Reborn as an Extra

When Rio opened his eyes he found that he had been reborn as an extra in a novel, which he finished reading yesterday. Moreover, he has become a student of the same battle academy, where the main plot will happen. .... Looking at the protagonist playing with his harem, Rio shook his head and decided: "Yes, I will steal the protagonists chances, as for what will happen to the main plot? I don't care..." (Rio) Would you like to accompany Rio on his journey and find out where his selfish stealing activities will lead him? [NO HAREM, SELFISH MC, FAST-PACED, DIABETIC ROMANCE!] .... *The book cover doesn't belong to me if someone wants me to take it down please contact me directly.* My discord server link:- https://discord.com/invite/m87MTRraFD

Calm_Mountains · Fantasy
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313 Chs

27.1 Extra chapter...Power intro! (Skippable)

[This is not a chapter but an introduction or you can take it as an extra chapter.]

Power Hierarchy of the world: -

Every rank has early(S-), middle(S) and peak stage(S+).

Rank-G: The lowest rank for any creature of any race present. Every newly awakened is in this category, except for some powerful races (Like Dragons) and extremely talented individuals (Like Link Rex, the villain), who directly start from rank E since birth.

Rank-F: The stage every talent less awakener can achieve. (This was the original talent potential of Fade before he awakened his system)

Rank-E: A bit more talent and hard work can make you achieve this. (Most of the students are in this rank right now.)

Rank-D: Talent is still the important factor and hard is also important. (Lia, Kira and other top 10 students are in this rank right now.)

Rank-C: Only one out of every 500 awakeners, someone awakens the C rank talent. (This was Rio's original talent potential)

Rank-B: After rank C there's a major bottleneck, which need hard work and suitable conditions to breakthrough Rank-B. Rank B makes a way for improvement in stats of every awakener. (Currently Rio is stuck at 50, this is the reason.)

Condition for advancement:

- Your main technique should be at Rank-B. (Like the elemental sword art in Rio's case.)

- Your stats should be max. (Like Rio's stats are all at 50)

- You should have talent potential of rank-B or above.

Rank-A: Only one out of every fifty thousand B rankers becomes an A rank (when he has talent, of course). There's no particular condition though.

Rank-S: A major step in a creature's journey of strength. You can break through your racial limits once you advance in this realm. (Like 100 stat points are the racial limit for humans.)

Conditions for advancement:

- All stats should be max. (100 in human's case.)

- Main technique should already be at Rank-S already.

- You should have talent potential of rank-S or above.

- You should be able to endure the pain inflicted by racial advancement. (Most of the awakeners die in this process.)

Rank-SS: The current peak of strength in this world. Currently only three such individuals exist in human race. They are capable of destroying continent alone with their power. There's no limit placed on their stats. These individuals can already be considered 'Demi-gods'.

Condition for advancement:

- Enduring Extreme pain due to breaking of limits on the body and mana quality improvements.

- All stats should be max after becoming S rank.

- Main technique should already be at rank SS.

- Talent SS or above. (This is the main reason why there's so few SS rank individuals. Only one or two individuals with such talent appears in 100's of years in a race.)

Rank-SSS: No individual is in this rank right now. Information Unknown…. (Link Rex, the villain has the talent potential to reach this rank, according to the novel Rio read, but he was never able to reach it, because he died in Fade's hands.)

Condition for advancement: Unknown….

Remark: (A rank above demi-god, what could it be? Tell me in comments.)

[There's one more rank above this but this is a secret for the end of the story.]

Author's Note- Sorry for the late introduction of power structure. This is my first novel, so I didn't know that, there's a need to add such an introduction. But thanks to all those readers, who gave me the inspiration to create this chapter.

Thank you for all of your support,

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