Reborn As An Evolving Monster

Out of countless Souls, ten were chosen to be reborn as Monsters into the Higher World. A World much different than ours, filled with Demons, Devils, and Mythical Creatures. Ten Chosen Souls, Ten Chosen Candidates. For what they are Candidates, remains a mystery. "Weaklings shouldn't worry about such things." Indeed, only the strong can survive, which is why, for ten Candidates, ten Dungeons were built. Raise your strength, get used to how things operate in a World of Monsters, and perhaps you, then, will be worthy of the answers you seek. One of those Candidates had been given, in his previous life, the name Mark. But such a name doesn't mean much. After all, he is, in this Higher World, better known by his Titles. The Devourer & The Evolving Monster. -------------------------------- More info in the pinned review below!

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[Temporary Leave will be allowed after clearing the Fourth Floor.]

'Temporary, huh? Tsk. No matter how much time passes...'

A Monster covered in white scales faced huge doors.

'...I just can't get used to you bossing me around.'

[As your strength increased, so did your arrogance.]

'Oh-ho, so we can chat now, Dungeon Master?'

At that thought, no answer came.

'It must be the Dungeon's Master that's talking to me through the System. It must be, right? From time to time, quirky answers instead of the cold usual ones where there is only information... If anything, that UNKOWN that sent me the challenge on the Sixth Floor must be him, or rather it, the Dungeon Master.'

[That information is unavailable.]

'Back to the dry answers, huh? That's fine I guess. I'll know for sure after clearing all the Floors.'

As if to reminiscence about the time spent, Mark turned around.

'All this time, and I'm only halfway there... Anyway, temporary leave? For how long?'

[That information is unavailable.]

'Tsk. Don't you dare call me arrogant again.'

[The System will need you to become much, much more than that.]

The side of the Monster's mouth curled up, showing its numerous sharp fangs.

Probably to express something.

Something... Akin to a smirk.

'No need to think about these things too much. I'll know for sure after leaving. But first, I need to get stronger. Who knows what kind of world is waiting for me out there.'

Mark put both palms on the huge doors.

'Hey, umm, kitty? Get on Fiery and stay behind.' He pushed both doors wide open.

The Moonlit Feline climbed onto Fiery's back.

'Guess I have to think of a name for you... An appropriate one.'

The doors left way for a huge stairway.

As he walked up, Mark noticed something.

After bending down and wiping part of a stair with his hand,

'Dirt? No... Sand?'


The Moonlit Feline stealthily and swiftly jumped off Fiery's back and landed on Mark's.

The latter pushed the Underling off, but the Moonlit Feline kept trying and trying.

Its perseverance was such, that Mark couldn't help but allow it.

'You're getting off once we get to the top of this stairway.'


As the group of four got higher and higher up the stairs, the amount of sand covering them increased.

'This might be a bit tricky...' Mark thought once he arrived at the top of the stairway.

In front of him, were huge doors once again.

This time, the whole ground was covered by a thick layer of sand.

'Dodging might be harder on unstable footing... Not that I need to. Now, fuck off.'

Mark pushed the Moonlit Feline off.

The latter landed on the sand-covered ground.

Its paws sank.

The Moonlit Feline growled as it fought against the sand.

'Why did it have to be so loud...' Mark complained internally, before placing his palms against the giant doors.

He complained, but something akin to a smile was on his face.

The Moonlit Feline struggled, but it managed to climb up Fiery's body.

It happily sat on the wide back, glad to have left the sand.

The doors were pushed open.

'Oh, guess I should have told Fiery to make some offspring. Had the time to make quite a few too.'

Still, Mark confidently stepped into the Fourth Floor.

'I'll repeat myself. The three of you stay behind. Only act when I tell you to do so.'

Beyond the doors, an imposing and wide desert lay.

Covered by sand and semi-dead vegetation.

The horizon seemed far, far away.

Mark raised his head, and there they were.


A clear sky.

An unforgiving sun.

'Is it... Real? It's not, right?'

The thought of putting his wings to use in order to leave the Dungeon crossed Mark's mind, but that fantasy quickly crumbled.

[The Fourth Floor is covered by a dome of Mana.]

[A sphere of Mana illuminates it.]

'Thought as much. Still, it's nice to be in an illuminated place...'


The next second, from three different directions, the sand started shaking.

'Just like those centipedes. Moving underground, huh?'

Three Monsters surfaced once they were about 10 meters away from Mark.

Their skin was brown and looked tough.

Four humanoid limbs and a tail.

They stood on two legs, and were a bit shorter than Mark.

'Are those... Wings?'

They were similar to those of bats, connected by their arms and backs.

Not only that, but they were sharp.

Extremely sharp.

As if on cue, all three Monsters jumped up towards Mark.

Time appeared to slow down as his "Advanced Kinetic Vision" Passive Skill activated.

The Monsters' arms were raised high.

'Trying to cut me with those wings?'

Mark quickly jumped away at the last second.

Still not used to the unstable footing, one of those sharp wings scratched his leg, but it did not go through his thick white scales.

On the other hand, a lightning-quick tail flick beheaded one of the attackers.

The Monsters, surprised by Mark's speed and by their comrade's death, quickly stepped back.

They lowered their body towards the ground.

So much so, that their wings were practically buried under the sand.

'Submitting already? Sorry, but I don't intend to take you as Underlings.' Mark thought as he gathered Aura around his arms.

He launched himself towards the two Monsters.

Once Mark was about two meters away, time slowed down once again.

The Monsters started raising their arms.

'What are they...?'

Even though he could see their movements, his body wasn't fast enough to react.

As the wings were raised up towards the sky, so was the sand that was on them.

The sand particles touched his eyes, and Mark instinctively closed them for a second.


Once he reopened them, both Monsters were standing with their chests held high.

Their chests seemed to have been inflated.

Thankful that the short moment where he couldn't see wasn't fatal, Mark decided to observe them more closely, instead of attacking right away.

The next instant, the two Monster exhaled a large fog made of sand.

Despite numerous grains of sand hitting his eyes, Mark did not close them.

Nevertheless, once again, he drowned in complete darkness.

'What the hell? What is-'

His eyes were open, but he couldn't see a thing.

Mark waved his arms around randomly, trying to disperse the thick fog of sand.

A voice was heard.

[You have fallen victim to the Status Effect: Blindness.]


Since Mark could not see, the System's messages were passed on telepathically instead.

He quickly jumped back.

Mark was slashed twice at different locations, but he did not bleed.

His scales were extremely sturdy.

Mark decided to move around while protecting his neck and head, as they were his most fragile body parts.

'Shit. How long will this go on for??'

[23 seconds.]

Five seconds passed, and the Monsters still could not damage him.

The next instant, a long howl was let out.

'What is-'

A sad and long howl, full of worry echoed only a handful of meters behind Mark.

[Your Underling has been affected by the Status Effect: Blindness.]

Without giving it a second thought.

Without even being aware of it.

Mark threw himself in the direction of that howl.

With his knees on the ground, his thick and wide back towered over the blinded Moonlit Feline.

Mark's mind went blank.

'What the hell... Am I doing??'

He activated his "Impenetrable Barrier" Magic Skill, but the barrier was broken four slashes later.




On the fourth attack, his back bled ever so slightly.

Since he wasn't moving around anymore, he had become an easy target for the Monsters.

'Why am I-'

His back was slashed over and over again.

The Moonlit Feline's white fur was sullied, as drops of steaming red blood landed upon it.

For the first time, without even consciously doing it, Mark had protected one of his Underlings.

For the first time, Mark had bled for one of his Underlings.

Sensing its Master's blood fall upon its own fur, the Moonlit Feline cries grew louder and louder.

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