Reborn as klaus Mikaelson at the beginning of Originals

Reborn as klaus mikaleson at the beginning of the show originals. Read as this new klaus while still vicious, merciless and manipulative, however, more calm, not prone to anger and attains everyhignt he original klaus wanted, family and loyalty. no harem,

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Davina had come back with Hayley trailing after her, holding a jar with a questionable liquid in it.

"So, I was able to communicate with the souls. One of them was very pissed off and was talking about how he has been left on the sidelines again. I reasoned with him and explained to him what was going on, at which point he asked if Klaus had been body switched," spoke Davina.

"I wonder about that sometimes as well," said Marcel with a smirk.

The body switch had been an ongoing joke between his family, and while Klaus knew they were only teasing, it made him extremely uncomfortable. He was worried if said too many times, one of them might actually take it seriously. Those thoughts caused him to be more nervous, and then even more nervous at the thought they might notice him becoming nervous.

"Wonderful, that must be Kol, and the other one?" Klaus said, trying to move on.

"Yeah, and as for the other, he claims to be the alpha of the North East Atlantic wolves and also...."

"Also?" asked Rebekah curiously.

"Also, he says he is your father, Klaus."

Everyone was now looking at Klaus. He had already guessed at this fact, but now it was confirmed. He didn't really care for the original Klaus's father, but he also realized given the status Ansel held, he may be of use when it came to the wolves.

However, what caused him great concern is what knowledge this person held. He knew he had been watching Klaus from the other side, but did this person know anything about him now? Klaus calmed himself, seeing as if he had known, he may have warned Davina or given some clue. Non-witch seemed to be the cause given Davina's usual demeanor.

"Did you confirm if he was telling the truth?" asked Klaus.

"Davina did question him, and he apparently did confirm his claim," replied Hayley.

He looked at everyone and started, "I know for a fact that my biological father's name is Ansel and if this man claims to be him and is able to prove it, then I think we can trust him."

"So do we bring him back as well?" asked Rebekah.

"No, no, there is no need to throw another wrench in this mess," replied Klaus. "Right now we should just be focused on getting our brother out."

"Are you sure?" asked Hayley as she set the jar on the table nearby and kept her hand on his shoulder, causing Klaus to give her a grateful smile.

"Yes, I don't think his presence is needed right now," replied Klaus. Also, given his former Alpha status, he would be considered somewhat of a legend if brought back and could prove to be a big help for us in the future, but it would require him to be brought back with his original body. Until we figure out how to do that, let's keep him on standby for now.

"Okay, with that settled, will anyone tell me what that jar is?" said Rebekah disgustedly as she pointed at the jar.

"That is the potion that needs to be drunk by the wolves to break the curse. It has to be on a full moon, which will be tomorrow," explained Davina, causing Klaus to look at the potion, holding back a grin as an idea came to him.

"Alright, Klaus and I discussed and we found the body that we will be transferring the soul to. A boy named Kaleb Westphall who is a witch, and he happens to be in a coma. The doctors say he is brain dead but currently on life support," said Marcel.

"Marcel and I will retrieve the body tomorrow, while Davina will make the preparations for the transfer here," said Klaus. "Rebekah, you and Hayley go to the bayou and break the curse."

Though he didn't want to help the Crescent wolves whatsoever, he also knew that he would need extra manpower in his quest to defeat his future enemies, for now at least.

Everyone nodded in agreement to the assigned roles, then Rebekah asked, "What about Elijah?"

"What about me?" asked the original as he entered the compound.

"Glad you have joined us brother, we were just discussing our plan to get our brother back tomorrow and were wondering if you wanted to join in," said Klaus, already knowing where Elijah had been as he had several humans under his compulsion to keep an eye on him.

"I want to join you all, but I have given my word to a friend that I will help them with something. I will come back by the evening to help you all if needed."

"That works with us, but I think it would be better if you joined Hayley and me since there might be a lot of wolves who would have to drink that," said Rebekah as she pointed back at the jar.

"Okay, I will be there," and with that, everyone went back to their rooms.

(Klaus's bedroom)

Klaus was in his bed just thinking about all sorts of different plans to deal with issues that were yet to come. The biggest for him currently was locating Celeste Dubois, who had a major part in his child being sent away.

Klaus was debating on how to best handle everything that would soon come. One way he could compel humans to go suicide bomb the witches and wolves and get rid of them once and for all, however, what he was most worried about was the aftermath.

Right now he and his family were the strongest, but they were far from unbeatable, especially compared to just a few centuries ago when simply mentioning their name would instill fear of death, but now that was no longer the case.

They were no longer looked at with the same fear or respect. While they still stood tall and above the others, they were no longer unbeatable but shown vulnerable. What once was unbreakable was now malleable, and the future would only provide more means to put them down even if not killing them.

In the end, Klaus came to the conclusion that his greatest power now was his knowledge of the timeline. Until a few months when he could finally give himself an upgrade, he would need to play along with the time.

He would intervene and make things easier for himself and his family as he already had but not to the point where it could shake the foundation too much, not to mention he still needed to make sure Haley would become a hybrid.

He also needed to make preparations for Lucien. While he wanted to quickly track him down and kill him, he found it to be a shame to waste such a powerful serum he would create.

As he was busy with his thoughts, he heard a knock on his door. Klaus got up and opened to see it was Hayley.

"Um, can we talk?" asked Hayley. Klaus could see the sadness in her eyes as she was holding back her tears.

"Of course, come in," he replied as he let her into the room.

Hayley sat on the bed and was intertwining her fingers and took a deep breath as she started, "So you know how I was asking Marcel about the Crescent wolves and my parents?"

Klaus gave a simple nod. In fact, it was he who insisted to Marcel to tell Hayley the whole truth if she asked, something he knew she would.

"Well, I had asked Rebekah to go check the bayou since you told me it would not be safe for our child, and it turns out my birth name was Andrea Labonair. I asked Marcel if the name rang a bell and..." as she spoke, tears started to stream out.

Klaus went beside her and kept a hand on top of hers. Though he knew what had happened, he needed to act oblivious. "What is it, little wolf?"

"My parents were killed by a man named Richard Dumas because they wanted to make a deal with Marcel to stop the war between vampires and werewolves. He told me that he had rescued me when they were killed and helped me escape." At this point, she was sobbing. Klaus saw this, took her in for a hug.

"The worst part is that I was already betrothed to marry the grandson of the guy who killed them, a man with the name Jackson Keener." Klaus had known this fact for a long time, but for some reason, hearing it again and watching Hayley in this state brought out a lot of anger and resentment inside him.

He looked at her as he broke the hug. "Hayley, if you are having second thoughts about helping the wolves, then I can understand." Almost hoping that would be the case.

"No, I think we should still help them, but I don't want to marry that guy." As she said this, more tears started to pour out.

"Listen to me, little wolf. There is no power in this world that can make you do anything you don't want to, and if this bloke or anyone else tries anything untoward to you, I'll hang them up by their own spine."

"Thank you," Hayley replied as she buried her head into Klaus's chest. "I don't think that will be necessary though," she mumbled.

"No, really, it's no trouble at all," Klaus replied as casually with a hint of hope in his tone.

She looked up to see the man before her. The world had known him to be the big bad wolf, but all she saw was a man who cared about her and his family.

She was no fool to believe this man was a saint. She herself had witnessed the monstrous side of him, but she was proven wrong in one regard when she once thought that was all he was.

While there may be a side of him that was only sinister and merciless, cruel and manipulative, it was one only reserved toward his enemies and those who would harm his family.

She had recently also come to know a new side to him, one that was kind and caring, protective and fierce, one that was only reserved toward his family, and as she thought that, her heart fluttered, realizing what he meant during their last conversation.

She started to move closer to him and kissed him. Klaus was caught off guard. She pushed away from him as she realized what she had done.

"Sorry," as she got up to leave, Klaus pulled her back to sit on the bed and kissed her lips back, this time a lot deeper than before, and it melted her.

All of a sudden, she had forgotten about everything, the wolf pack, the curse, her parents' death. All she was focused on was this kiss, which was ever so delicate and sweet.

They broke the kiss and had their heads against each other as they caught their breath, and as she looked up at him meeting his eyes, she knew she will be fine as long as she had him by her side.