Reborn as Saitama in MHA

After having been struck by Truck-kun from his window, he is granted a second chance in life by God to be reincarnated into the MHA world. With luck on his side, he managed to obtain Saitama's Power from One Punch man, making his mere existence the mean of 'Broken'. Follow our MC, Hiroto, as he goes through his second life wielding unparalleled strength, with his shining bald head soon to become the new symbol of peace. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • *WARNING* Do not take this fanfic seriously. The MC is basically Saitama in MHA, so don't complain when you see MC one-shotting enemies left and right. What do you expect? MC is the meaning of BROKEN. But, isn't that why we love Saitama? https://discord.gg/BT6wfHu Come join my discord for some discussion, reference pictures I might use, and announcements for when I upload a chapter Disclaimer: I do not own the franchise nor the characters associated with it except for my own original characters. This is all done purely as a hobby and my own form of entertainment. I do not own the cover page, it was an artwork I took from Pinterest. If you are the owner and want me to take it down, contact me.

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Start of a long night

Picking up his phone, Hiroto answered, "Hello? Rumi? Did you land?"

"Yup! I've finally landed and have no idea where I'm at- Hey! Watch where you're walking!" She shouted at someone before saying, "I'm at one of the gates, so come and get me."

"Sure, give me a minute," Hiroto replied and then hung up. He looked towards the direction of where the terminal was and licked his finger before sticking it into the air.

"Hm, yup, seems about right." He muttered, getting curious glances from people, but they promptly ignored him.

He crouched down and then with a crack from the ground beneath him, shot up into the air and high velocity, disappearing from everybody's eyesight.

An employee saw this and stared at the broken ground before sighing and taking out his walkie talkie. "Central? Yeah, it's me… Yea, it happened again… Yeah… same guy…"


Rumi came out of the airport with a scowl on her face. She was wearing her casual clothing and wanted to wear a hat to hide her ears, but thought otherwise when knowing how uncomfortable they would be.

She looked around and tried to spot Hiroto, ignoring the looks that people were giving her and taking pictures when they recognized who she was.

"Dammit, where is he…" Just as she was about to take out her phone, her ears twitched as she heard something flying through the air and coming towards her direction fast.

She dropped her duffle bag onto the ground and was prepared to kick whatever it was until she recognized the yellow jumpsuit of his Hero costume.

She relaxed as Hiroto then crashed into the ground in a clearing that was devoid of people, kicking up some dust in the process. His silhouette then appeared through the dust cloud as he went through it, waving towards her.

"Hey, hope I didn't keep you waiting for too long." He approached her.

Rumi gave a smirk and wrapped an arm around his shoulder, "Well, look at you showing off. I'm guessing that stuff they said about being able to use our Quirks here isn't just some PR bullshit."

"Nope, good for me, bad for them," Hiroto said, looking around and seeing a crowd of people starting to gather, taking pictures of him and her. "Let's leave."

She nodded and picked up her bag before jumping up and wrapping her legs around Hiroto's waist, piggybacking him, "Go on then, take me to my hotel!"

"Hopefully no one I know sees those photos," Hiroto muttered seeing more people taking out their phones and snapping pictures of him. With a sigh, he lowered himself slightly before shooting off into the sky once again, leaving a crack in the ground and a sighing employee.

Flying high in the air with the wind whipping past their faces, Hiroto brought Rumi to the hotel that she was staying in, which was the same as his. Landing on the ground next to it, the two went into the hotel and Hiroto directed her to the lobby to book in, to which she waved him off.

"I know you got a big room, so I'll just stay in yours. It's fine." She then walked past the lobby and towards the elevator, her feet tapping against the ground for him to hurry up.

Hiroto shrugged, "Well, if you want to, sure." He then brought her up to his penthouse, and when she saw it, she dropped her duffle bag to the ground in shock, her jaws wide open.

"You… you get to stay in here?" She looked around the large lounge and towards the open kitchen and dining table. She already had to stretch her head around just to look around, not even seeing the bedrooms yet.

Hiroto ignored her and went to sit on the couch, bringing out his phone. Checking the time and some messages, he said, "Don't forget, in an hour there's the party that we'll need to head to."

"Yeah yeah, I heard you the first time. They're making me wear my Hero costume, not that I mind, I prefer that anyway." She went around and explored the rest of the hotel room, occasionally shouting out when she discovered something new or whatever it was she couldn't understand.

Looking at his phone, he saw a message from Aizawa, telling the people that were attending the exclusive party tonight to not embarrass UA and go around picking fights.

'Moriyama… don't break the tower.' Aizawa sent one last message directed at him.

Hiroto responded with a thumbs up and turned off his phone. Rumi then came back and was wearing her Hero costume, saying, "And I thought I was the one that needed to hurry up. Go put on your suit."

"Yeah yeah." Hiroto got up and went to his room before taking out his suit. Shortly after, he came out wearing a white buttoned-up shirt with a black formal jacket, finishing with black trousers and dress shoes.

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Rumi turned and eyed Hiroto up, smirking and saying, "You dress up nicely, that must be pretty expensive."

"Yeah." He nodded, putting on a black tie, "Probably my most expensive clothing set, I really hope it doesn't get ruined."

"It's just a party, the worst thing that could happen is someone spilling some wine onto you." Rumi said before wrapping her arm around Hiroto's, "Let's go, sidekick, to our next mission."

"The day you beat me is the day I'll be your sidekick, keep dreaming." Hiroto side-eyed her and dragged her out, leading her towards the central tower where the main event was being held.


At the venue, the people from class 1-A that were invited were already gathered together. Standing off to the side was Momo in a long green dress with her hair done up in a spiky ponytail.

"Have you seen Hiroto? I haven't seen him since we were walking around as a group earlier today…" She asked Jiro who was standing next to her.

Jiro raised an eyebrow, saying, "Why? Already missing him?"

Momo blushed and waved her hand dismissively, "I-I'm just concerned, that's all!"

"I am also very concerned…" Todoroki's voice came from behind them, making them jump. "I haven't seen him in a while as well, I wonder where he is…" He put a hand on his chin, thinking deeply, 'Maybe there was a hair supplement shop he found?'

"Todoroki! Don't just sneak up on us like that!" Momo exclaimed, before turning away to keep an eye out for Hiroto again. "... You also haven't heard from him?"

"No, I have not." Todoroki shook his head but then felt his phone vibrate. He took it out and stared at it for a moment, blinking once, before showing it to Momo, "Found him."

The phone showed Hiroto giving Rumi a piggyback ride right before they leapt off. Momo merely pouted for a moment before saying, "So, Mirko is coming too. But why would Hiroto be with her?"

"They worked together for a bit, remember? Internship?" Jiro said, looking at the picture interestingly for a moment.

"What's going on?" Midoriya, Ochaco and Melissa came over. Todoroki merely turned the phone towards them and showed the same picture.

"Oh, he did mention to me at some point that Mirko was coming as well," Midoriya said. "They should be here soon though!"

Just like that, Hiroto walked into the lobby with Mirko behind him and went up to the group, raising a hand, "Yo."

"Ah, Hiroto!" Momo said with a smile.

He nodded to her, before asking everyone, "How come you aren't inside yet?"

"Well, we were waiting for everyone to arrive before we went in together, although, Kacchan and Kirishima seemed to have left for somewhere." Midoriya scratched his cheek.

"Well, let's just go in then, no point in just standing around," Hiroto said, with Rumi still behind him and not saying anything, just staring down at the others silently.

The others nodded, and just as they were about to continue, a loud alarm started suddenly ringing throughout the lobby and the rest of the tower.

Thick metal walls slammed around the exposed windows of the lobby and its door, as well as the doors to the elevators, locking them in.


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