14 Outrage Turned Despair!

(3rd Person Pov) 

People all across the world woke up to the most shocking piece of news they've ever read. The content of that day's paper was so shocking that all the newspaper's from (Big News Morgans) was instantly sold out in less than an hour. The content on the paper read as such.

(Interview With The Last Gremory) 

In the paper, Morgan wrote everything from the beginning of the interview where Sirzechs told him the reason he chose Morgans company to interview him, all the way to when he blatantly threatened to destroy the world if nothing was done about the video of his mother's rape. People were outraged by his word's, and instead of taking his threats seriously, they began blatantly resharing the popular video online making fun of Sirzechs. They all constantly insulted his mother with horrible slurs, calling her a slut, whore, leg spreader, prostitute, sperm toilet, and much more. It got so bad that other news stations picked up on the drama.

News station 1: (Good day to everyone. Today the people on the Internet have become outraged after Morgans News shared his interview with the last Gremory. For the most part of what was told in today's paper, the interview was going pretty smoothly until Morgans told him about the most popular porn video that exists on every porn site. The video of Venelena Gremory's rape. People have been taking to social media platforms sharing the popular video across every platform they can post about it and sharing less than good slurs. Such as calling the dead woman a whore, prostitute, slut, and much more. The reason being that Sirzechs Gremory has threatened to destroy the world and kill everyone on it should the government not completely delete, and erase all traces of the video. Be it digitally or physically he wants it all gone.)

Other news station's also gave their own thoughts, with many news reporter's sending slight jabs of mockery over Sirzechs words not believing him in the slightest bit that he'd actually destroy the world, and also subtly insulting his mother and the porn video of her rape.

But soon to the surprise of everyone across the world, in less than an hour after they all began sharing the video of Venelena's rape, all websites that had the popular video, were all temporarily shutdown, and all the people who shared the video's had their accounts temporarily suspended.

People were now outraged by the world leaders and the government across the world. And they immediately took to various social platforms to question the government about this. 

User 1: "What the hell?! All porn websites have been temporarily shutdown! Is the government actually taking the threats of a seventeen year old teenager seriously? Like wtf?!" 

User 2: "I'm glad they finally decided to take it down. Better be safe than sorry afterall. Don't forget were talking about a boy who at five years old erased an entire continent. Who's to say that he cannot destroy the world after twelve years of training? If you read the interview he even says that he'd survive even if he did destroy the planet. And I'd much prefer having my life then having a video that ruins any chance for you ever getting a girlfriend."

User 3: "I agree with the second guy. The first time I watched that video it completely messed up my life. It took me several years of therapy to stop my addiction, and my family had to literally cut off all electronics in my house because of it. The withdrawal symptoms were crazy I tell you. I was always anxious, couldn't sleep, constantly throwing slurs at my family, and even getting physically aggressive towards them. After I stopped watching that cursed video, I grew better, and now am a proud father of four beautiful children, and a wife whose the most beautiful woman in the world."

User 4: "What a joke. You don't just 'stop' watching the rape of Venelena. It's the most obvious thing. I want to start a protest to get back the one thing that brought me joy! Who cares about that Sirzechs Gremory fuck. He's all bark and no bite. Good thing I downloaded the video and have now stored it in multiple different pen drives! I'll make a fortune selling the video(Dollar sign emoji)"

User 5: "Tell me brother how much you gonna be selling it for? You think you can give this brother a discount as your first customer?(clasped hands emoji)" 

Both users were immediately banned from the sight and the government tracked them down deleting every single trace of the video, and their memories were erased using a memory Manipulation quirk.

User 3: "What pitiful people they are."

User 2: "Agreed. They indulge in a sickening fantasy that trap's them. They are the most likely to never find love, or even be able to live a normal life."

User 6: "It honestly still surprises me just how low humanity has fallen that they'd actively make fun of a boy whose mother got raped when he was just five years old, and calling her such degrading word's."

User 7: "In their defence, they probably must've lost several family members, friends, and even lover's to the boy twelve years ago. This might just be a way of coping with the pain by hurting the one that caused them that pain."

User 8: "Would you like to have your mother raped and let the world watch it? Would you like for stranger's to be beating their dick and ejaculating at the fantasy of them Raping your mother instead of the original perpetrator?" 

User 7: "Jokes on you, I'm an orphan with no family members to speak of!" 

User 9: "Jesus Christ this platforms discussion turned extra dark real quick."

User 10: "It's Twitter, what did you think would happen? People here would go as far as insulting a man helping people in Africa by giving them clean water to make money to help more people in need."

User 9: "Better reread your sentence. I understand what your saying, but you better choose better words bro. (skull emoji)" 

User 11: "I'm willing to hire a hacker to delete any traces of the video if it means I get to live."

User 8: "Then do it."

User 11: "... I'm broke."

User 2: "Yeah. Thought as much."

User 12: "Emotional Damage!" 

User 13: "Ay! You still remember about the Steven He channel?" 

User 12: "That's right. Great and funny youtuber. My favourite definitely Steven's Dad. Owner of Beijing Corn, and Failure Management."

Soon enough when all the porn sights got rebooted, there was no trace of their most popular porn video which was the rape of Venelena Gremory. This caused some people so much grief and despair that they even took their own lives. And whilst all this was going on, the world leaders of all the Asian and American countries gathered together for a meeting through holographic projection as they discussed about the current situation. 

-(Scene Break!)-

Within the confines of UA Highschool, alot of students were discussing about today's news. Especially the students of 1-A. 

Kirishima: "What do you all think of today's news?" 

Kaminari: "I don't exactly know what to say to be honest. The same guy that rescued us, is threatening to destroy the world unless the video of his mother is completely erased from existence." 

Momo: "*Sigh*I can understand what he's doing, and I absolutely agree that the government should take down the video of his mother's defilement. But to threaten the entire world feels like he's going a bit too far."

Tokoyami: "I don't think you understand. Unless he does threaten to destroy the world, the government isn't likely to do anything."

Kyouka: "It's honestly really sad. At just five years old he was already framed as a killer, and became the most wanted and hated boy alive. He saw his own mother get raped, his father got crippled, and then he went ahead and killed them alongside all of Europe. And then he comes back twelve years later to learn that there is video's of his own mother's rape being allowed to be watched by anyone. Not to mention, he's a teenager. And when a teenager has godly powers like him, they tend to get too hot headed. Just take a look at Bakugo."

Bakugo: "Oi! I heard that!" 

Asui: "Speaking of Bakugo. What are your thought's on this situation?" 

Bakugo: "Huh? My thought's?" 

Bakugo pondered for a bit but was brought out of it at the feeling of multiple people watching him. He looked back to see that the majority of the class is looking at him. It irritated him so he yelled. 

Bakugo: "The fuck you all staring at me for you bunch of extra's?!" 

Ida: "We are simply curious about what your opinion on this situation is!" 

Ida answered with his hand in a chopping motion like a robot. 

Bakugo: "*Tch*That red haired bastard was serious when he said that he'd destroy the planet. And the worst part of it all was that he didn't do it out of anger or anything like a spur of the moment kind of emotion. He was extraordinarily calm. And you must always take a calm threat the most seriously."

Ochako: "You speak as if you were there during the interview."

Izuku was the one who answered instead of Bakugo. 

Izuku: "A-Actually. It's b-because Morgans News released a video of the entire interview with Sirzechs Gremory."

Everyone: "....WHAT!?" 

Izuku: "Eek! It-it's true!" 

Izuku pulled out his phone and went to the Morgans News website where he tapped on a video and showed it to the rest of the class who just looked at Izuku strangely. 

Ida: "I never knew you were a subscribed member of the Morgan Newspaper Midoriya?" 

Izuku: "Is it that strange? I like reading the news from Big News Morgans because they never try to alter the story. Everything they write is the truth, and it's helped me alot in learning more about thing's and people. And their subscription fee isn't even that expensive. Just 149 yen a month."

Mina: "Ah. So how long have you been subscribed to Big News Morgans for?" 

Izuku: "Uh, I think like since I was six I guess."

Silence. Pure and utter disbeliefed silence enveloped the class at Midoriya's word's. 

Izuku: "Uhm, may I get my phone back please?" 

The other's finally remembered that they wanted to watch the interview, so they pressed play and began watching the entire interview. Once everything was done, they all contemplated the contents they just watched.

Mina: 'I mean, he did say he wasn't betrothed to anyone. His mom wanted him to choose someone for himself so it's not like it's impossible for Toru to get with him. And although he said that none of the UA girl's have caught his attention, I'm sure if given enough time to get to know her, he might change his mind.'

Ida: "I can't believe I'm saying this, but Bakugo is right. Seeing how calmly he threatened to destroy the world is terrifying."

Kaminari: "By the way Midoriya. What are your thought's on this whole situation?"

Izuku: "M-My thoughts?"

Kirishima: "Yeah! Your actually alot smarter than I expected. It was thanks to you that we managed to deal with the whole USJ issue with relative ease until those intelligent Nomus appeared."

Izuku: "Ah! T-thanks I guess? Ahem. As for my thoughts about the interview, I'm not sure exactly how to feel about it. When I first learned about what Sirzechs Gremory did, I was terrified. I wondered if he'd one day destroy japan and kill those I cherish. But the more I grew, the more I understood that it wasn't his fault that his quirk awakened, and that he lost control of it. But when I heard him say he felt no guilt over the death of so many, people I felt conflicted. On one hand, I can understand his reasoning why he felt no guilt. But on the other hand, to not feel guilty for so many deaths just feels wrong."

Mineta watched them all discuss about the recent event, trembling in fear. He was one of the many male's who not only watched and enjoyed the video of Venelena's rape, but he also has it downloaded on his phone, and even a physical copy that he got through shady means. The moment he came to realise that Sirzechs Gremory would more than likely kill him for watching and possessing that video, he began trembling in fear. He immediately deleted the video on his device with slight regret as he thought to himself. 

Mineta: 'It's alright. As long as I never reveal that I have a physical copy of the video, I may still be able to watch it in secret. Afterall, that physical copy costed me my savings. And I'm truly sorry Sirzechs Gremory, but I can't just stop watching that video. Your mom's way to hot not to jerk off to. Just the thought of being the one raping her curvy body is too stimulating. Please, if you ever do find out about that video don't kill me.'

Meanwhile as class 1-A continues their discussion, Midnight and the Big Three of UA just got to learn of the interview that happend as they read today's papers.

Midnight: "Ah. He went and threatened to destroy the world huh? And yet that doesn't even hurt as much as him saying that not a single female in UA has caught his attention. I'm the sexiest female in all of UA and he didn't even hesitate to say that no one caught his fancy!"

Meanwhile the staff that were on their lunch break looked at the squirming and distressed Midnight strangely as they questioned president Mic about her strange behaviour.

President Mic: "Hey don't look at me, she's been acting strange since she returned from the USJ."

And whilst the staff of UA ponder upon the secrets of what may have happend to Midnight, the UA Big Three had their own thought's about the situation.

Mirio: "Ah. So this is what he meant when he said that he'd be willing to become the world's enemy for those he cared for."

Mirio smiled wryly as he read the news article. 

Tamaki: "It seems like all the world government's took his threat seriously. They've already deleted every single one of those videos from every website, they've announced that anyone having the downloaded version of the video, the recorded version, or even a physical copy of this video could cost them a hefty sum of money, to even life in prison. Is Sirzechs Gremory that scary that they're going this far just to not provoke him?"

Nejire frowned as she read the announcement from various world leader's. Every single one of them are taking extreme measures to ensure that every trace of that video is erased from the face of the earth. But when rereading the news article, she couldn't help but feel slightly relieved when she read that Sirzechs mother told him to choose whoever he wished to be with.

However, she did unknowingly pout at reading the part where he said not a single girl in UA has caught his attention. As she continued reading the article, she heard Tamaki question them both. 

Tamaki: "Seeing as how everything's going, I'm pretty sure we don't have to worry about our world ending anytime soon. So, what do you guys want to do after this?" 

Mirio: "What do you mean?" 

Tamaki: "Seeing how the government is reacting to Sirzechs word's, many villains are more than likely going to stay hidden more than before. So what will we do when crime inevitably drops due to his presence?" 

Mirio: "For me, I will begin training harder. I couldn't do anything back then against those intelligent Nomu's, and if it wasn't for Sirzechs, everyone would've died that day. I need to grow stronger, much stronger than before. What about yourself Tamaki?" 

Tamaki: "I'm the same. Despite holding the title of the strongest in UA, we couldn't do anything when faced against those intelligent Nomu's. I also want to grow stronger to be able to help others incase those Nomu's ever attack again in the future."

Mirio: "And you Nejire?" 

Nejire pondered about this deeply. Her Quirk relied upon her stamina to create those waves of energy afterall. But if building stamina was all she can do at the moment, how will she be able to help others more. 

As she continued pondering, she suddenly remembered about that second memory that she just remembered. The one where she was almost a cripple. She still remembered his words to her before she fell asleep from exhaustion. 


Sirzechs: "Even when you are forced to retire and have all that you've worked hard for taken away from you in an instant, you still want to be able to help others huh? Be proud Nejire Hado, you are strong."

Sirzechs word's caused the blue haired Girl's eye's to widen in shock, before they turned glossy as she began crying. 

Nejire: "*Sob* *Sniff* You absolute Idiot. *tearful laughter*"

(Flashback End) 

She wasn't sure if that really happend, but she definitely felt like it did. Sirzechs words ran through her mind as she clenched her fists and gave her answer. 

Nejire: "I'll grow even stronger than I currently am. And I won't be satisfied until I truly become the strongest!"

Mirio and Tamaki smiled as they agreed with her word's. Soon enough, Recovery Girl healed them one last time before discharging them from the Nurse's office. Once they were all discharged, Mirio and Tamaki followed their mentor's back to their respective agencies as Ryukyu called out to Nejire.

Ryukyu: "Nejire. Let's go."

Nejire looked at the wall for a bit seemingly pondering something as she turned to Ryukyu and spoke. 

Nejire: "Sorry Ryukyu, but before we leave I want to meet someone."

Ryukyu blinked in confusion as she spoke.

Ryukyu: "You want to meet someone?"

Nejire nodded her head as she activated her quirk and flew in a certain direction causing a sigh to escape Ryukyu's lips as she spoke to herself. 

Ryukyu: "Goodness, now you've gotten me curious just who exactly you want to meet. I hope you don't mind me following."

Ryukyu walked out of the UA building, before turning into her Dragon form, as she followed the direction where she saw Nejire flew to. She soon came face to face with a dormitory building, and her heart immediately sank as she remembered this was Sirzechs Gremory's temporary residence.

Ryukyu landed on the ground turning back into her human form as she rushed into the only finished building where she was met with a strange sight of Sirzechs sipping a cup of what she assumes to be tea slowly, with Nejire in a dogeza position as she yelled.


Sirzechs did the most logical thing in this situation. He placed his cup of tea down, and he looked her dead in the eye's and refused calmly. 

Sirzechs: "Daga Kotowaru."

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