Reborn as a warp god with a warp system in Warhammer 40k

[Note: Warhammer 40 K belongs to its right full distributors traders and manufactures all I’m doing with this is making a fun fanfiction that no one else has tried and I hope it entertains my readers I am not trying to make a profit out of this this is just for fun reading and typing on my part I hope the community is satisfied for what I’ve made to entertain so my grim dark readers let’s dive into an endless galaxy at war.

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I’m in the warp

(Soul)Darkness all I see is darkness and bore fucking darkness for fucking Pity sake I have been here forever is this where the part where some God chose me and gives me wishes for fucking killing me my God why has this asshole not showed up.


(Soul) huh...

[Integrating warp system into subject scanning... scanning... scanning complete subject is compatible with warp system initializing first contact]

(Soul) about fucking time yo dude are you gonna give me my fucking wishes or not.

[Contact establish hello new host you've been selected to test out an experimental system do you accept]

(Soul) yes I do get in here so we can tear some shit up I'm antsy tired and want to punch someone in the face so yesssss!!!

[Acknowledged integrating system into host integration complete]

[Hello host this is the warp system A tool for you to use to help you on your journey and exchange for such a gift we request to gather data and by accepting this you accept every fiber of your being scanned studied in research for further systems we thank you for your cooperation]

(Soul) cool so I'm like the first guy with this thing so do I get some starter package or something??

[Innoway host you do you get to choose what you will become in the new galaxy that you'll be thrust into]

(Soul) hold up what galaxy where the fuck are you sending me.

[Acknowledge this is correct you're being sent to the universe which you known as Warhammer 40K you're being integrated into this universe as I warp God and similar fashion as The other warp lifeforms residing within the immaterialism]

Dead silence lingers in the void between the system and its new host the silence continues on for several minutes but feels like years.

(Soul) Pull the fuck up so I'm going to a shit face galaxy with hungry gods, demons ,superhuman that can rip out my spine with their bare hands add some shitty space elves space orcs little dwarf people and if that was enough a place so goddamn brutal not even life or death can give you a break to the point where you're either insane lunatic Or insane lunatic that lets demons fuck with you on a daily basis or insane lunatic that doesn't give a shit about anything!!!!!!

[That's correct your description is spot on]

Emotionless response given by the system to its new host the soul is not amused by this and starts to hyperventilate if so can even do that and after several hours will well what feels like hours the soul begins to calm down and speaker system once more.

(Soul) OK it could be worse I could be send it to a fucked up romance noble where I die for no fucking reason at least here I can actually be in op motherfucker but like you said earlier I'm to be a warp God like in the immaterialism.

[That is correct like the gods of chaos in the universe you are to become a warped entity and what you will become is up to you that's why we're gonna go through some character creation methods to figure out what kind of warp entity you will become]

(Soul) cool shit system what you got for me.

[You will be going through the choices of what you wish to be like any entity of the warp you must have a sphere of influence graduate you can have more than one but you must have one that is dominant above the others if you wish for example the change of Waze sphere of influence is change it is the dominant one or another example is the blood God for his sphere of influence is violence and The grandfather of plagues sphere of influence is decay and she who thirsts sphere of influence is excess]

(Soul) cool so what do I get to choose from.

[I will be providing you a list of what you can choose from you can choose up to four among those forone must be dominant so choose wisely because your dominant sphere of influence will also influence you in ways you may not predict]

[List of spheres:






Marshall prowess












Fate ]

(Soul) well that's quite a lot to choose from and I can only choose four got to think hard on this one.

After several hours of thinking the soul decided the spheres of influence to choose.

(Soul) Give me sorcery, passion, ambition And knowledge.

[Acknowledge integrating into host....integrating.....integration complete spheres of influence Installed]

[Now for the second part of your selection point of origin choose the type of origin you wish to have for yourself where will you start]

[List of origins

Birth by chaos: you were born with the same time as The prince of excess result in you becoming a half Elder God : bonus double energy when devouring the elder souls, bonus access to similar powers as the prince of excess.

The beginning of the end: Born when no other thing has been born yet within the sea of souls were you were born before the start of Warhammer and all of its history given you several millennia Headstart above all however you will have to learn everything on your own: bonus warp manipulation +20 : bonus custom-made home realm when you first start.

The start when shit is getting fucked up: come into existence when 40K comes around when all around you there's nothing but war and thirsty gods: bonus 50+ power and 20+ knowledge : bonus custom made greater demon]

(Soul) give me the beginning of the end because there's no way in hell I'm sharing a room with that thing or going straight headfirst into that cluster fuck of a galaxy without no preparation's whatsoever.

[Acknowledged origin chosen entering second phase of character creation]

[Choose sphere of influence to be dominant]

(Soul) passion.

[Displaying character sheet:


Class: warp entity

Sphere of influence:


Dominates sphere: passion 200+ forging


Strength: 50500


Warp manipulation: 6007+20

Magic: 40900+300



Charm: 30078

skills: forging level 8, vision sight level 4, weapon mastery level 4, demon creation level 2, spell casting level 8, Energy manipulation level 10, Energy control level 8, flesh manipulation level 3, Gene mutation control level 4]

(Soul) i'll be honest right now I feel dope as hell this is a good start in my own opinion.

[Indeed host this is a very good start now to tell you one more important detail never tell anyone your true name for anyone knowing your true name they will be able to either permanently kill you or enslave you]

(Soul) cool but can't give a name to myself at least what does someone have to give me a name.

[Either take up a title or name given to you by mortal either one works for example the chaos god the names you know them by or not the real names both titles insults and names that their followers and enemies called them]

(Soul) That makes sense well I guess we're done here is it I guess I have to get going.

[Indeed host when you arrive in the universe the system that is going with you won't have my level of intelligence this is done to make sure the system doesn't take over the host and run rampant through the universe and we made it to where it's a part of you so think of it like an extra power or someone they can give you advice when needed]

[Now it's time to send you on Have a safe trip and thank you for cooperating us on our experimental new system we thank you and have a good day]

[And for accepting this experimental system the dimensional creation system corporation have stored onto you a special gift that will help you it will be sent to you when you arrive we thank you and have a pleasant existence]

A giant hole appears beneath the soul it gets sucked down it's like a toilet bowl.

(Soul) Holyyyyyyyyyyyyy shit!!!!

The soul screams as he squashed down through the hall of existence that looks like a toilet.


{In the sea of souls}

Within the sea of souls mass upon mass of energy and psychic thoughts that can smoosh and twist turn flex and bend together and within a short span of a few millennia this ball of mass of energy explodes creating small tremors within the sea of souls.

And within the ashes of this energy rises a warp entity the likes of which that has never been seen before and the only thing throughout the entirety of the sea was hearing its voice for the first time.

(warp god) Holy shit that was a wild ride and did I just get washed down by a dimensional toilet?