replied. 

Hagakure: "Y-Yes?" 

Izuku: "I need you to run out of this building and contact UA."

Hagakure: "Wha?! Why me?! Wouldn't Ida be the better choice?" 

Izuku: "Under more favourable circumstances yes. But if he tries to escape he'll be attacked by those Nomu's, and possibly the rest of these villain's. We'll use Midnight's quirk to help you escape. But for this plan to work, well need Yaoyorozu-San to make us boys gas masks to not get affected by Midnight's quirk."

Midnight froze as she heard the idea the young greenhead just gave. 

Midnight: "That's a plausible plan, but don't forget that UA is still a thirty minute drive by bus alone. I doubt she's fast enough to make it back for help."

Izuku: "She won't have to reach UA. She just has to be far enough to be able to contact UA using Midnight-Sensei's phone to send an emergency request to the UA Staff. From what I've noticed, those Nomu's don't seem to have any will of their own and are unintelligent. They're essentially puppets. This means that even by the off chance there are some guarding the door Hagakure-San can escape relatively easily compared to anyone else. "

Everyone gazed upon Hagakure who trembled at the massive responsibility placed upon her. But she still replied. 

Hagakure: "I'll do it!" 

Thirteen was about to protest the idea, but looking at the situation their in right now she doesn't have the rights to protest. 

Izuku: "Midnight-Sensei. If you have a phone password, delete it for now. Hagakure you immediately call for help the moment you get a signal. Yaoyorozu-San! Create gas masks for every male here now."

Momo nodded her head and immediately went on to create fourteen gas masks, and Izuku distributed them to all the boy's as they all wore the gas mask, and midnight ripped part of her hero costume causing a pink mist to begin enveloping them as the villains attention was suddenly brought towards the pink mist before he dismissed it of being worthy of his time. However, the mist teleporter Kurogiri questioned. 

Kurogiri: "Shigaraki, is it wise to not pay them any attention? What if one of them tries escaping?" 

Shigaraki: "Not possible. We can still see the entrance from here. Nothing can escape our gaze."

And just as the villain now identified as Shigaraki spoke, Aizawa screamed. 

Aizawa: "Lemillion Now!" 

The moment Aizawa yelled, Nejire shot herself into action shooting a massive spiral beam at the restrained Nomu's. 

Nejire: "Gring Wave!"

Nejire releases a large blast of powerful shockwaves from her two hands, whilst flying temporarily stunning the Nomu's as Aizawa used his quirk on the villain Kurogiri causing the portal he created to dissipate as Lemillion appeared right behind Shigaraki preparing to cave his skull in. However, things tend to not always go the way you wish. 

Everyone: "?!" 

Black Mud stood in the way of where Lemillion's fist was mere inches from killing the villain. He wanted to throw another punch, but immediately retreated into the ground as black and red tendrills came out of the black mud. Lemillion appeared besides Aizawa once more as he gritted his teeth and apologised. 

Lemillion: "Sorry sensei."

Aizawa: "It's alright. It seems like it was too much to hope that this could end quickly."

Lemillion: "There were those black tendrills that came out of the black mud. Whatever it is is dangerous."

The blue haired villain now identified as Shigaraki began aggressively scratching his neck cutting into his already ripped skin and drawing even more blood as he whined like a child with none being aware of the floating phone that escaped the building. 

Shigaraki: "They tried to kill me! How dare you! I was going to take my time killing you all, but instead I'll speed up the process! Nomu kill the brats they're defending!" 

Immediately, the Nomu's broke free of their restraints and dashed towards the pink mist. Only for a massive wave of ice to stop them and a two massive blasts of flames destroyed the ice as well as burning whatever was captured in the ice wave. And due to the sudden shift in temperature, the ice also blowed up before a massive suction force dragged everything including the pink mist into it's direction where the space hero Thirteen used her blackhole quirk to absorb all the Nomu chunks erasing them once they made contact with her fingertips. 

Thirteen: "You really are something you know that Midoriya?"

Midoriya: "Todoroki, how many more times can you use that massive ice wave?" 

Todoroki let out a breath of cold air that came out of his mouth as Bakugo used his explosion to relieve the frost building up around todoroki with a pissed off expression as Todoroki answered coldly. 

Todoroki: "Two more times. Anymore and I'll die to my own quirk."

Midoriya: "Kaminari-Kun, Mineta-Kun, Kirishima-Kun, Ida-Kun, Uraraka-San, Yaoyorozu-San, You're all up next."

Kaminari: "R-Right!" 

Kirishima: "Leave it to me! 

Uraraka: "Yes!" 

Ida: "Let's do it!" 

Momo: "Let's go!" 

Mineta: "D-do we have to?!" 

Midnight: "I'll give you a free picture of myself completely nude if you do it."

Mineta's face instantly turned serious as he spoke. 

Mineta: "Let's do this!" 

Izuku: "Lemillion! Suneater! Back now!" 

Lemillion for a split second gazed into Izuku's eye's before he called out. 

Mirio: "Suneater! Retreat!" 

Mirio grabbed Aizawa who's gaze never left Kurogiri and retreated as they heard Ida roar. 

Ida: "Recipro Burst!"

Tenya activates Recipro Burst by forcing the torque and RPM of his engines into overdrive. This grants him explosive power and incredibly fast speed for ten seconds. After the time limit is reached, his engines will stall for a short period of time. Soon Ida, Kaminari, Mineta, and Kirishima all vanished reaching the middle of the USJ in semmingly an instant. Holding what looks like plastic chains. 

Ida: "Kaminari! Kirishima!" 

Kaminari & Kirishima: "Understood!" 

Kirishima activated his hardening quirk turning his body to become more like stone as Kaminari touched the ground and screamed out. 

Kaminari: "Indiscriminate Shock 2 Million Volts!"

Denki releases a massive amount of electricity completely energising the ground around them, and managing to strike several villain's causing them to fall to the ground dead by electrical shock. Meanwhile, Mineta, and Ida were both high up in the air thanks to Uraraka's quirk before Mineta began ripping the balls on his head and indiscriminately throwing it in every direction managing to land a few on several villains. 

Ida pulled the chain that Kirishima was holding as Kirishima grabbed the derp faced Kaminari, and everyone in the air was dragged back to safety thanks to Thirteen using her quirk to pull them back faster. 

Izuku: "The ground is now completely energised with two million volts of electricity. None of them can dare take a step without risking getting electrocuted to death. This is something most electrical engineers come to learn about. Similar to Energized lines, it can charge the ground near the point of contact making it essentially one big electrical trap."

Izuku yelled this out loud for everyone even the villains to hear causing the to freeze up. 

Midnight: "Holy shit kid. Are you sure your quirk isn't super intelligence?" 

Midoriya: "It's just bits of information I've garnered over the last several years. I'm glad they're coming into use right now. But trust me when I say my heart is beating in extreme anxiousness right now. Hado-Senpai! Your our only form of attack. Target the mastermind."

Nejire: "Leave it to me!" 

She soon shot off into the crowd of villains and began firing swirling energy blasts into the crowd causing them to fall to the ground and immediately die of shock. Their mouths foaming and muscles twitching. Izuku looked pained and guilty as he muttered. 

Izuku: "I'm sorry."

Midnight placed a comforting hand on his shoulder's as she spoke. 

Midnight: "Your not in the wrong here. Eraser head can't take his eyes off the mist villain unless we wish to experience the live recreation of what happend to the Gremory family twelve years ago."

Izuku: "Thankfully their not smart enough to know the proper way to escape such dangerous situations."

To say Shigaraki was pissed would be an understatement. Right now he's lost a dozen Nomus, and he can't move unless he wishes to experience the most 'Shocking' event of his life. And just when he thought that this was the end for him, a massive blob of black mud appeared completely obscuring even Aizawa's vision of Kurogiri. And out of these black mud came out three Nomus. But unlike the normal Nomus, these were different. Not only were they flying, but they even seemed to have intelligence. 

Nejire immediately retreated from the danger Zone not daring to be anywhere near those three Nomus. And then the black mud devoured both Kurogiri, and Shigaraki causing the rest of the villains to feel a sudden dread as they realised that they were abandoned. 

Aizawa immediately directed his gaze onto one of the Nomus, only for him to groan as all he heard was the sound of screaming, and an unimaginable pain coursing through his body, before everything went black. 

Midoriya panicked as he watched the Nomus surrounding them. Nejire and Tamaki were preparing to attack the Nomus, only for the two of them two also be knocked out instantly by the intelligent Nomus. The sounds of bones snapping and the two coughing blood was heard before they were knocked out. 

Izuku: "They're playing with us. They're faster, stronger, probably even more durable, and we don't even know what kind of quirks they posses. Where's All Might?!" 

-(Scene Break)-

Sirzechs frowned as he stopped his relentless attack on Alexa as he felt something was amiss. Like something bad was currently happening. He then spoke up to the robot. 

Sirzechs: "I'm leaving. Something doesn't feel right."

And in and instant, Sirzechs vanished out from the alternative space and appeared in the sky above his dormitory. His senses took notice of something happening at the USJ, and of someone running towards the direction of UA. With a single step, he appeared directly infront of the person running towards UA.

With his power of destruction bypassing her quirks ability allowing him to see the tears on her face that changed to surprise as she began hysterically screaming for help. Toru was her name if he recalled. 


The girl began crying uncontrollably as she hugged him begging him to help. Sirzechs eyes saw that alot of the cell tower's around UA were altered to prevent any kind of service from being reached. Sirzechs stretched his hand into space and pulled out a massive towel covering the nude girl as he spoke. 

Sirzechs: "Rest assured. I'll save them."

The girl just cried harder as he waved his hand to the space behind him destroying it revealing the staff office that looked dumbfounded as Sirzechs gently released the girls hug on him and pushed her into the space. 

All Might in his Toshinori form was the first to realise that something was wrong. 

Toshinori: "Hagakure? Wasn't she at the USJ? And why are you-" 

Toshinori froze before he yelled and transformed into his Buff form. 

All Might: "Everyone! To the USJ! The kids are in dan-" 

Sirzechs raised a single finger to his lips, and suddenly all the teacher's shuddered and went silent as they saw Sirzechs blank face as he ruffled the invisible girls head and spoke. 

Sirzechs: "Ive been gone for too long. And I think they've forgotten me for long enough. It's time for me to make my reappearance after twelve years of silence."

Every single staff member suddenly became distraught as the moment the invisible girl entered the destroyed space, it suddenly closed itself as Sirzechs took a single step and dissappeard. 

-(Scene Break!)-

As the heroes in training were being surrounded by the three Nomus. A sudden blast of spiral energy that did nothing but garner the attention of the three intelligent Nomus as Nejire spoke. Blood dripping down her face and lips as she exhaustedly yelled. 

Nejire: "*Cough* *Blergh*Leave my junior's alo-" 

Nejire couldn't finish her sentence, before one of the Nomus kicked her sending her flying. Then another appeared underneath her and sent a punch that sent Nejire flying high up into the sky past the dome of the USJ, and the last of the three intelligent Nomus clasped it's hands together and was prepared to strike her head into the ground and blow it up.

However, that never happend. Instead, the Nomu that was about to kill her suddenly vanished into nothingness as a scene that caused relief to fall upon Midnight and Thirteen appeared. Cradling Nejire in his arms was a handsome man who seems to be in his early 20's. He has shoulder length crimson hair and blue-green eye's wearing what looked more like shoulder armour than normal armour. With two giant bat wing's on his back. Nejire felt tears fall down her face as she whispered weakly. 

Nejire: "*whisper*Mario? Is that really you Mario? What took you so long?" 

Sirzechs smiled in amusement as he spoke. 

Sirzechs: "Shouldn't you already know my true name by now? As for why I was late? Is it not normal for the strong to be fashionably late? Nevermind that for now. You've done well, you may rest up now. I'll take over from this point forward."

Nejire smiled weakly before falling limp in his embrace. Sirzechs floated down gently before retracting his wings and walking towards Midnight handing Nejire over to her, he threw his hand into the space infront of him and dragged out the injured bodies of Mirio, Tamaki, and Aizawa as the entire UA was suddenly surrounded by tens of thousands of Nomus. Their sheer numbers even blocked out the sun as all of the citizens watched in horror as the Nomus appeared. 

Sirzechs: "Now who gave any of you permission to stand or float in my presence?"

One word was uttered, and an entire army was brought down to their knees. 

Sirzechs: "KNEEL."

Its voice carried authority and power. And right after his declaration, an overwhelming aura of Malevolence descended upon the entire Nomu army forcing them all to kneel as everyone within UA and Musutafu bore witness to the scene of an army of ten thousand monsters kneeling under a heavy and oppressive malevolent intent. And on this day, Sirzechs Gremory was revealed to the world.

-(To Be Continued)-

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