Reborn as klaus Mikaelson at the beginning of Originals

Reborn as klaus mikaleson at the beginning of the show originals. Read as this new klaus while still vicious, merciless and manipulative, however, more calm, not prone to anger and attains everyhignt he original klaus wanted, family and loyalty. no harem,

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Long lost sister

Rebekah and Marcel were called back. They were having a great time in the city, as Marcel was showing Rebekah all the sights.

They entered to find a coffin with a blonde girl in it, and the rest were waiting for their arrival.

"Finally!" spoke Davina.

"Sorry we're late; there was a lot of traffic on the way," said Marcel.

"Okay, since everyone is here," started Elijah, "I had gone into the mind of this girl in front of us, and I found a few things about her. One of which is that she is our sister, Freya Mikaelson."

"Who?" asked Hayley. Marcel and Davina also looked at him with confusion.

"Freya was our sister who died in the Old times, long before we became vampires. She was the eldest amongst us," replied Klaus.

"Yes, well, it turns out she didn't die. Turns out our mother made a deal with her sister Dahlia so that she could give birth. What our mother was unaware of was that one of the agreements of the deal was that every firstborn of the family is to be handed to Dahlia as an offering," Elijah explained.

Everyone was stunned at this information, everyone except Klaus who just stared at Freya, realizing he won't be able to utilize her as he had originally intended.

"Wait, if every firstborn is to be handed to her, then..." spoke Marcel as he turned to look at Hayley. Everyone upon this realization turned towards Hayley as well, who was now just touching her belly.

Klaus went towards her and kept his hand over hers reassuringly. "Don't worry; we will not let anyone harm her," he said as he gripped her hand tight.

As Klaus was thinking of ways to deal with Dahlia without breaking too much of the timeline, something clicked in his mind, "But how can we be sure what you saw was true? Perhaps it's an illusion created by this witch to manipulate us."

"Well, we can't actually wake her up to find out now, can we?" spoke Rebekah.

"No, I have tried everything. No matter how far I went into her mind, there was no way to wake her," said Elijah.

"I don't think we should have someone around who we cannot trust," said Davina.

"I agree," added Marcel.

"Yes, I also think this to be right," replied Klaus, which caused Rebekah, Elijah, and Hayley to stare at him.

"But she's your sister," spoke Hayley.

"Allegedly, love," replied Klaus. "Look, I am not saying we should burn her and the coffin, but until she wakes up and we know for sure she is, in fact, our long-lost sister, we should take some safety precautions. Don't forget I received the information about this witch, so this could all have been orchestrated similarly to how I first arrived here on false information about the witches plotting against me," said Klaus.

Klaus, of course, knew that this was Freya, but he needed to act like he didn't know her. This way he could play his part and keep his sister safe and close by until she would awaken.

Everyone in the room took a minute to think about it, but then they all agreed that this might be the best thing to do for now.

After they finished keeping Freya in a room in the basement, Klaus asked Marcel and Davina to come to the compound again as he wanted to inform them about the diamond.

Both sat near the table, and Klaus took out the diamond to show it to both of them. "Do you remember this?" asked Klaus.

"Yeah, you had asked Davina to perform a spell on it. What about it?" said Marcel.

"Well, it wasn't just any spell; it was a spell to turn this diamond into something that can collect souls," spoke Klaus, causing both the people in front of him to raise an eyebrow. "I went to Mystic Falls to bring back my brothers in it."

As soon as he said this, Marcel's confusion turned into annoyance. "You plan on bringing Finn and Kol back!" shouted Marcel, which startled Davina. "I have no idea about Finn, but Kol, he is a lot more psychotic than you, and worse, he also thinks of messing with everyone around him."

"I agree that he has done a lot of questionable things in the past, but I promise I will keep my eye on him," responded Klaus as Marcel was starting to calm down. "Also, I won't be bringing him back in his original body, at least not right now. I will transfer him into a witch's body so that his adolescent jokes are to a minimum."

Since Klaus would not be able to use Freya as he intended, at least Kol would be a good second choice. While Klaus could not trust him as he would with Freya, at least his magic would prove useful for the coming situations they would face shortly.

Klaus saw that Marcel was still skeptical about this. "Look, I wouldn't recommend this if it wasn't absolutely necessary, and I also have mentioned I would like to make up for past mistakes."

From the looks of it, it could be seen he was telling the truth, but he also admitted that even if Finn or Kol were to be useless, he wanted them back; he wanted to make his family whole.

Marcel was still not sold on the idea. Out of every Mikaelson, he despised Kol the most.

"He isn't wrong, with most of your vampires now in the garden, we would have to rebuild," said Davina.

Marcel looked at both Davina and Klaus trying to find a reason to stop this; he couldn't, so instead, he said, "Fine, but Klaus, you won't keep an eye on him. I will."

"That's fine by me," replied Klaus with a smirk, knowing the torment he would have to endure with Kol's infamous sarcasm and poor humor.

(Lafayette Cemetery)

Sophie Deveraux was reading about the harvest festival to figure out how to bring back her niece Monique, who was one of the harvest girls.

Though Sophie didn't believe much in the festival, she knew that the only way to bring her niece back was to complete the festival. There was one problem though; they needed an elder for the ceremony.

Currently, there was no elder alive in the coven of New Orleans, and Sophie was trying to find a workaround. As she was looking through the books, she found a peculiar note.


Klaus was discussing the plan to transfer his brothers' bodies to two witches with Marcel and Hayley.

He knew to transfer the soul of Kol into a witch named Kaleb, who was currently in a coma at the hospital after receiving an accident. He also decided to still use Vincent for Finn as he was a powerful witch and would be most useful for him.

While this was only temporary, and Vincent would harbor grievances against the Mikaelsons and probably lead the witches against him, it would not matter. Once Klaus's plans had been enacted, there was nothing anyone could do to him or his family.

As he was continuing his discussion, a distraught Davina entered the public area.

"Klaus, we have a problem," she said while holding the diamond. Davina had asked to check in on the souls to make sure they weren't harmed since the diamond wasn't exactly meant for this use.

"What is it?" asked Klaus, concerned.

"So, I was checking the souls inside the diamond, and as I was doing so, I noticed that neither were related to the other. I think one of them isn't your brother," Davina explained.

Klaus was shocked at this revelation since he was sure Bonnie had used the correct spell to retrieve the souls. He didn't think she would be stupid enough to try to screw him over.

"I did more digging and found out that the other soul might not be related to the other one, but both were related to you. Just you."

That's when it hit Klaus. Kol was right near Bonnie when she retrieved his soul, but Finn was elsewhere, and so when Bonnie used a soul catcher spell, she captured the soul of someone related to Klaus since it wasn't Finn; the only other person who came to mind was his biological father, Ansel.

"Can you interact with the souls to find out who both of them are?" asked Hayley.

"I can try, but it will take me an hour or two," replied Davina.

"Do it; we don't want to screw this up by bringing someone who is dangerous," said Marcel.

"I agree," spoke Klaus in approval, while cursing his mother inwardly, realizing she must have gotten her claws on Finn already.

"Oh, and Hayley, can you come with me? I need your help with the crescent curse cure."

"Okay," replied Hayley as she brushed past Klaus, not noticing his disdainful expression at Davina's suggestion.

Rebekah came downstairs in a huff. "Where the bloody hell is Elijah?"

Both Marcel and Klaus looked at each other. "Don't know. Maybe he went out," replied Marcel.

(Rousseau's bar)

Elijah sat at his usual spot near the bar and looked around to see where the bartender, Camille, was. He could not find her anywhere.

Disappointed, he ordered himself a drink and sat there, looking at the glass. He had been feeling odd recently; he kept having these dreams with him covered in blood, and he would wake up in cold sweats. He was worried that there was something wrong with him.

As he was busy with his thoughts, he was greeted with a tap on his shoulder. "Haven't seen you in a while," came the voice from the all-too-familiar blonde. "How are things with your family?"

"Good. Actually, I was out due to some family business, which I have dealt with now," said Elijah happily.

"So my shift is over; mind if I join you?" asked Camille.

"Please," replied Elijah.

They started to talk a little about themselves. She made fun of the fact that she never sees Elijah out of a suit and how uncomfortable he must be wearing them all the time. He laughed about it. She also told him that she has a psych major and that she loves observing people.

"So what is a psych major doing in this town?" asked the man in the suit.

All of a sudden, Camille's face became sad. "Well, the thing is, my brother used to live here; he died recently. People say he went nuts and killed himself and others along with him."

"I am sorry to hear that."

"Don't be. I am actually trying to figure out what happened to him," said Camille.

"Anything I can help with?" asked Elijah.