19 The test begins

Clack! Clack!


In a huge building filled with students, many were training some with swords, some with wands and bows

On a high platform, a woman was standing her long red hair tied into a ponytail wearing a black suit and ankle boots

She was writing something in a small notebook while looking at the training of a blonde haired boy

"You are working hard, miss clara."

Suddenly, a man walked beside him his facial features weren't remarkable

Black hair and brown eyes wearing a white shirt and black pants with formal black shoes

Clara raised her head

"You too, Mr Donavan

"Do you have any students in mind that might give us a surprise in the upcoming test today

"Yes, I have

"Hmm, you mean the boy with blonde hair and that blue haired girl beside him?

"Yes, they seem like a talented duo."

Donavan hid his smirk and said

"Then you don't have any regard for your former student if I'm not mistaken his ranking should b.."


Suddenly, clara hit the notebook in his hand with the pen she was holding, making Donavan stop talking

"Mr Donavan, please mind your own business. I won't make an exception even if he was my student, now excuse me."

Click! Click!

Clara walked away after saying this


'What a troublesome woman,but don't worry, I'll make sure your dear student loses his position.'






On the training grounds below

Kyle was training hard with Olivia. Although she was a bow user, she didn't mind honing her Swordsmanship from time to time

Clack! Clack!

Their swords hit each other many times

Making sparks fly, but it was obvious who was winning


And a sword fell from the hands of the loser

Olivia fell on her back while breathing roughly

Huff! Huff!

When suddenly kyle extended a hand towards her

"Dont worry, you did well. im not gonna complain."

Olivia smiled and grabbed his hand

"Who said I'm gonna complain you couldn't even keep up with me a few days ago?

Tell me, how did you become so strong suddenly."

In her response, kyle just smiled innocently and said

"I'm just doing what I do best and training harder,"

Hearing this, Olivia remembered a saying

'Everyone has their secrets huh'.

"I dont believe this, but whatever, I guess everyone has their secrets."

Kyle didn't want to continue talking about this topic, so he quickly said

"Are you ready? We should head towards the training tower. I don't want to be late."

Olivia obvious to his attempt to change the topic didn't say anything

"Yeah, let's go back,we shouldn't drain ourselves before the exam."

Soon after

Ellis and Anna tagged along, too

the group got to their destination after riding a mana train

Getting off the train, they saw a tall tower completely black

30 story tall and a huge amount of mana emanating from it

Many students from all of the classes were standing in front of it listening to their class instructors explaining about the tower

Olivia bid farewell and went towards her class where Miss clara was taking attendance. Similar to her, the rest of the group also went toward their class instructor, Mr Donavan, taking attendance

After the attendance was finished, all of the teachers gathered on the plaza right before the tower on a huge standing

Miss clara came forward while holding onto a notepad to explain the rules

"The rules are as follows

"Everyone present will be attending this test with a pre made team created by academy

"Every team will have 4 members

"And don't worry, every team has bin evenly mixed with high ranking and low ranking students. Unless there are no special circumstances, the team members won't be changing

"The rules in the tower will be as follows

1:For every floor that your team clears, 50 points will be given

2:Any monster that you hunt in the tower for F rank 5 points

E rank 50 points

and for...D rank, 200 points will be given

but you have to bring a part of that specific monster

3: Keep in mind that you can attack other teams.

it's not prohibited, but inflicting any deadly injuries or killing will result in your immediate expulsion

4:Your team members will wear this ring. It's a special made ring that will let everyone outside watch your performance on this billboard behind me.

"it also will calculate your teams points based on your achievements and will teleport you out of the tower if your life is in danger...or you surrender.

"your points will be calculated only after you hand over this ring...the passing points for this exam will be 500 points"

Suddenly, the huge flying billboard behind the instructors displayed a silver ring embedded with many dull gray colored gems, exactly 30 in number

"Of course, those who exceed this number will receive extravagant rewards based on their earned points

"Your ranking along with your rewards and points will be displayed on this billboard behind us for everyone to see, so don't embarrass your selves."

"The order of the teams entering the tower has already bin decided when your team's number is called enter the tower

Only 4 teams will be entering at the same time, so pay attention to your surroundings."

Then, the huge billboard changed again, displaying many teams along with groups for every class

The students chatter filled the plaza while everyone started looking for their own team members

Still, few were looking at the billboard out of curiosity to see who will be the lucky trio that will be in the same team as the famous number 1 ranking will be

And they soon found it



1:Aamon Lancaster

2:Olivia Clark

3:Jac Winter

4:Ross woods


This also came as a shock to Kyle, and the rest of were in the same team

Sophia was in a different team

"Why is her name in the same team as that guy?"(Anna)

Kyle, along with Ellis, was also looking at the billboard with worried expressions

Suddenly, kyle said

"We should find Olivia,she needs us right now,"

The trio quickly found her in the crowded plaza, standing near the billboard with a bewildered expression

"Olivia, are you alright?"

Ellis asked her

Olivia noticed them quickly recovered her expression

"...Yeah, im good it's not like he can hurt me inside the tower or something."

"Are you sure? I mean his someone powerful enough that even the academy can't punish him

Olivia, hearing this said

"No, it's not like he can't be punished. it's just that he hasn't done something worth punishing, and besides, I'm not that weak!."

Seeing her like this, they also relaxed and let go of their worries

Ellis smiled brightly and said

"You're right. If he dares to bully you, I'll beat him for you..."

Like this, they comforted her for a while before heading off to find their last team member

'Well, I said all that, but will everything be alright? I guess I have to find him first.'

Aamon POV

'Hmm, as expected, nothing has changed sigh~'

Aamon was looking at the huge billboard with a calm expression he expected this and also knew why his ranking fell after this test, so everything was under control

'The reason why I lost my ranking was due to Olivia.

In the novel, she gets injured on the 15th floor, and Aamon, who deeply cared about her surrenders

thus losing his ranking to Tyler and the main cast, gaining a chance to shine such as kyle and the rest managing to surpass him'

Aamon already had a plan in mind regarding this exam

'I guess I can only take advantage of the loopholes left in Miss Clara's rules. In the end, I can only rely on my own strength.'

Not long after, Aamon saw 2 people along with Olivia coming towards him

One of them was a burly student with black hair and a well-built body wearing the same uniform as the rest he looked like a frontline tank

The name

Jac Winter was inscribed on his left side of his chest

The other one was a skinny boy with brown hair and madimum,height but from his built Aamon instantly knew he must be a speed type probably an archer or an assassin, the name

Ross Woods was inscribed on the left side of his chest

And the last one was obviously Olivia her iconic Blue hair was a dead giveaway her main weapon is bow and dagger

The 3 of them performed a slight bow when they came to Aamon, Jac was the first to convers

"It's an honor to meet you, young master Aamon. I ve long heard the stories of your achievements. My name is Jac Winter. I'll be in your care."

Then the skinny boy with eyes filled with admiration said

"My name is Ross woods its an honor to meet you, young master Aamon. Similar to others, im also excited for this exam."

Olivia, although it seemed honest but forcefully performed a slight bow with her head and greeted Aamon with a dry voice similar to a stranger

"Young master Aamon, I'm looking forward to your cooperation."

Aamon put on his business smile like always and said

"It's nice to meet you all. I'm also looking forward to our exam and our results."

It took Aamon a few seconds to control these two around his pinky finger, but as expected, Olivia didn't talk to him

Aamon did the same and didn't mind her

Soon, Miss clara announced the first 5 teams to enter the tower, neither of the main cast or Aamon was in it

'The main cast Along with Tyler and Sophia will enter the tower at the same time

of course, Kyle will save Tyler's life in the tower, resulting in him joining his party in the near future.

Around 2 hours later

the teams surrendered with half of their members injured or exhausted, their points and number of floors conquered,also got displayed on the huge billboard for all to see...and it was one of the worst performances

And like this, many teams went in

Some of them were surrendering before the 10th floor, and some of them managed to get past that, and finally, it was time for the main cast to enter

The huge billboard lit up, and the next 5 teams were announced

Team 34:

1:Kyle smith

2:Anna Roseville

3:Ellis Walker

4:Scott Anderson

Team 10:

1:Tyler Aven Kreoris

2:Pierce Haynes

3:Jesse Macy

4:Bentley Reid

Team 13:

1:Sophia Berkeley

2:Alanna Brown

3:Samuel Lynch

4:Milo Mitchell


Kyle smiled while looking at the billboard, his fighting spirit slowly rising.

'This is my chance!'

He clenched his fists in anticipation of climbing the tower

Contrary to him, Tyler was busy talking with the females in his team with a huge smile.

Sophia was instructing his team members and getting along with them pretty well, although she was disappointed that she couldn't compete with Aamon

A while later, the 4 teams entered the tower.

At first, Sophia's team was sweeping every floor faster than the rest and were ahead by a huge 150 points

When the teams reached the 10th floor, mini boss the Goblin chieftain to all of the students' surprise it wasn't Sophia's team that scored most of the points it was Kyle's team, and then Tyler

After that, it didn't take long for Ellis's superb fist techniques,and Anna's great support spells,along with kyle, to close the gap and even leave them behind

Then, the teams completed with each other on the 15th floor. Tyler took the lead from kyle and kept it like that till the 20th floor.

the last mini boss room and the infamous undefeated room,

of course, there was a certain someone that defeated the boss of this room a long time ago, but nobody managed to do it after him.





In front of the 20th floor, the boss room door

Tyler was standing in front of a huge door with a serious face. On the door, there was a picture of a strange monster

Half of her lower body resembled that of the spider and the other half a beautiful woman.

'If im right, then the monster inside is the queen spider. The symbol is a black spider with the head of a female drow,... sigh, this is impossible...'

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps made him turn around and see the main character of this year's evaluation,

'Or maybe not, If they help, then this can be passable.'




Kyle and Sophia finally reached the 20th floor boss room door and saw Tyler with his team members standing there.

along the way, Kyle's team helped Sophia's team, greatly reducing the burden on them

To Kyle's surprise, Tyler walked up to him with a gentle smile his Navy blue hair made him look extra appealing to the eyes

"Hello, Miss Berkeley and Mr Smith."

Sophia bowed her head, and kyle followed through

"I know this may seem weird as to why I'm approaching you guys and didn't enter the boss room all by myself, but there is a good reason for that."

Indeed, kyle and Sophia were wondering about this for a while now

Tyler pointed towards the door and said

"That symbol, I think, you know what that means,don't you?"

Kyle looked at it but didn't know he quickly asked the system, and the answer he got was shocking

Sophia looked at the door carefully and said

"If I'm not mistaken that's the symbol of the Queen of Spiders, she takes the appearance of a giant black widow spider with the head of a female drow or human peering from between the eight spider-eyes,she's very famous for her deadly charm skills.

"of course, this one is just an imitation of the real one Residing in the Abyss,Lolth the Goddess of the Dark Elves, Also known by her other name

The Spider God."

Tyler was a bit surprised by Sophia's explanation continued

"Yes, just as you ve said, if we enter separately, nothing but defeat awaits us, so.."

He extended his hand and said

"Let's work together so that we can break through,the only clear record held by William Lancaster."

Sophia got surprised

'What!? Are you telling me a single individual is capable of defeating such a monster all on his own!?.'(Sophia)

Contrary to Sophia,Kyle considered all the advantages and disadvantages in this deal, and not to mention the gains from this were far more than losses

'This will also help me to display my potential and get promoted along with Ellis and Anna.'

Then kyle answered

"Ok, I understand my team will help you in this raid, but after this room, we will go our separate ways."

Tyler, expecting this answer, shaked his hand with kyle





Outside the tower, Aamon was watching this scene on the billboard, and he also paid attention to Olivia's eyes filled with expectations and hope

'Have fun as much as you can before my performance, I'll make sure you enjoy every second of it.'

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