5 Introduction

"Now, I will be taking attendance, introduce yourself when your name is called."(Anna)

"Rank 1. Link Rex"

"Present!, As everyone knows, I am Link Rex, although I am the son of a SS rank please treat me equally, I am looking forward to the academy life!"(Link)

'Hmph, two-faced bastard, I know you are actually already making plans, to bully the lowest-ranked person in this class.'(Rio in his mind)

"Rank 2. Kira Bloodlight"

'Here comes the main heroine'(Rio)

"Nice to meet you, everyone, I am Kira Bloodlight, I am a mage. I am looking forward to our academy life"

"Rank 3. Lia Silver"

'oh, She is Lia, the only villainess in the novel'

In the novel Lia is the only girl who never accepted the main protagonist and played the role of a villainess, always harassing the main heroine Kira. Lia is a Swordsman too, and she strongly despised mages. Since the protagonist is a mage, she never accepted his approach and always rejected his confession. Later, she was killed by the boss monster of the SSS rank gate.

After 5 minutes-

"Rank 505. Rio Flash"

'oh, my rank is decent enough.'

After a brief introduction, he sat down and started to wait for the main show, which will be starting with the entry of the protagonist.

"Rank 1000. Fade Crest"

"Rank 1000. Fade Crest!, Rank 1000. Fade Crest!"

Anna got really angered after no one answered, she immediately scanned the class to find a particular student. That student was sleeping on the last desk of the class, she walked toward him and gave a slap to the face of the protagonist.


Fade flew away from the force of the slap and crashed on the wall with a bang sound.

'oh! she is as ruthless as described in the novel.'(Rio)

Fade was now fully awake and trembling in fear.

"Next time pay attention in the class!, same goes for everyone, if I found anyone sleeping in my class he will get a slap on his face!"(Anna)

Everyone gulped their saliva and the whole class got silent. Anna walked to the front and declared:

"Since it's your first day, we will not do much today, come to the training grounds with me and choose your weapon, follow me"

Every student started to follow behind her in a line and after 10 minutes of walking, we finally reached the training grounds. Seriously these training grounds are huge they can easily contain thousands of people easily.

"Now choose your weapon among these, there is every weapon present you can think of. After that, you can do light training on your own. Since it's your first day there will not be anything more"

After that, she walked out of the training ground as if leaving the students on their own, but I know that she will be observing us all through the cameras with other teachers.

'Let's not delay, I will just mind my own business.'

Every student started to pick their respective weapons, Rio also choose his weapon, it's a double-handed long sword.

'This will do for now

You can only use these training weapons given by the academy when you are here. Obviously, you can use other weapons too, only if you are certain that you will not get caught.

'Let's enter the gravity room first'

After all the students got their respective weapons they left for the training without delay. Except for one, the protagonist Fade Crest. He was still standing there in a daze, no one knows what he was thinking about, after about half an hour of standing in a daze he finally picked up a mage's staff and walked towards the practice dummies.

When he tried to shoot some fireballs at the dummy, the fireball created was as small as a lighter's flame. All the students nearby started to laugh at him. Seeing this all the teacher's in the monitoring room also shook their heads.

Not to mention Anna was already enraged after seeing that pitiful fireball:

"Damn it! how did that shit get in our academy!"

All the other teachers were laughing in their hearts, finally, after all this time, the perfect record of Anna of being the only teacher, whose all student passes with good marks, will be broken this year.

After two hours of training, Anna came back to the training field and announce the end of the class.

Rio immediately laid down on his bed after coming back to his dorm.

"hoo...today's training was only average, I need to train more after the protagonist got his cheat he will rise very fast, I need to be strong enough to be able to protect myself"

Although Fade's personality is a coward before he got his cheat system, after he gets his cheat, he will become very arrogant not to mention he will start beating anyone he will want. If someone's standing in his way, he will beat him. If someone is not following his commands he will beat him.

'Tsk, I won't get bossed around by that brat, a sword to his neck, and all will be good'

Although you have the liberty to fight in this academy, the rule is that you cannot kill anyone, cannot torture anyone, and cannot cause a fatal wound. Rest can be done. Due to this rule, the protagonist will be beaten, by the lackeys of Link every day. They will not cause a fatal wound, but will just beat Fade every day, for their entertainment.

Well, it's not like he will die from such small things, how can he be the child of the heavens, if he died so easily. Instead, this bullying will cause him to awaken his system.

"I looking forward to it!"

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