Reborn as an Extra

When Rio opened his eyes he found that he had been reborn as an extra in a novel, which he finished reading yesterday. Moreover, he has become a student of the same battle academy, where the main plot will happen. .... Looking at the protagonist playing with his harem, Rio shook his head and decided: "Yes, I will steal the protagonists chances, as for what will happen to the main plot? I don't care..." (Rio) Would you like to accompany Rio on his journey and find out where his selfish stealing activities will lead him? [NO HAREM, SELFISH MC, FAST-PACED, DIABETIC ROMANCE!] .... *The book cover doesn't belong to me if someone wants me to take it down please contact me directly.* My discord server link:- https://discord.com/invite/m87MTRraFD

Calm_Mountains · Fantasy
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New Event: The New year!

The great Freya Academy, Class A-3

The class is near its end today, one more day, in the daily life of the students has passed, just as usual. Except, today the students have a peculiar excitement in them, as if they are waiting for something.

The students are livelier today than usual. And as expected the thing they had been waiting for finally came:

"As you may already know the new year festival will be held in a week, be ready with your preparations for it." (Anna)

'The New Year festival', as the name suggests, is celebrated during the first year of the students in the academy and it gives the students a chance to participate in several competitions and other similar things. Participating in these events will not affect the rankings of the students, so they can enjoy the 'New Year festival' without any worry about affecting their grades.

Only the first years are allowed to participate in this festival every year. The second and third-year students don't have the liberty to celebrate it, they have a stricter routine to follow.

In the 'New Year festival', students can have friendly duels or participate in functions like singing and dancing, etc.

The academy has established this new year celebration to relieve the stress from the first-year students, who are still new to the academy.

But the festival will not be as ordinary this time as it always has been, this 'New Year Festival' is one of the starting events of the novel Rio read in his previous life. This New Year celebration event will be one that will cause a huge sensation in the human race.

Making people question, does the great Freya Academy stands up to its big name or not.

A Mind demon will be teleported through the nearby portal in disguise as an ordinary person and it will enter the academy as a relative of one of the students.

During the New Year celebration, parents are also invited to visit the academy and the mind-controlling demon would enter without much suspicion. It was the laziness of the security staff of the academy, that caused the demon to enter the academy so easily.

Otherwise, it would have been impossible for even A-rankers to enter the academy without any restriction.

At that time the demon would be able to control some of the staff members' minds and make them install a high-rank mana bomb near the middle section of the celebration area, the bomb would cause a huge blast.

About 300 people along with 50 academy students would be killed and several more would be injured in this incident.


According to the novel the celebration area was located in the open field on the back side of the academy, where most of the celebrations are carried out every year.

The mana bomb is a type of bomb that can cause the surrounding mana of the area to go chaotic and cause mana deviations in the region, causing people to faint in the area nearby and not be able to run away.

It damages a human just like a missile would have on Earth. The only difference is that you will die more painfully in this one. This was one of the reasons why mana bombs were banned all over the human continent and anyone carrying them was directly captured or killed.

A mana bomb has danger levels from low to perfect. (Low, intermediate, high, perfect)

Each version is more dangerous as its rank increases.

While Perfect mana bombs are said to be non-existent in the current times and are only mentioned in legends and myths. They are said to be many times stronger than the strongest nuclear bombs back on earth. Such bombs are capable of injuring an SS rank and even destroying continents.

The most terrifying thing about the Perfect-mana bombs is said to be their after-effects. They cause the mana of the environment to become chaotic. Chaotic mana can be said to be equivalent to a high-grade poison and can kill a being from its insides. Corroding every single part of the body.

The Maya continent is a living example of the terrible perfect-mana bomb. It is said that dark elves lived on that continent, but the demon race used a perfect-mana bomb and the whole continent is now nothing more than a wasteland.

Nowadays, it is said that dark elves are already extinct with no records of them surviving anymore in this world.

Even the S-ranked individuals perished. It is a pity that the race did not have an SS rank individual, if they had someone of SS rank, he could have stopped the extinction of dark elves by reducing its damage on the cost of personal injuries at the least.

From this, we can already assume the threat that a mana bomb can have, but the good thing is, making them is even more so of a difficult task and the demon race of today is not capable of creating perfect mana bombs anymore.

They may have some left in their armory even today, but they must be saving those bombs for the time they have to fight for survival.

Every race has its trump cards, when it comes to survival of the race. The elves have the great world tree, the dragons have the collision breath, the orcs have the hammer of death and the humans have the spatial teleportation.


Coming back to the main topic, the protagonist will find the existence of the bomb due to his suspicion of the person who infiltrated the academy.

He informed Ms. Anna about it, but before she could have confirmed it, the bomb was already triggered and had caused several deaths.

Fortunately, it was a good thing that the effects of the bomb were drastically reduced, due to the early finding of the bomb, otherwise, it could have been even more dangerous.

You must have wondered, why Fade didn't directly stop the demon from installing the bomb in the first place.

Well, I will give you the same advice I always give, just close your brain and think with your knees, you will be able to see this vast and colorful world more carefully this way your perception, and your way of seeing it will improve. Cough!….. I mean this whole event is to make the reputation of the protagonist, have a drastic improvement, how could some random extras not die for it?

Up until now, Fade has had a terrible reputation for being a 'trash'.

By saving some lives he can improve his standing in the class, he can improve his face, he can improve his impression in the mind of Ms. Anna, he can improve his chances of catching more harem members, cough!…. I mean making more friends in the class.

The other reason is, that he is simply too weak to even stop the demon.

Fade has recently entered the D rank and is still not capable enough to fight a Peak A rank Demon who has the advantage. Even though Fade is the son of the heavens, he still can't cross-kill such a powerful enemy.

Even though luck may be a very powerful factor in this world it is also restricted if the power difference between the people is too high.

Since Fade has 'appraisal', he can estimate if he can fight against an opponent or not, 'appraisal' affects all his decisions.

Well, appraisal is a very convenient skill in this matter. But it also has its disadvantages, for example, you will start to depend on appraisal for your every action and your survival instincts will start to decline due to depending on appraisal too much.


Just when Rio was thinking all this, the class was already over and most of the students had already gone out of the class.

Seeing that everyone was gone, Rio got up and also walked out of the class, he left for his dorm room to carry out his usual training session.

What Rio didn't know was that he had forgotten one thing during his analysis and that was the involvement of the heroine and the villainess in this event.

There was a description in the novel, that Fade became suspicious of the person when the person was crossing through a dark alleyway and secretly contacting someone through his phone.

If the person carrying the mana bomb was seen by anyone else they would not be suspicious because of his disguise, but Fade had 'appraisal' which helped him find, that the man was suspicious.

At that time, Fade came near that suspicious man because he was sent by Kira, to bring some stuff from the classroom back, to their supposed competition area.

Kira participated in a history-based competition and went head-on to fight with several teachers, with her huge history knowledge, she gained the praise of several teachers.

This made Lia the villainess unhappy, due to which she started arguing with Kira as usual.

Kira sent Fade out of the place, to prevent him from being affected by their arguments. She knew Lia was the daughter of an S ranker and could harm Fade's family by using her background.

The twist now is, that recently Lia has started to behave differently, she has stopped arguing with Kira and nobody knows what she is busy with nowadays. She seems to be staring at her phone, seemingly at someone's photo and doesn't interact with Kira anymore. (Tell me in the comment who is the one Lia stares at.)

This can lead to a different and unknown situation now since Fade will not be passing through the place and will never find out about the person. This can lead to uncertain possibilities.


Yet, Rio, oblivious to all this was now busy on his daily workout, like a madman as always.

Originally, He was not that much interested in training in his past life, but now everything has changed and he has developed an obsession with extreme training, which even he doubts how.

"Maybe I have started to get addicted to the mysterious feeling of becoming stronger every time I train." (Rio)

Thinking about it further, life in itself is very mysterious and can go in the opposite direction when you don't expect it to, making all your planning go to waste, giving a feeling of powerlessness and regret in the end.

Even if Rio knew he would only say:

"Sigh~, can't an extra have a smooth life, Sigh~" (Rio)