Reborn as Saitama in MHA

After having been struck by Truck-kun from his window, he is granted a second chance in life by God to be reincarnated into the MHA world. With luck on his side, he managed to obtain Saitama's Power from One Punch man, making his mere existence the mean of 'Broken'. Follow our MC, Hiroto, as he goes through his second life wielding unparalleled strength, with his shining bald head soon to become the new symbol of peace. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • *WARNING* Do not take this fanfic seriously. The MC is basically Saitama in MHA, so don't complain when you see MC one-shotting enemies left and right. What do you expect? MC is the meaning of BROKEN. But, isn't that why we love Saitama? https://discord.gg/BT6wfHu Come join my discord for some discussion, reference pictures I might use, and announcements for when I upload a chapter Disclaimer: I do not own the franchise nor the characters associated with it except for my own original characters. This is all done purely as a hobby and my own form of entertainment. I do not own the cover page, it was an artwork I took from Pinterest. If you are the owner and want me to take it down, contact me.

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Boss Fight

"The top, huh?" Rumi said, going to the side of the room to where the windows were locked shut, giving it a few taps with her fingers. "Well, we can either go through the tower itself or go up from the outside."

"From the outside?" Melissa muttered, before shaking her head, "The reinforced plating that the tower uses is able to withstand a high magnitude of force, one that replicates even Uncle Might's power-"


Interrupting her, a loud cacophony of metal being torn and crushed echoed in the room, causing many to cover their ears. Looking at where the source of the noise came from, they saw Hiroto now standing next to a freshly created hole on the side of the wall.

Rumi merely gave Melissa a smug grin, "You seem to forget who my sidekick is." She sauntered over to Hiroto and looked out the hole towards the top.

All Might went over to join them as well as the rest of their classmates. Giving a low whistle, Jiro muttered, "That's a long way up… Besides, there's no way we can climb up the side ourselves, so it's probably better for us to go up the tower normally."

All Might turned to the students, thinking hard before sighing, "Normally I would not permit you to fight since you are still students, but there might be more people within the tower that are being held hostage, so I'll need you to help with clearing them from the bottom to top."

He then turned to the other Heroes that had attended the event and saw their state, with all of them having been drugged, "With the state that they are in, I can only rely on all of you."

"They'll be fine," Hiroto said as he went over to the side of the hole, Rumi followed behind him as she jumped onto his back and wrapped her legs around him, letting him carry her. "They're strong enough to handle themselves, besides, it's an opportunity for them as well."

"Yea, don't fret too much, All Might," Rumi said, resting her head on Hiroto's shoulder as her ears twitched, looking to the top. "Did you hear that?"

"Hear what-" Todoroki muttered, but was interrupted when a loud explosion shook the entire tower, causing my people to stumble over and fall onto the ground in a scramble.

Hiroto frowned as he looked up, seeing debris being flung from the top of the tower towards the surrounding area as smoke and dust covered the sky. "Seems like they just powered up."

"No time to be wasting then, up we go!" Rumi pointed up, and not long after Hiroto bent his legs before launching himself straight up into the air. Following behind him, All Might had also jumped right behind them, but he somehow couldn't help but feel a strange yet familiar sensation on his leg. Looking down, he hung his mouth wide open.

"Y-Young Midoriya! Why are you holding onto my leg again?!" All Might shouted at him as Midoriya clung to his leg.

"I-I need to start stepping up in order to follow behind in your footsteps!" Midoriya shouted, squinting his eyes from the air resistance hitting his eyes.

Up ahead of them, Hiroto reached the apex on his jump and landed on the top of the roof, now having a clear view of what it was that caused the giant rumbling sensation that shook the entire tower.

Standing at the top, Rumi hopped off of him but before they could get a handle of the situation, a large metal beam was sent flying straight towards Hiroto, who took the entire thing head-on.

With a loud resounding clang, the metal beam was bent around the entirety of Hiroto's body, who merely pried it off of himself and tossed it to the side.

"Well, that was rude. Isn't there supposed to be a monologue before we start?" Hiroto muttered, looking up to see a sighing Rumi. Past her, he could see the person that was in charge of the entire incident, Wolfram.

He stood looming over the prone figure of David Shield, who seemed to be injured with blood flowing down the side of his head pooling around him. On Wolfram's head was the device that he came here to take, the Quirk Amplifier.

"Oh? You took that straight on and are still standing? What a durable brat." Wolfram sneered, narrowing his eyes when he saw Rumi, "The Rabbit Hero Mirko, didn't expect to see you here. No matter, this won't take long to deal with."

He planted his hands onto the ground, causing large metal columns to rise out from the food, but before he could continue, All Might landed in front of Hiroto and Rumi. Midoriya rolled on the floor haphazardly and landed in a heap behind Hiroto.

All Might stared at the figure of David, and seeing the state that he was currently in only served to fuel his anger. "You… What have you done?!"

"Ah, All Might. I was wondering when you would get here, now I can truly use this opportunity to take you down." He sneered but frowned when he noticed David twitching at his feet.

""A-All Might… T-The device… be careful- GAh!" Before he could finish, Wolfram planted his foot down onto his chest, resulting in blood to be sprouted out of his mouth.

"Dave!" All Might shouted, before launching himself forward at Wolfram, ready to clash against him, but Wolfram was ready. With a wave of his arms, the surrounding metal was ripped from the tower and launched itself towards All Might.

The clash resulted in All Might being pushed back from the powerful force behind it, leaving deep footmarks in metal. Before he could stop, Rumi rushed forward and broke off the metal with a powerful kick, snapping it in half and relieving All Might of the pressure.

"Ha! Look's like he was right, your power really did decrease after all these years," Wolfram shouted out, stomping on David again, but found himself missing, hitting the ground instead. "What the?"

"Man, am I really that unnoticeable?" Hiroto muttered, now carrying David by the scruff of his neck before planting him down on the ground next to Midoriya.

Wolfram blinked for a few moments, staring at Hiroto, "What the fuck? A speed Quirk?"

"Nope, wrong." Hiroto held his arms up in a cross but was interrupted yet again as 5 long metal pillars were sent flying towards him.

"No matter what it is, you won't be able to save all of them at once!" Wolfram shouted as his body started to glow slightly, the metal from the tower was ripped apart and gathered around his body, piling onto each other as he now started to resemble some sort of mech.

Hiroto took the attacks head-on, swatting them away with a backhand as the debris flew back towards Wolfram, but several shields were raised up and blocked each of the shrapnel.

Hiroto looked over at All Might and Rumi, as well as Midoriya who was now ready to join in after making sure David was far enough away. "You ready to take on a bootleg transformer?"

"Whatever that is, I'll always be ready!" Rumi grinned, crouching low before jumping forward.

All Might glanced at Hiroto now that Rumi was away, "He knows." That was all he said, before following behind Rumi, Midoriya powering up behind him and then bouncing forward.

"What the hell, he didn't even elaborate. 'He knows.' Know's what? The injury, All for One, or your damn bloody coughs." Hiroto said, making Midoriya stumble a bit before he recovered and charged forward.

Hiroto watched as they all either ducked, punched or kicked away each of Wolframs attacks, trying to get as close to him as possible, but his body was covered by several thick layers of reinforced metal that was designed to take All Might punches, in theory.

He rubbed his chin and thought to himself for a moment as the chaos unfolded all around him. Even when he himself was being attacked, he didn't really mind since they would deform around his body.

"I can't really use one of my big punches or I'll send those 3 flying into the ocean as well. Wait, there is one thing I can do." Hiroto's eyes brightened, before shouting to the other 3.

"Oi! Make sure that you dodge what I'm about to do!" His shout barely reached their ears, with All Might and Midoriya being confused, but nodding nonetheless, and Rumi merely just concentrating on kicking everything into smithereens with a mad grin on her face.

When another large metal beam was coming straight for Hiroto, he grabbed it, holding it in place before snapping it off and crushing it in his arms, forming tiny pieces of metal shards that hung in the air for a moment.

"Serious series, shotgun barrage." Narrowing his eyes, his arms moved in a blur around the falling metal, catching them before they hit the ground and in the same moment, throwing it forward at the same time, with each projectile sounding like a cannon being shot as they broke through the sound barrier.

From an outside perspective to a normal person, all they would see are is Hiroto's arms leaving behind afterimages, and countless tiny little fragments of metal being launched at supersonic speeds towards Wolfram, piercing and breaking each of his metal arms as they descended down onto Rumi, All Might and Midoriya.

"W-What the hell is this?!" Wolfram shouted as every time he tried to attack, a chunk of his metal arms would be completely obliterated by something his eyes weren't able to see, only being able to see the aftermath of the attack when it was already too late.

"Haha, as expected of you, Young Moriyama!" All Might shouted as he charged forward and cocked his fist back, "With this, your rampage is at an end!"


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