15 The Devil Is A Flirt?

(Ryukyu's POV)

To say that the scene before me was strange and bizarre was an understatement. Seeing my protégé asking the boy who threatened to destroy the world to help her train and grow stronger is certainly not a situation you'd see everyday. And why is she calling him Mario? 

Ryukyu watched in interest as Nejire froze at Sirzechs blunt refusal to train her. 

Nejire: "Why not? Is there a reason you don't want to train me Mario?!"

Sirzechs sighed in exasperation as he spoke. 

Sirzechs: "Why exactly Mario? You do know I have a proper name that everyone calls me by?

Nejire: "That's right. Well, because it's shorter and more fun of a name to use!"

Sirzechs: "I see. Then will you stop calling me that if I asked you to?" 

Nejire: "Absolutely!" 

Sirzechs: "Then just call me Sirzechs."

Sirzechs took another sip of his tea as he spoke. 

Sirzechs: "Moving on, may I ask your true reason for asking me to train you?"

Nejire: "That's because I watched the clip where you defeated the Nomu army by yourself. I want to grow strong enough to never be put out of commission in such a dangerous situation ever again!" 

Sirzechs: "That's where you've got one thing wrong. I didn't beat them, I killed them all."

Sirzechs words lowered the rooms temperature as he continued.

Sirzechs: "The difference between the two of us is that I'm willing to kill, whilst as a hero you cannot kill anyone. Not to mention, you've already been training under a mentor for quite some time now. And by asking me for help, your indirectly stating that she cannot help you grow stronger. Or is that truly the case?"

Nejire: "No! Ryukyu is a great mentor... It's just that."

Nejire looked at her mentor apologetically as she answered with a heavy heart. 

Nejire: "Compared to the two of you, it's obvious who's training would be more effective."

Ryukyu felt an imaginary arrow pierce her heart at Nejire's words as Sirzechs raised an amused eyebrow as he questioned.

Sirzechs: "And what makes you think that my training method would be the better of the two of us?"

Nejire: "It took you exactly two minute's to beat thousands of Nomus without any external help, and all the while protecting us. And as regretful as I am for what I'm about to say, Lady Ryukyu would never be able to beat all those Nomu's by herself. She'd need alot of help from other heroes, and the casualties from the fight would be astronomical."

Sirzechs: "Fair enough. But even with everything you just pointed out, what makes you think that I'd train you? Did you seriously think barging into my residence, and then begging me to train you would make me do it?"

Nejire: "I came to ask you for help because we're friend's!" 

Nejire's words surprised Ryukyu. They knew each other even before the USJ catastrophe? Ryukyu decided to remain silent for now and see how this all plays out as Sirzechs spoke. 

Sirzechs: "We've barely even known each other for less than a week and your already declaring me your friend?" 

Nejire: "That's right."

Sirzechs: "As honoured as I am to hear you say that, my answer still remains no. I have my own training to go through as well."

Sirzechs got off his seat and began walking away. Nejire clenched her fists as she witnessed him walking away. However, she then remembered his words to her in the Nurse's office the day after the USJ attack. And though she wasn't sure if those memories were real, his word's at that moment definitely felt real to her, so she spoke.

Nejire: "You once told me to be proud because I was strong."

Nejire's word's caused Sirzechs to pause in his steps as she continued.

Nejire: "But if I truly was as strong as you said, I wouldn't have been in such an awful condition. So please, help me make your word's real!"

Sirzechs tilted his head slightly, as his blue-green eye watched Nejire. His eye contained interest and surprise as he listened to Nejire's word's and pondered to himself. 

Sirzechs: 'Hoh? She remembered our interaction from before I altered the past? How interesting.'

Seeing how he was lost in thought, Ryukyu decided to speak up. 

Ryukyu: "Sirzechs Gremory."

Sirzechs: "What is it?"

Ryukyu: "If I asked you to help train her would you do it? If you worry that I would be too prideful to allow her to train with a stranger who casually threatened to destroy the world you'd be right. However, as her mentor it's my job to support her to the best of my ability. And if she believes she can improve her strength by training with you, then I'll request your help."

Sirzechs: "*Sigh*That's not your only reason miss Ryukyu. You want to gauge for yourself just how powerful I am correct? Afterall, what kind of dragon would you be if you would willingly stand down when someone says your weaker than a teenage boy several years younger than yourself."

Ryukyu: "Colour me surprised, your alot more perceptive than I had anticipated."

Sirzechs: "Raise your head Hado-San."

However, Sirzechs word's were cut off as Nejire spoke. 

Nejire: "Call me Nejire."

Sirzechs raised an eyebrow in surprise as he questioned. 

Sirzechs: "Young lady. I know I'm very handsome and good looking, as well as a great gentleman, but don't you think allowing a stranger you've known for barely a week call you by your true name is too fast a development in this relationship of ours?"

Ryukyu rolled her eye's as she spoke. 

Ryukyu: "How lovely, the devil is a narcissist. Should've seen that coming."

Sirzechs: "Your also forgetting to put sadistic and insufferable there madam."

Ryukyu: "Not even denying that your a devil now are we?"

Sirzechs: "Does it matter? They could even call me the second coming of Lucifer and I'd not really care much."

Ryukyu: "Sirzechs Lucifer? That name fits you eerily well."

Sirzechs: "Must be my devilish charm at work."

Ryukyu just sighed in exasperation of Sirzechs word's as Nejire pouted and spoke. 

Nejire: "Hey! Don't leave me out of this conversation!"

Sirzechs: "Right, right my bad. Back to your original request. What do you think of it Ryukyu-San?"

Ryukyu: "As I said earlier. As her mentor I will support Nejire at anything she wishes to do. Of course not for anything villainous."

She glared at Sirzechs who was about to open his mouth as he looked at her surprised as she continued.

Ryukyu: "However. Before entrusting Nejire-Chan to you, there are two thing's I want to ask of you."

Sirzechs: "Goodness. I never knew that you were planning to we-" 

Sirzechs word's were cut off as Ryukyu glared at him harder as she spoke.

Ryukyu: "NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT! Even if the world end's, you will never get my blessings to wed Nejire!"

Sirzechs: "Goodness, quite the cranky woman you are. Must be the stress of being single. But moving on, what do you want from me exactly?"

Ryukyu got really irritated at Sirzechs word's but she just released a tired sigh and spoke. 

Ryukyu: "You truly are insufferable."

Sirzechs: "Glad you agree."

Ryukyu groaned rubbing her temples as she decided to just get to the point. 

Ryukyu: "The first thing I want is a one on one match against you. It'll be pure martial arts skill only. And so because of that quirks are off limits."

Sirzechs: "Fighting you with my quirk is the same as throwing a black hole at an ant to kill it. It's overkill, and would end the fight before the electrical signals in your body could reach your brain."

Ryukyu's eye's narrowed into slits as she heard Sirzechs word's, but didn't comment on it. However, what she didn't expect was Sirzechs counter proposal. 

Sirzechs: "How about we change the condition of this little spar of ours a bit?" 

Ryukyu: "What do you have in mind?" 

Sirzechs: "We will battle each other, but you have complete use of your quirk. Myself on the other hand, won't be allowed to use any of my Power's, and will also be unable to touch you."

Ryukyu: "What are you trying to say?" 

Sirzechs: "I'll beat you without getting a single scratch and I won't even lift a finger."

Ryukyu's arms twitched as though preparing themselves to strike as she spoke disapproval marring her tone. 

Ryukyu: "Isn't that too arrogant of a declaration? If you just want to show off to Nejire-Chan, then best you rethink your decisions. After all, I made it into the top ten rankings not through my looks alone."

Sirzechs: "So your aware that your looks also played a vital role for making it into the top ten?" 

Ryukyu: "Beauty tends to be both a blessing and a curse."

Sirzechs: "I completely agree. Now onto your second demand."

Ryukyu: "I haven't even agreed to your counter offer just yet."

Sirzechs: "It doesn't matter if you did accept it or not. I'll still fight you without using my power and without raising so much as a single finger."

Ryukyu: "Your arrogance will one day blind you to a real threat."

Sirzechs: "My arrogance stems from my confidence that there is no one on this planet can harm me. But that doesn't mean I don't take all my fights seriously."

Ryukyu scoffed as she replied. 

Ryukyu: "Excuses. Don't go crying when you inevitably lose in the future due to your arrogance."

Sirzechs: "Regardless, what is your second condition?" 

Ryukyu: "That should you end up training her, you do it seriously. Do not take advantage of her kindness to not take her wishes seriously."

Sirzechs: "Aren't you rather lenient with your conditions for your "Daughter's" hand in marriage?"

Nejire's face turned scarlet at Sirzechs word's, and Ryukyu got extremely irritated as she spoke. 

Ryukyu: "Maybe I'll just add another rule to prevent you from corrupting my lovely Nejire-Chan."

Sirzechs: "Don't worry. I'm more fond of finding a mature woman as a partner than say someone my age."

Both Ryukyu and Nejire were surprised by his words as Ryukyu questioned curiously. 

Ryukyu: "Oh? You prefer older women you say? If its not to "Embarrassing" why don't you enlighten us why is that so?"

Sirzechs: "The only reason is because they know what they want from a partner. They don't beat around the bush, and immediately will tell you exactly what they expect both sides to give if you do end up getting into a relationship with them."

Ryukyu: "I see. Strange, but everyone has their own likes and dislikes. Who am I to judge your taste in women."

Sirzechs shrugged and walked past the two ladies heading towards the door. Ryukyu sighed softly as she called out to Nejire. 

Ryukyu: "Nejire-Chan, let's g-" 

Ryukyu froze as she watched the bitter look on Nejire's face as she gazed towards Sirzechs back as Ryukyu thought to herself. 

Ryukyu: 'NO! DON'T TELL ME THAT?!"

Ryukyu groaned as she decided to ask Sirzechs a question and she hopes there's still a possibility as seeing the look of bitterness on Nejire's sweet and cute face hurt her heart too much.

Ryukyu: "Sirzechs Gremory."

Sirzechs paused infront of the door as he spoke. 

Sirzechs: "What is it? I don't have much time to indulge you in an interrogation."

Ryukyu: 'Deep breaths Ryuko. Deep breaths. This is all for Nejire-Chan.'

Ryukyu: "Other than mature women, would you fancy women your age or younger?" 

Sirzechs pondered her question for a bit as he replied. 

Sirzechs: "It's difficult, but I am fine dating girls my age or a maximum of two years younger than me. Anymore and it's never happening." 

Ryukyu sighed in relief as s he watched Nejire's eyes glow brightly in joy as she lamented to herself. 

Ryukyu: 'God is dead, and the proof is this horror of a romcom. To make the pure an innocent Nejire-Chan fall for the devil Sirzechs Lucifer. And then as if to just add insult to injury, they're both dense! Even if Sirzechs is more aware of his likes, it's like he's blatantly unaware of Nejire's feeling's! Why God?! Why?!'

Ryukyu: "Let's follow him Nejire-Chan."

Nejire nodded her head and followed Ryukyu with a subtle spring in her steps causing Ryukyu to weep nonexistent imaginary tear's. Once they arrived outside the dormitory, Sirzechs crossed his arms as he looked at the unusually happy Nejire strangely before shrugging his shoulder's dismissively as he spoke. 

Sirzechs: "Alright then miss Ryukyu, whenever you're ready."

Ryukyu: "Can't you choose to call me a single name? You keep alternating between miss Ryukyu, and Ryukyu-San."

Sirzechs: "My bad. It's a little difficult acclimating to the Japanese people's unique ways of talking to others."

Ryukyu: "That fine. Let's Just get this over with."

Ryukyu got into a basic Muay Thai stance as a single Sakura petal began slowly falling down from the sky as Sirzechs spoke. 

Sirzechs: "Will you be fine fighting me in high heels? The extra height won't bring you much benefits to this spar." 

Ryukyu: "If that's what you think, then be prepared for the shock of your lifetime."

Nejire watched with bated breath as the Sakura petal landed on the ground signifying the start of the fight. 

Sirzechs/Ryukyu: "Sentō Kaishi(.)(!)" 

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