Reborn as Gojo Satoru in Chainsaw Man

A man reincarnates as Satoru Gojo in a chainsaw man. What does this universe have in store for our Mc and how does he cope in an unknown world.

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Four on one

"Destroy everything. This world does not deserve to live anymore.."

Like the final judgment from God, Lilith simply ordered, before turning around and taking a step back.

Right on cue, the two Primordial devils, Hell and Darkness stepped forward, accompanied by the two remaining horsemen.

Just by waving her hand, the Hell devil unleashed a burst of negative energy which created an unnatural phenomenon, reviving all devils which had fallen on the battlefield in but a split second.

Meanwhile, darkness raised its hand, covering the entirety of Japan in a bundle of darkness, allowing only a few rays of sunshine to pierce through to the land.

The resurrected devil army stood on one side of the battlefield, readied for battle with their generals being Darkness, Hell, Death and Famine, while the humans on the other side looked disoriented, scared and exhausted, compared to the fierce aura they emanated previously.

'This situation gives me flashbacks of that day I was enlightened..'

Glaring at the other side of the battlefield, Satoru felt nostalgia, while he sighed at the flashbacks.

"Tsk. You guys look all scary and strong, however, you'll fall just like any other Devil that has crossed paths with me....especially you."

Satoru propped himself up with his arms and stood straight before flexing his arms, as he regained his previous cocky smile and disposition and then pointed at Lilith.

"Before I take care of your mother, I'm going to kill you, you, and then those two idiots behind you."

Satoru charged up his Limitless and blurted out his plan, pointing straight to Fami first, Death next and then to Darkness and Hell last.

"Insolent human. Your puny abilities are inconsequential against the real powers of this cosmos!"

Darkness roared out in anger while Hell simply raised a hand, summoning a burst of reddish black flames that seemed to burn even space and the fabric of reality itself.

"Spare me the chitchat. Now who's going to make the first move? I'm tired of waiting already."

Satoru got into a stance, while his negative energy burst out of his body, flooding the entire area.

Like a beacon of hope, humankind's Hope was gradually being restored by his relentless efforts. They had seen him creating miracles after miracles on the battlefield, and perhaps, he can create one more -just one more to end it all.

"Die vermin!!"

Darkness was the first to rush out. By conjuring it's sword from nothing but pure dark energy, it slashed out multiple times, unleashing a piercing wave of darkness that cleaved through space itself.

"Tsk. Same old moves.."

Satoru simply shrouded himself in dimensions, and used his infinity, effectively stopping the seemingly overwhelming attack in one go, before he simply stretched his palm towards an incoming attack from Hell.

A ginormous palm of flames that corroded space wherever it passed, and eradicating everything in its path.

Satoru was surprised, seeing the hell flames burning through his infinity, and the searing flame nearing his body with each passing second.

He simply stretched forth his arm, collapsed the space around him and teleported the flaming attack right into another dimension, as a small smile formed on his face.

After that, he wasted no time, and quickly blasted towards Death and Fami who were preparing to launch their respective attacks, but was however halted in his tracks by Darkness and Hell whom he quickly confronted in close combat.


The shockwaves from each collision reverberated across the battlefield, and while the dark energy surrounding Darkness's body and the Hell flames from Hell continually melted his skin, his reverse cursed technique he as running at max output, effectively healing all of his injuries, while he pressed on with even more fierceness.

Dodging a slash from Darkness's blade, he directly tanked a fireball from Hell and sustained nearly third degree burns which he rapidly healed himself from, before he hurled himself to the sky and descended with an overhead kick towards Darkness's skull.



Although Darkness has managed to block the attack the destructive force that accompanied it pushed it back several meters away, as the red and black lightning streaks ravaged its body.

Feeling his output increase by a notch, Satoru pressed on and exchanged blows with Hell, making use of attractive and repulsive forces of the Limitless to increase the destructive forces behind his attacks.

He suddenly sidestepped and dodged a flaming slash, before he bolted forward and threw a punch.


Red and black lightning exploded at the point of contact, and Hell was hurled flying. However, Satoru was unrelenting. He chased after the Primordial of Hell and unleashed a barrage of unending hits and black flashes, decimating the primordial devil with hits that would probably shatter a small hill.


The darkness devil roared out in fury and blasted into the sky at full speed, while the others watched Satoru pummel the Hell devil with a feral smile on his face.

Just a few meters away from the altercation, a massive slash swept out that seemed to cleave through reality itself, completely dividing the body of the darkness devil into two, before a large Hollow Purple attack blasted towards Death and Fami.

'How is it possible for a mere human to wield such power?'

Watching his display on the battlefield, even Lilith couldn't help but wonder with a face riddled with surprise.

"I thought at this point I would never be shocked at anything he does again...but to fight two primordial devils and two arch devils on his own? What is this guy made off?!"

Intently watching the battle with Kishibe and Yoshida, Angel commented with a facepalm while the others smiled, getting their spirits lifted a bit.

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