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Somewhere in the mountain ranges was situated namely Mountain Mahendragiri.

A Brahmin Sage was doing meditation and An Axe so divine like air itself is being cut by it was next to him. He was wearing a white dhoti and his long white which was tied up. There was no cloth on his upper muscular body.

Suddenly Brahmin's eyes shot open as he mutters something under his breath rapidly while stretching out his hand like wanting to hold the air itself.

"It's gone, But how?"

Brahmin was confused and was thinking about many possibilities which can cause something like this.

"Only Mahadev can take it back from me, But he will at least say something to me about it. Then the only possibility left is-" 'No but could it be, Even Lord Shiva stopped trying to make a soul pact with her(Vijaya Bow) because she(Vijaya Bow) threatened him(Lord Shiva) that she will break at which will half destroy the concept of victory itself.'

Then Brahmin had only one option left which was-

"Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaya "

Brahmin sat on the ground again(Which even he didn't know when he stand up from his position), Closed his eyes, And started chanting mantras to call Mahadev/Lord Shiva.

Just after 2 minutes, An ethereal voice held the beginning and the end but was still playful.

"Open your eyes Parshu Dhari"

Brahmin opened his eyes and saw Lord Shiva floating in the sky with an everlasting smile on his face.

"Say what you want from me Parshu Dhari"

Brahmin also smiled while shaking his head left and right.

"Mahadev, You must be joking. Because is there that you don't know about."

Lord Shiva just smiled at the comment and said innocently-

"When you don't say about it, How could I know?"

"Mahadev, It's about the bow. Please tell me that you took it back for something."

Brahmin wanted to know the answer while hoping to hear 'Yes' from Mahadev.

"No~ And you know the answer to that question, You just don't want to admit the truth."

"But when even you failed to make the pact then who can make it."

"And who said that I am perfect, You should know that even gods are not perfect just like humans. Which you had experienced so many times. Then why the denial?"

Lord Shiva just like always started explaining to Brahmin like a guru helping his Shishya to understand something.

"T-Then who is it, Can you tell me so that I could teach him the ways of it."

"In all due time Parshu Dhari, In all due time."

"Goodbye for now."

Lord Shiva vanished from the sky like wind, Leaving the Brahmin still curious about the person. Who made the pact with A weapon when even lord shiva was unsuccessful in it?

"Hurry whoever you are I'm waiting for you."

Back to swarg log


What they were hearing stunned all of the gods. They even wonder if their ears are working properly.

"How on earth is that even possible?"

This question is ringing in the ears of all the gods. After all, no one can change what fate has written. They can twist and bend it, but they can never change it. What is written in it will always happen regardless of who wants to change it; even Trimurti required things to happen before interfering with it.

"Dharmraj, what exactly do you mean? What you're saying is absurd."

"Yes, Dharmraj, stop making such jokes, they're not funny."

"Chitragupta, Is the future really changing?"

The court of God was in shambles. No one wants to believe Yama's words, but they know they are true. After all, Indra summoned them with using the highest authority.

"Please keep quiet and allow Yama to explain the situation in detail."

When it became clear that things not moving further, Indra felt compelled to intervene. As king, he ordered them to keep silence.

"Okay, so things were normal until this afternoon, when everything changed. Words of the future that was written firmly on the golden pages of book of Destiny began to shake at first, and then slowly all of those words fell and scrambled in the book like an avalanche."

Chitragupta takes over the discussion because he is the only one who is permitted to read Bhavishyavani, The Book of Destiny.

"And now, every time I look at it, a different future appears. The entire future has devolved into chaos. The one expected to win will lose, and the one expected to die will gain immortality. The future is messed up to this extent."

Chitragupta stated as he opened the book to take another look.


The gods who were waiting to see what the new future books revealed only saw that book of Destiny fall from his hands and all colour from his face vanish. His face had turned pale and bloodless, as if he had seen a ghost.

"Chitragupta What happen to you? Tell me quickly."

Yama, seeing that things were not right, went straight to Chitragupta. Yama had a bad feeling in his heart as he looked at Chitragupta's pale face.

"How can it be? It's all over, It's all over. How is that even possible?"

When Yama approached him, he could only hear Chitragupta mumbling these words. Yama has no idea what Chitragupta saw in the book, but the thing in the book really shocks him.

"Chitragupta Wake up, and tell us about what you see in the book."

Yama shook Chitragupta, attempting to shake him out of his trance, but no matter what he did, Chitragupta remained in his trance. He just kept repeating these words to himself over and over again.


Yama knocked Chitragupta unconscious with his backhand after seeing that he wasn't coming out of his trance.


Silence. There was a pin-drop silence in the entire room. No god in the court was willing to disturb the tranquillity of the court as they found solace in this silence.

"Bhrata, What we can do?"

Shani decided to break the jar because no one was speaking. He didn't mind whether the future was stable or not as long as there was no injustice happening. he prefer to avoided dealing with other gods until justice has to serve.

"We won't know what frightens him until Chitragupta wake up."

Yama was now helpless. No one except Chitragupta was permitted to read the Book of Destiny. Even Yama, Lord of the Netherword and God of Death, was not permitted to read it. As a result, they can only get an answer when Chitragupta wake up.

"*Sigh* Court is not in session until further notice."

Indra sighed and adjourned the hearing until further notice.

'What exactly is going on today? I offended goddess Ganga first, then Shani dev , and now this? Am I cursed with bad luck?'

Indra rises and enters his private quarters. Today is a terrible day for him. He can't keep up with everything that happened in one day. So he just wanted to go take a long nap to clear his mind.

'I should also go and recover from the blood essence loss.'

Ganga was experiencing conflicting emotions. On the one hand, she was relieved that this summon had nothing to do with Karna, but she also was concerned about the future change.She shakes her head and dismisses the thought. She is free to express these two emotions because they have nothing to do with one another. So, without further a do, she transformed into a blue stream of light and proceeded to the Kailash mountain. This is where she belonged, as well as where Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati resided.

Other Gods left the court silently one by one, still unable to accept what they had heard.

Surya's family, on the other hand, was discussing and preparing to leave.

"Pitashri, Matashri's, I will take Chitragupta to Anuj's Ashwini Kumar, the god's medic, Let them take inspect him."

Yama held Chitragupta in his hand. After informing his parents, he summons his mount, a black buffalo, and rushes to Ashwini Kumar's residence, as he was very concerned about Chitragupta's condition.

"I also leave Mother's.....Father."

Shani also said this as he flew his black crow towards his position in the celestial adobe.

"Svami, can we now go see our son? I can't wait to see him again."

Chhaya addressed Surya. She can travel anywhere through her shadows as a queen of darkness and goddess of shadows. So she wanted to find out where their newborn was so she could go take a look.

Surya didn't respond, but instead summoned his own mount, a golden Sun chariot with seven horses, each representing a different colour of the rainbow. This is the world's fastest chariot, second only to the demi-god Garuda, Vishnu's mount in speed.

"Not yet; we must wait until the appropriate time arrives. We will only harm Karna if we rush to before it's due date."

Surya said to Chhaya as he mounted on his chariot. Then he assists both Shandhya and Chhaya in boarding before departing for his Surya Lok.

"Wait!!! So Karna is the name of our child? What a lovely name. Svami, who thought of it?

Sandhya caught the the key information in Surya's words and immediately inquired. She was overjoyed to finally learn the name of their son. Though she was disappointed that she had not named him, it didn't matter to her any longer.

"Yes, Svami Karna is a lovely name. Did Kunti think of it?"

Chhaya was overjoyed as well. Kunti, she assumed, came up with that name after all she was supposed to be the mother of their child. Kunti's abandonment of Karna was unknown to both Shandhya and Chhaya.

"No, Devi I gave Karna that name and is probably with Devi Ganga."

Surya didn't want them to know about Kunti's act of abandoning of Karna because it would send them on a rampage. He learns from the last incident with Shani not to provoke a mother or she will go into mama bear mode. A true mother will go to any length to protect her child and punish the perpetrator.

"Huh??? Devi Ganga , oh let go and meet our son"

Sandhya and Chhaya both asked at the same time. Both were once a part of each other, so they occasionally sync, especially when shocked or excited.

"I'll tell you about it later. Let's go home now."

Surya has decided that no matter what happens, he will not be the one to inform them.When they realised Surya was not going to respond, they both stopped talking. If Surya does not respond, they can ask someone else and go meet there son.

Back with Karna

He exhausted himself due to integration of bloodline and noble phantasm.

To be continued.....

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