Reborn as Rhaenyra's Twin - (House of the Dragon) Book

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Reborn as Rhaenyra's Twin - (House of the Dragon)


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A 27 year old struggling artist dies and reincarnates as Rhaenyra's twin. ---- ***Volume One is the MC's backstory. A brief on his time before reincarnation, as well as his time growing up in Westeros. Volume Two will start at the first episode of the House of the Dragon TV show (HBO). Feel free to skip. While I encourage readers to read Volume One if they want more story insight into the MC, it's unnecessary. You will be able to read Volume Two without feeling lost. I intend to write V2 as if the prologue never existed. Things will be adequately explained. ---- A note to my seasoned Fic readers out there: While I am writing this with basic storytelling principles in mind, you must understand at the end of the day: this is a fanfic. I.e., it is free content, posted for fun. Therefore, while I appreciate the feedback and criticism, I must also note that much of the input from Fic readers is steeped with toxicity. Ya'll comment first, ask questions later. Who cares about feelings? And then blame the authors for being weak-skinned when they drop a fic (LOL). That's fine. Honestly, I get a good laugh from the comments. And I do indeed get some good writing tips from them! But you veteran fic readers aren't doing yourselves any favors. When you put down the authors and belittle their product, you decrease the likelihood they will continue posting. I.e, you decrease your own content. In the words of the great Ice Cube (1992): "You better check yo' self before you wreck yo' self."