Reborn as Gojo Satoru in Chainsaw Man

A man reincarnates as Satoru Gojo in a chainsaw man. What does this universe have in store for our Mc and how does he cope in an unknown world.

David_555 · Anime & Comics
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78 Chs


The chainsaw devil bolted towards Satoru and slashed his chainsaws towards his best friend's neck.

Right when the chainsaw was about to slash inti his neck, his perception sped up, as reality itself began to slow considerably, courtesy of the six eyes.

Immediately he sidestepped to the right, causing the slash to miss him by a centimeter.


Denji roared out in anger, and began to execute consecutive slashes with his chainsaws, as multiple whooshing sounds reverberated, akin to the sound of air being slashed.

Satoru on the other hand kept calm and moved his body, as if he was taking a walk in the park. All the slashes were close to his body, but never close enough to really touch him.

After dodging Denji's attacks, Satoru bolted and appeared right before Denji in a split second, placed his palm on his chest, and jerked it forward.


Denji was hurled backwards after a burst of cursed energy, before he smashed into a pillar.


Before Satoru could catch his breath, the chainsaw devil's figure was already in the air, descending towards him with an overhead slash.

He instantly flipped backwards, effectively dodging the attack, and without wasting anytime, he bolted forward, reached the chainsaw devil in a split second, and executed a crazy left hook, right body punch and a spinning back kick, which hurled Denji flying into the walls once more.

'Do I really have to kill him?' Satoru thought with a frown, seeing Denji rushing towards him once more. It was like the chainsaw devil had infinite stamina, and kept coming even though he was taking a lot of damage.

'I think I should knock him out? That will do for now.' Satoru dodged Denji's slashes while still in deep thought, as if he was on a stroll.

The six eyes not only provided 360 vision and subatomic levels of perception of mass and energy, it increased peripheral perception, allowing the user to enter some sort of bullet time whenever in use. This alone, if properly used, could grant nigh godly reaction time and reflexes, allowing the user to be almost invincible in close combat.

However, just as Satoru was about to move, a nerve wracking headache assaulted him, as blood spurted out of his nose which made him stagger for a second.

Seeing the slip up, Denji rushed forward, and slashed a chainsaw forward. Satoru's brain was in a wobbled state, with its ability to process information currently in a bit of a mess. Even after torturing himself to withstand the six eyes for a while, he ultimately couldn't use it indefinitely without reverse cursed Technique.

He was hurled backwards like a comet, a testament to the immense strength of the chainsaw devil.

His body dropped to the ground, as he puked out blood, and gritted his teeth in pain. A huge gash had appeared from his collarbone to his abdomen, as blood poured out uncontrollably.

Staggering to his feet, he closed his eyes abruptly, feeling the headache growing with each passing second.

Taking advantage of Satoru's current state, Denji rushed forward appeared before him and slashed his blade towards him again.

Even with his eyes closed, Satoru could ultimately perceive his surroundings, as he sidestepped turned around and executed a spinning kick which hurled Denji backwards a few meters.

'I'm losing too much blood. I have to end this quick.' Satoru thought for a moment, feeling the immense amount of pain in his chest.

The next moment he rushed out, at full speed, leapt into the air and descended with a spin, before throwing a punch forward with all the amounts of force he could currently muster, his fists coated in red and black lightning.


In a split second, his fist were right before Denji's robotic face, but right when the fist was about to smash into him, he vanished with a step, causing Satoru's attack to miss him.

'How?!!' Before Satoru could even realize, he felt a sharp pain within his abdomen, as blood spurted out of his mouth immediately.

He looked down only to see a long chain saw embedded in his abdomen, and Denji's robotic face glaring at him with a malicious glow in his eyes.

With a roar, Denji yanked the chainsaw out of his body, before he executed a front kick which hurled Satoru backwards like a comet, sending him smashing through multiple pillars.

"How did he do that?!" Satoru's mind was currently in a turmoil. With his current mastery of the six eyes' ability, the bullet time ability couldn't be used passively and could only be used for as long as he can keep his eyes open.

But even with the eyes closed, his peripheral perception far surpassed that of an ordinary person, and even with that, he hadn't seen Denji movements at all.

Rising to his feet, he wiped his mouth, as he spotted the chainsaw man rushing towards him. Before he could even move, Denji appeared before him, executing that same movement which even he had not been able to catch wind off.


The sound of flesh being ripped apart reverberated, followed by sound of blood dripping to the ground.

At this point, the sun had started to rise, as a group of figures walked towards the warehouse dressed in black suits and overcoats.

Meanwhile, Denji and Satoru currently stood a few meters apart, with Denji's chainsaws and body soiled with blood, and Satoru who had a surprised expression on his face. Multiple deep gashes could be seen around his body, as blood flowed out incessantly.

Blood spurted out of his mouth the next moment, as he dropped to his knees. "Die!!!!" Denji rushed out and leapt into the skies, bringing down his chainsaws with immense force unto his best friend.

Despair and regret could be seen on Satoru's face, as he witnessed the chainsaw getting closer to his neck with every passing second. He knew that no matter what, once the chainsaws reached his throat, he was done for.

'No!! I can't die!! Not yet!!' He had been granted a one in a million chance, to be reincarnated and now he was going to die immaturely. Deep down within him, he just couldn't accept this fate.

He knew there was only a single thing which could save him at this moment, but after many tries during practice, he still hadn't showed signs of learning the technique.

However, this wasn't practice anymore, he had to manifest the technique or he would really lose his life in a few seconds.

Taking a deep breath, his eyes fluttered open once more, as untold amount of cursed energy began to flood his body.

Space was everywhere, a 3 dimensional void within which matter and energy resided. The limitless could allow him to manipulate this dimensional void to untold extents, allowing him to divide, pull, push and erase this void at will.

The next second, the cursed energy within his body began to react with the space around him, as it began to wriggle and wobble, around him.


Four figures had walked into the warehouse at this point, and were witnessing the showdown between the two best friends. The one in lead, was a beautiful young woman with long pink hair, and unusual golden eyes with red circles in the middle.

Although her focus was mostly on the chainsaw devil, she couldn't help but notice the unusual phenomenon occurring around the youth with short silver hair was on the verge of death. The space around him seemed to wriggle and stretch, as if welcoming the presence of the God of dimensions.


Denji's chainsaw appeared before Satoru's neck in the blink of an eye, and right when I was about to pierce into his body, ending his life for good, it stopped a few centimeters away from his skin, unable to move an inch closer.

"I did it." Satoru flashed a victorious smile, seeing the blade an inch before his throat unable to move closer. He had finally stepped on the path to become the strongest; the honored one. He had finally manifested the first stage of the Limitless itself, neutrality; the ability to divide space an infinite amount of times at will.

"It all makes sense now." He said with his smile, as blood flowed out of his mouth and nose, and the next second, his body crashed to the ground, losing consciousness, as blood pooled under him.

Seeing his enemy down already, Denji raised his chainsaws, ready to rip apart his chainsaws when he noticed the pink haired young woman walking towards him.

Immediately and unconsciously, he lowered his chainsaws, as the malicious glow in his eyes died down, before reverting to his normal form. He looked around, as memories flashed past his thoughts, and saw his best friend lying on the ground in a pool of blood with deep gashes all over his body.

Immediately, tears flowed down his cheeks uncontrollably, as he knelt near his friend's body and cried out.