Reborn as klaus Mikaelson at the beginning of Originals

Reborn as klaus mikaleson at the beginning of the show originals. Read as this new klaus while still vicious, merciless and manipulative, however, more calm, not prone to anger and attains everyhignt he original klaus wanted, family and loyalty. no harem,

Beelze1 · TV
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24 Chs


Hello i wanted to thank everyone for their comments and feedback, i never expected this story to be so well like or received. i am amazed by how many actually reads it and enjoy it.

i wanted to answer a few questions i been getting 

1: this is not a translation or copy

2: the story wont go to far away from the original plots, the reason behind this fanfic is actually my little sister. she LOVES vampires and is a big fan of the originals, but was displeased on a few things especially the ending and some of the pairings. 

She also loves reading isekai fanfictions so i decided to write one about the originals and now she wont stop bugging me about about writing more.

3. i dont use patreon or anything of such, the chapters will be released as i finish writing them, but will try to stick to around 5 ch a week. sometimes more sometimes less.