Reborn as Apollo (on hold)

Author: demigod1
Martial Arts
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What is Reborn as Apollo (on hold)

Read ‘Reborn as Apollo (on hold)’ Online for Free, written by the author demigod1, This book is a Martial Arts Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ADVENTURE Light Novel, REINCARNATION Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: This is about someone being reborn as the Greek god Apollo and how he gets stronger and does what ever he wantsUpdates e...


This is about someone being reborn as the Greek god Apollo and how he gets stronger and does what ever he wants Updates every Monday and Friday

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The story is about two childhood sweethearts who did everything together. She is so happy today because,she was going to attend the same college wih her bestie. The boy's name is Dicky Salvador he is 19 years old,and girl's name is Cher Quinn she is 17 years old. They both studied and got 'A' in the exams and test. They both participated in the quiz and they always win their quiz. One year later,it is the final year's graduation they did everything accordingly. After the graduation they went to a party there were singer's,dancer's,and played so many games. Cher and Dicky got drunkshe was going to sleep in a room, and when she was changing her dress. She felt someone's presence when she turned she saw Dicky he was attracted to Cher's beauty. She told him to go but didn't pay heed to her words he told her that. He had always loved her since childhood he expressed his feelings so did Cher do the same. They got intimate with each other the next morning. Dicky woke up and saw Cher sleeping next to him and she also wako up. They both didn't remember anything that happened last night they went home and freshened up. In the evening his father told him that he is going to do his MBA in London. He had booked his tickets and its tomorrow evening.It was his dream that he will do his MBA in London,he called Cher and shared the good news to her. They went for a date in a coffee shop sat down and discussed about his work. They talked until they were tired. He came back and packed all his belongings and in the evening. They escorted him to the airport and did good bye to him. The next day when Cher was dressing for her lectures,she started to feel nauseous she went to vomit. She came back and saw her mother she asked her what has happened. She said she was feeling giddy she went to the bathroom again,and she asked her for the second time. She said was feeling feeling nauseous and pains in her belly. She rushed to the washroom again when she returned,she started feeling hot. Its like her body was on fire,she was feeling and fainted. The doctor came and checked it confirmed that she was pregnant,and she should take care of her. Her escorted the doctor out when she came back after a few minutes Cher woke up. She asked her mother and she told her she fainted and that she is pregnant. She told her mother that she didn't get intimate wuth anyone. She started crying and recalled everything that happened,between her and Dicky two days ago. She went to school after that dive months has already past. She was happy because she won't be seen by anyone and that she is pregnant. That she is gonig to do her BTECH for three months and vacate for two months. Before she even realised four months has already passed and she has finished her BTECH. When she was returned to her house she had labour pains and was sent to the hospital. They did a CS on her she had a pretty baby girl and was named Sara Quinn. Cher's mother Abby and father Gerald told Dicky's parents,about their son impregnating their daughter. Dicky's father Lamar and mother Khloe told them that,since their he to London he haven't been picking. Abby and Gerald said they should try and contact their son,as soon as possible and take responsibility for his immaturity. Now stay tuned for what will happen in Dicky,Cher and Sara's life in BEFORE SARA. ---------------------- ----------------------

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"Eternal Echoes: Threads of Time"

Title: "Infinite Imagination Challenge" Description: Welcome to the "Infinite Imagination Challenge," where creativity knows no bounds! Unleash your literary prowess and dive into a world where imagination reigns supreme. This contest invites writers of all backgrounds to submit their most innovative and captivating short stories. Guidelines: 1. Theme: "Beyond the Horizon" - Your story should explore uncharted territories, whether in the realms of science fiction, fantasy, or the limitless landscapes of the human mind. 2. Word Limit: 1,500 words (flexible, but brevity is encouraged). 3. Submission Deadline: [Specify date and time]. 4. Judging Criteria: Creativity, originality, adherence to the theme, character development, and overall impact. 5. Prizes: - First Place: [Specify prize] - Second Place: [Specify prize] - Third Place: [Specify prize] Submission Process: Email your entry to [ContestEmail@example.com] with the subject line: "Infinite Imagination Challenge - [Your Name]." Include your name, contact information, and a brief bio in the body of the email. Terms and Conditions: - Only one submission per participant. - Entries must be original and unpublished. - By submitting, participants grant [ContestHost] non-exclusive rights to publish winning entries. Get ready to transcend the ordinary and explore the extraordinary. Let your imagination soar in the "Infinite Imagination Challenge"! Good luck!

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Bonded souls❤️

Rachel, a true blood alpha werewolf of all times, strongest,stubborn, aggressive, determined, violent,posses enormous powers,she have everything a leader have even more than that. But every coin have two faces just like that even if she is physically the strongest being she is emotinally very weak, she can't control them in a good way results in ultimate damage when she met her soulmate. Kim Taehyung , a half breed of werewolves and vampire posses powers of both creatures. he is ruthless,cold,sassy,and a blood lover. his charms can make you knee down, his smartness can turn your world upside down. he gets whatever he wished just by raising his finger. he is demon disguised as prince, he losted himself as soon as she enter in his life, he wanted to claim her, mark her, grow old with her but he simply can't he needs to protect her from himself. what will Rachel do when she will found out that she is the link between the two creatures? what will happen when she will found out that to be a true alpha is not a blessing but a curse. "stop staring at me!" "what if I dont!?" "don't make me lose my mind!" "what if I want you too!" "I will rip those clothes of yours and have each and every inch of your body marked my me!" " do it I dare you!" A new story of werewolves and vampires but this time with a twist. #fanfiction #bts #kimtaehyung #jeonjungkook #kimnamjoon #parkjimin #hoseok #kimseokjin #minyoungi this book include #maturecontent #violence #abuse #fluff #mentionofblood #curses those who don't like violence read at your own risk it's not a simple romantic book. this book is for 18+ note:-this book belongs to me, it's purely my imagination don't get offended by the mentioning of bts team members name I love them all they are all precious to my heart. .....let's get started....... for more updates follow me on insta @author_lucifer

Lucifer · Urban
Not enough ratings
119 Chs

Regal Ascension: God's Epoch

The Old Ghost of thousand deaths roamed the world seeking life. He wields his weapon for the sake of life and for the sake of power. He is the one who stands on top. He is the one who carves the worlds. He is the one who slew billions, and yet he was one who advocates life. “The Celestial Nether Phoenix shall give life. “The Valhalla will bow down to me, the Hammer of Lightning shall break under my presence. “The Serpent God that circles the continent of Mu, shalt become my ring.” Pursuit and power coincide; life and death is a cycle; myths and legends are real. To protect life is to have power, to have power is to procure death, and to procure death is to face life. === Disclaimer: The cover is not mine; all rights reserve to the artists, message me if you want me to take it down. Also, as you can see from the synopsis, the story is not all Chinese myth base (but is heavily influenced by it) as I have been reading other mythologies and watching anime. And most of them will be integrated into one big pot of different cultures and myths, this includes different beasts and monsters from those different places. So if I ever offend anyone with me mixing their hometown legends and myths please accept my apologies as it is my interpretation of them...and with that said, I shall now read however I want. Oh yeah, this is not harem, nor the MC a sexual beast who will fuck any pussy, this is not an erotica.

Simple_Dynasty · Eastern
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The Elusive Metronome

"The Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom , the gentle breeze carries the fragrant petals that dance in the moonlight. There you were when I left , standing lonesome in the moonshine , your sheen eclipsing the light of the stars. Once I turned back , you were there no longer , having returned back to the Ninth Heaven that you came from ." They are as different as they could be. Yet they are brought together by a sudden twist of fate that threatens to change their worlds forever. Regardless of the passage of time the Gloom that exists in the underbelly of the World shall always rear its ugly head given an opportunity. Deep beneath the superficial glamour that earmarks society an entirely different world exists - one where the Darkness runs rampant and life is cheap. Jun You is a veteran of this world , who has severed all ties with it . Burdened with the scars of the past he wishes to seek a different life above where he can finally lay his tormented heart to rest. Ye Lan is on a mission. After that fateful night when she watched her world crumble she is on her quest for vengeance that threatens to consume her from the inside . A sudden edict arrives on her chaotic life like a bolt from a blue . Luckily , she has still time left with her. Tick-Tock . The Clock Strikes One . A Rude Intruder turns her life inside out . Tick-Tock. The Clock Strikes Two. The Spectre from the Past has Resurrected. The Clock Strikes Three Everything is in ashes. When worlds clash and everything is shaken up by an unstoppable typhoon ; Jun You and Ye Lan are forced to join forces in search of the Elusive Metronome that will decide everything.

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Obsession Series #1 Change By Him

Kaiden Meiresone is the CEO of Meiresone's publishing comapany. He became the CEO at the age of 23 years old. He doesn't want to be touch by people even his family and friends, he hates it when he need to interact with people, being the center of attetion and he hates it when he stuck in traffic and he doesn't like to go outside especially when the sun is out, but, all of this personality of him change because of one person named Dwayne Lorenzo. Dwayne Lorenzo is a fresh graduate, he is 20 years old and he's currently searching for a job because he badly needs it. He is the type of person that love to go outside, loves nature, shy-type but talkative, and touchy. Because of this trait of his Kaiden finds it a bit annoying at start. Dwayne go to kaiden's back and start to give him a massage to make him relax. He was massaging kaiden's back when the door opened. "Well, Why are you touching kaiden!?" The girl asked furiously and walk towards his direction and slapped him on to his face. Kaiden lifted his head and saw girl slapped him, he become more mad. "What the hell did you do? Why did you slapped him?" He put his gloves on and grabbed Hannah's wrist and throw it to air. She is getting into his nerves. "I saw him touching you, that's why" she stated while scrubbing her wrist. "I let him touch me, and i already told you to get the hell out of my life, and one more thing you don't have the right to hurt anyone, did you understand!?" Kaiden shouted that made her and Dwayne flinched in fear.

J_Hyeong · LGBT+
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you have quite a a good story or novel there author i hope that you will continue this stories to update it every few days and please don't drooped this it's really a good novel and quite unique as well


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