Reborn as Rhaenyra's Twin - (House of the Dragon)

A 27 year old struggling artist dies and reborn as Rhaenyra's twin. ---- ***Volume One: SPRING covers 14-ish years of events before start of House of the Dragon TV show. *** If you don’t care how a new character, Rhaenyra’s twin, affected the story leading up to the TV show, then skip to Volume Two: SUMMER

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'Change the gods to tits and wine and watch them change their tune.'

-'The Red Prince,' performed by the Mummers Guild


Rhaenar removed the grill from the fire to make space for the tripod. Then he hung a pot from the tripod and asked, "How do you two like your wine?"

Alicent and Rhaenyra exchanged confused glances. While they had consumed wine as ladies in court, they had never paid much attention to its taste intricacies.

"Um," Alicent hesitated, "Arbor?"

"Dornish?" Rhaenyra said.

Rhaenar chuckled, "I didn't ask for your favorite vintage. I mean, how do you like it prepared?"

He poured wine into the pot. "We make this all the time," he explained, stirring.

"Our camps are like mini towns, with roads, suburbs, and all. Each squad has its own campfire, and each campfire brews a wine unique to them. 

"You could wander the camp and get lost in the combinations of spices. Nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, star anise… Different cultures developed within the camp solely based on wine preference. 

"The north end favored honey, while the west preferred bay leaves, and so on. That's why I now believe you can tell a lot about someone by how they like their wine."

Rhaenyra was suddenly curious, "How do you like yours?"

Rhaenar smirked, "As long as it's wine and piping hot, I couldn't care less."

Alicent laughed, "Wow, that was quite the story!"

"Yeah," Rhaenyra chimed, "The way you were blabbing on, I thought we were in for something a little more exotic."

Rhaenar feigned abashment, "Are you kidding? Mine is the best damn wine in the Seven Kingdoms!"

And so they sat, and drank, and talked. 

Although Alicent burned her tongue on the first sip, it didn't deter her from giggling.

Rhaenyra enjoyed her drink, relishing the comforting warmth it brought.

Rhaenar contented himself with slow sips, gazing into the flames.

At some point, Rhaenyra began to sit up straight on her cushion, gently rotating her shoulders and stretching her wrists. She appreciated the relaxed feeling in her limbs and how supple her lips were when she licked them.

"Tell me a secret, brother."


"You're always keeping secrets," Rhaenyra said, "Tell me one."

"Would you like my special wine recipe?"

Alicent laughed. Rhaenyra gave him a stare she reserved for moments she felt challenged like those times when they'd argue over seating arrangements on the royal dais.

"Don't be facetious," she said.

"Facetious? Oof. Alright, Rhaenyra. Let's trade."

She peered at him, "I asked first."

"You're the one who wants a secret. I'm content to let that gorgeous mind of yours remain a mystery. Want one of mine? Give one of yours."

It was at that moment that Alicent completely derailed that endless circle of getting nowhere.

"I—" She began meekly, "I sometimes feel that my father is disappointed in me."

Immediately, like cats with short attention spans, the twins forgot their pointless bickering and turned their focus to their friend.

Rhaenyra moved to the bench where Alicent sat and joined her, taking hold of her hands bundled tightly by the knees. "What? That's horrible. Why would he think such a thing?"

Alicent turned her face away, "I don't know. He used to be warmer. Smile more."

Rhaenar stroked his chin, "Perhaps he is processing his grief. Not exactly an excuse, but I've seen death affect people in strange ways."

Alicent sniffled. "Maybe you're right."

"Probably not," Rhaenyra quipped. "And if it's smiles you want, I got all the smiles in the world. See?"

Rhaenyra used her index fingers to pull her lips up into the goofiest grin imaginable, enough to pull Alicent out of her sudden bout of darkness.

"Go on then, Rhaenyra," said Rhaenar, "Your turn."

"For a secret?" she replied, "Well, since we're on the topic of fathers. Sometimes I feel like ours so obsessed with having sons that he doesn't care to see me."

"Juicy," Rhaenar said. "I'll admit he approaches procreation with almost religious fervor. Though I didn't know it made you feel that way."

Rhaenyra sighed, "It's not just that. He takes far more interest in you than in me. Sometimes I wish I had been born male too."

"Sounds like pappy issues," Rhaenar teased.

"Shut up. All I hear is 'Rhaenar this, Rhaenar that.' You do whatever you want, and they sing your praises. I do one thing unseemly, and you'd think Dorne was invading!"

Rhaenar bellied with laughter, "That's messed up, I'll give you that!"

Alicent was more empathetic, "It's not all bad, Rhaenyra. You are a princess. Many would kill for your position."

"The only position I want is you by my side as we fly across the world on dragonback," Rhaenyra said. It suddenly occurred to her that she had scored a point of credit. "Come now, brother," she said triumphantly, "Your turn."

Rhaenar exhaled deeply and looked up to the stars. White pinpricks reflected in his eyes. He wondered what he could say to fulfill this verbal contract he had trapped himself in.

"Very well," Rhaenar said, "I'm going to tell you both something I've never told anyone. You could say it's one of my biggest secrets."

Rhaenyra leaned forward with attentiveness, "What is it? Tell us."

"I don't dream~"

Alicent raised a brow, "Pardon?"

"I don't dream. Never have."

"Hold on," Rhaenyra said, "You're telling us you've never had a dream in your life?"

"That's exactly what I'm saying."

"So…" Alicent said, "What happens when you sleep?"

Rhaenar shrugged, "Nothing. I close my eyes, and the next thing I know, it's morning. There was a time when that darkness was all I knew. Sometimes I feel the dark is the waking world, and this one the dream."

"That's awful," Alicent said sadly. "Does it bother you?"

"There was a time when it did. I was scared and confused. These days, I don't give a fuck. Now then!" Rhaenar felt the cold his confession had brought. "How about a song to lighten the mood?"

Rhaenyra clapped three times like an amused child, "A wonderful idea. What will you sing?"

"Any requests?" Rhaenar asked.

"I like your songs, my prince," Alicent said with dewy eyes.

Rhaenar released a slight groan, "I've played my own too many times to count. I suppose I have a new one if you'd like to hear it?"

Rhaenyra folded her legs and sat upright. Alicent shifted slightly to get more comfortable. They both nodded.

"Alright," Rhaenar said, strumming the lute and adjusting its tune, "This is a bit of a work in progress, so bear with me."

As the lute began, Rhaenyra watched as smoke from the fire kicked and whirled and danced against the backdrop of the starry sky. Then he sang,


'You and me make twofold

Multiplied a million and

Maybe we could revolut'.


The planetos

You raise the toasts

I'll make the moves.


Next to me, you're so bright

What use are the stars when

Compared to your eyes?


I kiss your nose

You curl your toes

We take the woes.'


"It's beautiful," Alicent said longingly, "For anyone in particular?"

"It's not about me," Rhaenar said, "I want this played at my theater. The men will sing that part, and the women will reply:


'You and I, what a sore sight

Father told me I should never

See you!


Mother said the same

With eyes that had some



Next to what? You're so high!

Get your head out the clouds and 

Stop drinking that wine!


I'll take your blows

Turn them twofold

Harshly on your family jewels!'


Rhaenar started cracking up, "Then the ladies all turn and knee their husbands in the groin!"

Rhaenyra rolled her eyes and crossed her arms, "Don't tempt me. Why do the girls have to be the funny part?"

"Would you prefer to be kicked in the cunt?" Rhaenar said, The venom in her eyes made him immediately regret it. "Because men are idiots," he tried, "Don't you agree?"

"One of them are."

"I think it was rather romantic," Alicent said.

"Make a song for me now," Rhaenyra said.

"How? No words exist in this realm for you, sweet sister."

She smirked, "Try."

"Oh, very well…" Rhaenar said. Then with a bombastic tune, he began:

'She stinks of bum 

Not a lot of fun!'

"Hey!" Rhaenyra protested. And the three erupted in laughter.

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