Reborn as klaus Mikaelson at the beginning of Originals

Reborn as klaus mikaleson at the beginning of the show originals. Read as this new klaus while still vicious, merciless and manipulative, however, more calm, not prone to anger and attains everyhignt he original klaus wanted, family and loyalty. no harem,

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(Early morning)

Klaus was all set and heading towards the compound to meet Marcel. As he arrived, he looked around and saw some new but familiar faces. Rebekah's arrival, in addition to the incident that took place two nights ago, caused a shortage of nightwalkers for Marcel.

Klaus, who already knew this would take place, had made sure that a few tourists found themselves in a situation where Marcel would be recruiting them to make up for the recent loss of vampires.

All under Klaus' compulsion, of course, serving as his eyes and ears and sometimes, whispers. Unlike the original Klaus, he had no intention of taking this city by force, knowing that it would only give birth to more enemies.

They were all loyal to Marcel. They admired him, looked up to him, even though as a friend. Even if he put Marcel down and had them all fall in line, once the opportunity arrived, Klaus knew they would not hesitate to try avenging their fallen king.

Instead, he would take the city as they would welcome him with open arms.

As he walked inside the compound to meet with Marcel, he saw him speaking with his right-hand man, Thierry. He listened to them as Thierry suggested to Marcel that Klaus could not be trusted. Klaus chose this moment to enter the room with a smirk, watching Marcel trying on a suit.

"Ah, right, the party," Klaus thought to himself, remembering the original timeline where Klaus had framed Thierry in order to get to Klaus, something Marcel was able to find out about later on. This time, Klaus had bigger plans for Thierry.

Thierry stopped as soon as he saw Klaus enter. "Don't stop on my account, mate," stated Klaus with a smirk before looking towards Marcel. "Do you have a moment?" Klaus asked, as Marcel replied with a simple nod and told Thierry to leave them alone.

As they entered the study, where no vampire could listen in, Marcel looked at Klaus and spoke. "Listen, if this is about the vampires yesterday, I can assure you that was not my doing. The witches called on a top and the vampires acted on their own."

"Yes, I know you had no involvement in the matter, Marcellus, and those witches behind it won't be making any trouble anymore. However... I would appreciate it if it did not happen again," Klaus said in an understanding tone but also with a slight authority.

"Alright, I understand," replied Marcel, noticing that Klaus didn't leave. He continued to ask, "Is there anything else I can help you with?"

"Yes, I need your witch to cast this simple spell," Klaus said as he got the paper out and showed it to Marcel.

Marcel inspected the paper and asked, "What do you need it for?"

Klaus gave a sigh. "It's a long story, one I'll explain once I get back. Can you help me with this?"

Marcel looked at Klaus in suspicion but knew better than to keep probing. The spell did not seem like anything that could cause him harm, and Klaus not only caused no trouble but stayed true to his every word so far.

"Sure, I will call her. She should arrive in 30 minutes. You can sit outside until she arrives," suggested Marcel.

"Thank you," Klaus said gratefully before asking, "So what is the deal with this little witch?"

Though he knew everything about the Harvest Festival, he hadn't been informed about it as of yet in this timeline.

Marcel explained to Klaus how he had to save Davina from being sacrificed in the Harvest Festival and that he saw a part of himself in her. Klaus praised the little warrior for helping someone and shared the sentiment, as he was all too familiar with the time he had saved Marcel from his stepfather.

"She must be here," said Marcel as he got up to go towards the entrance of the compound.

Klaus was busy thinking of everything he would need to do to bring his brothers back when he saw the little witch with Marcel enter his line of sight.

Davina also gave Klaus a little smile as their eyes met. Klaus credited that for allowing her to study the grimoire he gave her a few days ago.

"Is that the spell?" asked Davina while looking at the paper.

"Yes," stated Klaus, handing it over.

"It also says here that the spell needs to be done on an object of great power? Do you have that?"

Klaus took out the Paragon Diamond, which made Marcel raise an eyebrow since it was he who had ratted Kol out and allowed Klaus to possess it. "This should work fine."

"It's a simple spell, so I should be able to get it over with quickly," spoke Davina confidently.

She then began the spell, and as Klaus had predicted, she wasn't feeling much drained while casting the spell. He knew that even though the spell wasn't complex, it would require a lot of energy, something a normal witch wouldn't be able to do.

Davina finished the spell. "Here," stated Davina as she handed the diamond back to Klaus.

Klaus inspected the diamond, which had changed its color to a bright red, making it look like a ruby instead of a diamond.

"Thank you, Davina," Klaus said in a grateful and gentle tone as he put his hand on her shoulder and got up. "Thank you as well, Marcellus," Klaus said with a smile before vamp-speeding out.

"He isn't as ruthless as you told me," spoke Davina.

"He's changed, that's for sure," replied Marcel.

(2 days later in Mystic Falls)

As Klaus had finally entered Mystic, after having made a few stops to greet some old and 'new' friends, he got a call from a number he did not recognize, but once he answered it, it became clear.

"Klaus, it's Caroline. I..." Klaus immediately hung up, not wanting to deal with the blonde or their stupid brother love triangle for some high school tramp.

Klaus went to the school to find the Bennett witch to help him with a spell. He was finding it frustrating having to constantly seek out help from witches, but he calmed himself, knowing that would not be the case for long.

He found Bonnie at the school and didn't bother wasting time with small talk, nor did he have much time either. "Look, I know you are being haunted by my brother. So why don't you help me by trapping him and my other brother Finn in this diamond? That way, you will not have to go through your entire day listening to his constant whining."

"Don't listen to him!" shouted Kol.

Bonnie thought about it. "I will help you if you can give me a few vials of your blood," causing Klaus to narrow his eyes in suspicion. He didn't know what she wanted with his blood, but a powerful witch like her, he didn't think it would be anything good.

"What for?" asked Klaus indifferently, this time catching the Bennett witch by surprise.

"Caroline didn't tell you?" she asked, causing Klaus to sigh.

"I hung up on her, not wanting to deal with whatever brotherly love triangle the idiots have gotten themselves into for the sake of the school tramp," Klaus said, a little annoyed for not having listened to the call but also a little amused.

Bonnie did not appreciate Klaus' tone or the words he used towards her best friend,

but before she could say anything, Klaus interrupted, "Remind me how many times you have almost died because of that doppelganger and her constant selfish actions while playing those two Salvatores for fools."

Bonnie was getting annoyed but also felt a small tightness in her heart, knowing not everything Klaus said was false. Out of pride, she still stood up for her best friend against the original hybrid, who caused them nothing but pain.

Klaus shook his head, knowing what a miserable life she was going to have because of them. "It's your life; throw it away as you see fit. But I ask again, what do you need my blood for?" Klaus asked a second time, annoyed at the time being wasted.

Bonnie was getting frustrated but was smart enough not to pick a fight and explained the situation to Klaus and why she needed the blood to heal Damon's werewolf bite. She also wanted a few more vials to be on the safe side, but Klaus refused. "You get one."

"Two, one for each soul you want me to trap in that necklace," Bonnie replied, but Klaus was reaching the end of his patience.

"One, and I won't compel half the city to slaughter the other half during your happy graduation," stated the original hybrid, causing Bonnie's heart rate to jump up before agreeing.

She used the spell to put Kol's soul in the Diamond and then used another spell to find Finn's soul in the veil and put it in the same object.

"Thank you," said Klaus as he handed his vial of blood to Bonnie, who was glad to receive it, but before she could say anything, Klaus had already sped out of there.

(Next night somewhere in the forest)

Klaus was standing in front of fifteen newborn vampires he had been collecting since leaving New Orleans. They were nothing special, beggars, homeless people, and a few corner trash, all who had lost the will to live and, more importantly, none that would be missed.

He had compelled them all to not only follow his orders but also how to behave and act. Unlike simple compulsion, this one was deeper. He had erased and altered several of their memories on a fundamental level, making them all believe they had known him for a long time and that he was their savior, one they had both respected and admired for the longest time.

This type of compulsion was a bit harder and took longer. However, given that they were all weak-minded due to their situation when Klaus found them, it wasn't too difficult. Yet, it proved to be quite tiresome doing it to all fifteen individually.

"Everyone knows what to do?" asked Klaus, looking at each of them.

"Yes, master!" they all said at the same time while taking a knee, causing Klaus to give an evil smile. He really loved this compulsion.

"Go!" said Klaus, and at the moment the word left his lips, they all dissipated, satisfied with how things went thus far, wondering if everything was going as well back home.

(Back in New Orleans)

"So, you say you have some information on Klaus?" spoke Marcel. He was in the middle of his party when he heard one of his men looking for him as a wolf wanted to speak with him.

"Yeah, I do. It's about his unborn child and the threat it presents," spoke the figure, as it walked out of the shadows to reveal Tyler Lockwood.