12 Consequences!

(World Economy News Headquarters)

Sitting within the confines of his leather chair was the owner of the biggest news reporting company in the world. Known as (Big News) Morgan, he is considered the King of the underworld. A title held only by one other person in the past, said person being All For One before his defeat at the hands of All Might.

Possessing the form of a very tall human albatross hybrid with small eyes and a large beak. His body is covered in white feathers, and he has a large tail and wings that resemble human arms. He wears a blue top hat with a large striped feather in it, a light blue button-down shirt with a yellow bow on the top, red and white checkered pants, a dark cape, and shoes that fit his bird-like feet. His eyes widened in sheer joy as he was told of what could possibly be the greatest news report of his entire career so far.

Morgan: "My goodness! All For One my dear old friend you truly do know how to bring me excellent information!"

The human albatross hybrid laughed gleefully as he stared at the figure of All For One. Wearing what looks like a mask with a skull-like structure that acts as a life support system, and a fancy tuxedo suit.

All For One: "With what I'm about to pull, it will bring that damned Gremory out of his hiding. Does he really think I'll allow him to live a peaceful life after what he did to the army of Nomu's I sent to Europe? With a quirk that grants you destructive power like that, I'm more than confident in immediately going after Star's & Stripes quirk, and then no one will ever be able to stop me in my grand conquest of becoming the Demon Lord Of this entire planet."

Morgan: "If all you were after was just the power of destruction, why didn't you just take it from lady Venelena twelve years ago?"

AFO: "It's because I wasn't confident that I could take it without dying. I've tried to take her quirk in the past, the result's were displeasing to say the least. I couldn't get near her without having any of the quirks I used destroyed. Not to mention, she was never one to fight fairly like All Might. It's for that reason after my battle with All Might, I knew that in the condition I was in, I wouldn't even be able to touch Venelena let alone take her quirk. So, I made the Nomu. But then I realised that it'll be too difficult to mass produce them enough to beat Venelena. So I created a Nomu from the corpse of someone with a cloning quirk, and mass produced them before sending them off to attack the Gremory household."

Morgan: "Then why the need to send those low level street thugs to rape her?"

AFO: "It's because I didn't want to break her physically, but mentally destroy her. And what better way to do that then have her be raped by low level thugs infront of her husband and child. I was planning to immediately come in and steal her quirk the moment she saw her son witness her defilement. HOWEVER."

All For One's ending tone contained unhidden frustration and anger as Morgan understood why.

Morgan: "Sirzechs Gremory's quirk went through an awakening stage, and he ended up erasing not just the entire European continent, but also his own family. This ended up preventing you from gaining her quirk."

AFO: "And if that wasn't bad enough, the only other person with that power Venelena's son, went missing for twelve whole years."

Morgan: "And then you came to learn recently that not only has he returned after twelve whole years of being missing, but it seems like he's grown far stronger than even what you anticipated."

AFO: "He took no damage even after being shot by dozens of missiles and bullet's. He was fast enough to not even be able to be captured on camera, but strong enough to break through bulletproof glass and drag out a man who looked atleast five times his size out of the chopper he was in."

Morgan: "Do you have any idea where he might be as of right now?"

AFO: "I'm not completely sure, but I believe that he should be at UA Highschool."

Morgan: "From what I've heard, the government has already inspected UA High, with no signs of him being there. No clothes, the dormitory they are building was completely empty as well."

AFO: "It doesn't matter anyways. I've lent my successor more than a dozen Nomu's. With that, he'll either successfully lure out Sirzechs Gremory, or just kill All Might. Either way, that's fine with me."

Morgan: "Are you planning to kill Sirzechs Gremory?"

AFO: "That's right. I'm sure that trying to get his quirk as of right now is quite literally impossible. So I'll prioritise killing the most dangerous person to my eventual world domination."

Morgan: "And how do you expect just a dozen of your artificial soldiers to successfully kill him when at just five years old he killed over ten thousand of them?"

AFO: "He won't use that form he took twelve years ago. He should be aware of just how dangerous that form of his is, and I don't think he is the type to kill innocent people without reason."

Morgan: "Is that so? Moving on from your whole world domination, I believe you should take your leave now. I've got to prepare myself to write this increadible story!"

AFO: "Just remember that should you come to learn of anything interesting, do inform me about it."

Morgan dismissively waved his wing as he replied. 

Morgan: "Yes, yes. I understand."

All For One then dissappeard by some sort of strange black mud as Morgan called for his assistant informing them to prepare for a trip to Japan.

-(Scene Break!)-

All For One was left utterly shocked as he felt his connection to all three High End Nomu's dissappear. He immediately decided to take back the ten's of thousands of Nomu's he'd sent, only to curse in frustration as the black mud was completely erased. 

AFO: "Dammit! I underestimated how much stronger the boy has become. Ten thousand Nomu's, and not a single one lived. Damn you both Zeoticus and Venelena! Even in death your legacies in the form of your son continues to stand in my way! Just what kind of monster have you birthed into this world?!"

-(Scene Break!)-

(3rd Person Pov) 

To say that the world suddenly became disarrayed would be an understatement. The sudden live revelation that Sirzechs Gremory is alive took the Internet by storm. And with this live announcement that he is alive, many news station's were quick to give the announcement. 




People immediately took to the Internet to comment their thoughts on the situation. 

User 1: "Holy shit! Wasn't he declared dead several years ago?! How the fuck is he alive?!" 

User 2: "Did you see how indifferent he was when killing those creatures? Brutal I tell you! Have him locked up and executed immediately!" 

User 3: "Isn't that too biased and judgemental? Those creatures he killed were the same ones that attacked his family twelve years ago. I may not like him, but atleast those creature's he killed was out of revenge for his late family."

User 4: "(hashtag) Justice for Europe! "

User 5: "Holy shit he's so handsome! You can step on me any day Daddy!" 

User 6: "So quick to wish for his death? He literally saved those people, and what happened twelve years ago was an accident that he had no control over. Don't go wishing for death upon someone whose quirk went out if control after (A) Seeing his father crippled, and (B) His mother raped. That kind of emotional pain must've caused his quirk to awaken."

User 7: "(hashtag) Death to the devil!"

User 8: "Jokes on him, I still fap to the video of his whore of a mother being raped. It's hot af seeing that slut being taken against her will infront of her own family no less! I'm just sad I wasn't there. The thing's I'd do to that sinful body would've been far worse than what those thugs did."

The user who made that comment was immediately banned as some commented on it. 

User 9: "Whoa! Whoa! That's too fucking far bro."

User 10: "Agreed. No one deserves to have the video of their own mother being raped publicly available to be watched on porn site's."

User 6: "Good luck trying to get that video taken down. That video quite literally has several billion view's, and is the most watched as well. Porn sights are raking in lots of money just from that single video alone. I litteraly lost my faith in humanity reading the disgusting comment's on that video."

People were quick to ask for his death, with people beginning to insult his family name even making fun of how those who recorded his mother's defilement are making lots of cash by posting it on various porn sights.

Yet those weren't the only comment's. There was many who also tried defending him. Sirzechs who sat in the principals office was silent the entire time reading the various articles, and the comments people were making online.

However, everyone in the principals office were trembling in fear. It's because he was too silent. Principal Nezu was about to crack a joke to try help lighten the mood, but was immediately silenced the moment his eye's met Sirzechs. Nezu shuddered as the sheer amount of unreleased animosity and malevolence hidden behind Sirzechs eye's warned him to stay silent.

Sirzechs slowly stood up from the chair he was sitting on and began heading to the exit. Once he reached the door, he spoke. 

Sirzechs: "How long would it take you to delete every single one of the videos of my mother's defilement?"

Nezu pursed his lips as he answered. 

P.Nezu: "I do not have the ability to do that."

Sirzechs: "I see."

Sirzechs then left the principals office causing everyone to finally breathe in relief. As Toshinori spoke.

Toshinori: "He won't go kill anyone... Right?"

Thirteen: "Hopefully not. Now that he's finally gone, we have alot to talk about."

P.Nezu: "That indeed we do Thirteen. Now tell me all about what happened during the USJ."

-(Scene Break!)-

Sirzechs calmly walked through the halls of UA. Everywhere he went, people would point finger's at him whispering amongst themselves. Sirzechs paid them no heed as he walked towards the nurse's office. Once he arrived, he gently knocked on the door and entered once he heard the nurse give him permission to.

Entering the room, the heavy scent of antiseptic filled the room as Sirzechs spoke to the nurse. 

Sirzechs: "Miss recovery girl was it?"

Miss Chiyo Shujenzi, otherwise known as Recovery Girl nodded her head as she questioned.

Recovery Girl: "May I ask what brings you to my office?"

Sirzechs: "How's the condition of everyone?"

Recovery Girl sighed tiredly as she spoke. 

Recovery Girl: "Eraser head, Mirio, and Tamaki have every single bone in their body broken. But Nejire-chan.... I'm afraid the girl will have to retire from being a hero. She's suffered from not only having all her bones broken, but her spine has also suffered alot. That's not even mentioning how some of her internal organs have basically turned into paste. Her stomach and intestines will no longer be able to function properly without a transplant, and her spine will need surgery otherwise, she's as good as paralysed."

The old woman sounded heart broken as she spoke about the once bright and cheerful blue head. 

Sirzechs: "Has she awakened?"

Recovery Girl: "Yes. As we speak, she's being prepared to be sent to the hospital by tomorrow. If all goes well, she can retire without being paralysed or suffer from any problems once we've done a transplant for the destroyed organs. However, rather she recovers mentally is uncertain."

Sirzechs: "May I have a word with her please miss Recovery Girl?"

Recovery Girl looked Sirzechs deep in his eye's. She knew it was wrong to let a stranger near a patient, but he did save the young blue head. She pondered a bit longer before agreeing to taking him to see her. As they headed to the special room where Nejire was, Recovery Girl decided to ask him a question. 

Recovery Girl: "Do you think you could save her?"

Sirzechs: "No. Afterall, I only have the power to destroy and kill things, not create or save them."

Recovery Girl: "I see."

Sirzechs then knocked on the room door before entering the room. There he saw Nejire lying down on the bed. Her gaze looked distant and sad. However, when she saw Sirzechs walking into the room, her eye's gained back a slight spark of her original bubly and cheerful demeanor. Sirzechs took a chair and sat right next to her as she gave him a weak smile. But it dissappeard the moment she heard his question. 

Sirzechs: "Do you regret it?"

Nejire understood his question, as she pouted and answered weakly. 

Nejire: "(weak whisper) I was expecting you to come here to comfort me. How insensitive you are Mario."

Sirzechs: "Forgive me, I don't exactly know how to comfort someone else without just giving them gazes of pity. However, that's besides the point. Tell me Nejire Hado, do you regret what you did?" 

Nejire hummed softly as she replied. 

Nejire: "I don't."

Sirzechs: "And why is that?" 

Nejire: "Because I got to save my precious junior's. As a senior, I must help protect the next generation and their smile's. Though, id be lying if I said I wasn't sad. When I heard everything that Recovery Girl told me, I felt lost. Besides, I knew what it meant to be a hero. Permanent disability and death is always a possibility in this line of work. But I'm just unsure how to face my parent's. Did you know that just imagining how my parent's would react to learning of what happened to me hurts so much."

Tears began falling down her beautiful face as she sobbed in sadness and regret. 

Sirzechs: "Will you give up being a hero?" 

Nejire: "N-no. If I can't be there to help on the front lines, I can still be there to teach others how to grow stronger."

Sirzechs got up from the chair he sat on as he took a box of tissues and wiped her tears as he spoke. 

Sirzechs: "Even when you are forced to retire and have all that you've worked hard for taken away from you in an instant, you still want to be able to help others huh? Be proud Nejire Hado, you are strong."

Sirzechs word's caused the blue haired Girl's eye's to widen in shock, before they turned glossy as she began crying. 

Nejire: "*Sob* *Sniff* You absolute Idiot. *tearful laughter*"

Soon enough, Nejire fell asleep after crying and laughing as Sirzechs wiped the remaining tears in her eye's and he witnessed her peaceful smile. He then left the room and headed outside to face the seemingly endless wave of people protesting, or the many news reporters waiting outside UA Highschool. The moment Sirzechs appeared, the once noisy citizens suddenly fell deathly silent as they bore witness to the teenage boy who twelve years ago caused many people to lose their job's, their friends and even their families. Sirzechs gazed upon the crowd as he spoke 

Sirzechs: "Big News Morgan. I want to have you interview me tomorrow after school hour's. I will only accept an interview from your news agency and no one else's."

Sirzechs then began walking away before he paused and glanced at the massive crowd of people, news reporter's, and even a few pro heroes as he spoke authoritively. 

Sirzechs: "Dismissed."

Sirzechs authoritive tone caused everyone to shudder and immediately run back wherever they came from. Be they the ordinary citizens, the news reporter's, or the pro heroes. None dare to provoke or challenge his word's. And as night fell, and everyone webt to bed, Sirzechs appeared silently infront of the bed where Nejire Hado rested. He placed his gabs above her body as he spoke. 

Sirzechs: "Just this once I'll allow you to continue your dreams of being a hero."

Sirzechs eye's and palm glowed a faint black and Crimson, before it turned a royal purple. Sirzechs went ahead and 'destroyed' the moment Nejire received the attacks that caused her to lose some of her organs by Manipulation of time through destruction.

Sirzechs used his power of destruction to look into past and 'prevented' the moment she was attacked by the two intelligent Nomu's that turned her internal organs into paste before he saved her. However, he realised something when he looked back into the past. He didn't seem to exist in the past even though his action's remained. 

Sirzechs: "Another mystery that needs solving. Now then, the only thing that she suffers from now is just broken bones. This is as far as I will help you. Prove to me that your word's weren't all fake."

Sirzechs turned around and began turning into wisps of air with every step he took as he vanished like some sort of spirit never noticing the relieved and joyful smile that graced the sleeping blue head.

-(Scene End)-

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