35 Dreams end

On the last night of the week, Esdras was not sleeping nor was he in the dungeon, he was meditating.

His spirit body was carefully monitoring the completion of the Planeswalker symbol and the fire element sigil.

That's right, this was the last day of this process. Of course he still had to engrave the remaining three elemental sigils but it can be said that he took the first step in that direction.

When his vast spiritual energy finally finished the last touches, he bore witness to a wonderful scene.

The Planeswalker symbol started shining and he felt like it was familiar to him and yet also alien. The strand of blue light connecting it with the fire sigil grew twice as much.

His sea of consciousness started twisting areas the two, it was slow and didn't harm him. But it was the first time he saw something like this nor was he aware of any records talking about anything similar.

He didn't feel any different so he wasn't sure how to feel about that. Anyway, as of now he was a level 2 mage apprentice.

Obviously he couldn't do much but at least he could now unleash his spiritual energy outside to stun ordinary people. It was the only trick level 2 apprentice mages could do.

However, this was only the first step he had to start from the low places to reach the high mountains.

Despite being in a hurry he forced himself not to rush, he started engraving the cores of each of the remaining three elemental sigils.

After that the light of the Planeswalker symbol extended to them and outlined the advanced version of each sigil, like it did with the fire sigil.

Having done that he was shocked at how smoothly the engraving process was going, it was like the spiritual energy had no weight.

The engraving speed doubled, at this rate it was will take five or six days for for all three of them to be done! And he was doing all three at the same time, this didn't make sense.

There was some kind synchronization between his spiritual energy and sea of consciousness.

By then he could advance to level 3 and then he was just going to use the system to get to level 4 at once, if he had enough EXP he wouldn't mind going straight to True mage.

It was bound to cause an uproar if the True mages found out. He should keep it a secret before going through the Rite of passage but if he couldn't then he would take care of it at that time.

If keeping it a secret proved too much of a hassle then he could care less about it. He was going to reveal his talent anyway during the Rite of passage.

He wanted to show his talent off to attract the attention of one of the Master mages of the Octarine tower. By becoming a disciple of any one of them his status would rise to the sky itself.

He did not plan to hide his talents and abilities for long, he wanted to reveal just enough to get his plan in motion. Hiding it forever was unnecessary and revealing everything was stupid so he chose something in between.

More importantly, that would mean he could get access to any spell he wanted to learn without earning Merit points like the rest of the peasants.

Do the disciples of Master mages have to risk their lives in missions for spells? He didn't think so.

Esdras wanted to live this life to the best of his ability, he was an ambitious man by nature. Moreover, that position could afford him vital information that could help him locate the second divine shard hidden in this world.

Esdras ended his meditation and felt extremely refreshed. For some reason his thoughts were drawn to his last life on Earth.

He wondered what it was like there after his disappearance, not to mention the family heirloom along with him.

He did not even leave behind a body for his family to mourn over, how would they have reacted? Probably in confusion.

They might have thought that he stole the stone slate and ran away or something. His mother must be devastated, it was an image he didn't like to think about.

His little brothers must be search all over the place for him.

His father… must be furious. The fact that Esdras not only didn't listen to him about the stone slate and even causing it to go missing after it was kept in the family for generations…

A shiver passed through him from head to toe, it might not be a bad idea to be a few worlds away from his father after all.

At the end of the day he just disappeared without a word, what could he have done? He had no idea this whole thing was going to happen.

But even if he could rationalize it, he couldn't help but feel guilty over it. What was the last thing he said to each of them?

It wasn't anything significant, he was just being his usual snarky, sarcastic self. Sometimes he was a little too serious in life.

Why couldn't he have laughed more with them? Why couldn't he say a few nice things from time to time? If he knew he would have spent more time with them.

He could have played more with his brothers or calmed his temper with them. He could have appreciated his mother more and didn't argue with her as much as he did.

He could have gone hunting or watched one more movie with his father. He could have done many things…

But it was too late now, he was not delusional enough to think that he could return to Earth.

Even if he did, he already knew what tragic twists awaited him once he got there. No, his life there was over even though it ended abruptly and without any explanation.

Dreams end, it was time to wake up.

Esdras got up at sunrise, he had fallen asleep at some point and had a dream that he didn't like think about very much.

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