Reborn as an Extra

When Rio opened his eyes he found that he had been reborn as an extra in a novel, which he finished reading yesterday. Moreover, he has become a student of the same battle academy, where the main plot will happen. .... Looking at the protagonist playing with his harem, Rio shook his head and decided: "Yes, I will steal the protagonists chances, as for what will happen to the main plot? I don't care..." (Rio) Would you like to accompany Rio on his journey and find out where his selfish stealing activities will lead him? [NO HAREM, SELFISH MC, FAST-PACED, DIABETIC ROMANCE!] .... *The book cover doesn't belong to me if someone wants me to take it down please contact me directly.* My discord server link:- https://discord.com/invite/m87MTRraFD

Calm_Mountains · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
315 Chs

Arner, The Child of Thunder... Part-2.

"Yes, I am fully prepared…"

Arner nodded his head as he talked to his teacher via his smartphone.

SS-rankers cannot personally meet the contestants during this event, but they can still communicate with them.

Arner had called his teacher to consult about whether or not he should use the plan he had made.

After getting the agreement of his teacher, the confidence on Arner's face returned.

Before Arner ended the call, the other party gave him some small advice:

"By the way, don't overdo it; all that matters is that you tried your best… Overdoing it is harmful for your future progress as it may leave some trauma…"

Arner nodded his head and smiled.


With his chest puffed up with pride, Arner donned his combat suit and grabbed his hammer to finally leave the waiting area.

He walked through a long corridor and finally arrived at the playground entrance. With a determined look, Arner entered the playground field.