23 Reaching the top 3

*Outside the tower*

The healers tent

Kyle and the rest were watching Aamon as he pointed his sword at his teammates

his merciless eyes as he threatened Olivia

"What is that bastard saying!"(Tyler)

"His angry at her obviously, sigh~

Olivia why did she do such a stupid thing."

Sophia said while observing Aamon

"What do you mean? She just got injured while fighting, whats wrong with that?"

Tyler said with a question mark

Anna answered him

"She got injured on purpose, she's trying to prevent him from climbing any higher."

"What? You mean she belives he can climb the tower all by himself,even if his strong its impossible, no one has ever cleared the 30th floor even that father of his got defeated there."

Kyle,closely listened to Tyler and couldn't believe someone that could single handedly kill the spider queen would get defeated on the 30th floor,

Just what was lurking in there.

He observed Aamon after he left Olivia with stumped expression

Soon after he left,Olivia surrenderd along with rest,getting teleported to healers tent

Anna and Tyler went to see her, while kyle and Ellis along with sophia were still resting on thier bed suffering from backlash of using all thier mana.

Olivia got a bed next to Kyle after she got treatment, although anna and Tyler did thier best to chear her up they coulden't, with a gloomy look she said

"Im sorry everyone,i couldn't stop him


Towards end of her sentence her eyes got warm as she couldnt control her self and cried

"I--i did-- sob sob--everything--yet he--said that-buhooo--sniff--i hate you--i hate you."

Anna hugged her tightly while she cried her eyes out, all of them knew she was at fault, but they decided to comfort her nonthless

After some time Olivia calmed down, they got surprised by what they saw on the monitors.

Aamon single handedly slaughterd hordes of monsters coming at him on every floor, his bloodlust was so great that made many of the monsters freeze as they couldnt attack him.

Ellis and Sophia,observed him his slashes, his movements,everything looked too perfect to the point it seemed unreal to them, just how much has he trained and suffered to fight like that.

A while later when Aamon reached the 20th floor, everyone's expression changed to that of extreme interest except Kyle who was Admiring Aamon's fighting style and his determination

Olivia was also obseving him with a worried expression, she was afraid Aamon would clear the 20th floor

'Please, this is more than enough

Turn back,you did your best.'

But Aamon's every action betrayed her expectations, he entered the room alone and fought desperately, for a victory that seemed far fetched.

She was ready for the white light envelope Aamon as the spider queen summoned her army and her deadly spells shot at him, that was when she saw it.

12 Silvery blue shards materialized on Aamon's hand glowing beautifully like pieces of a broken moon or stars, brightning the surroundings in that dark room,they were very beautiful but at the same time deadly, not only her but others present had the same thoughts

'What is that? Is that Telekinesis, perhaps?'

Suddenly, Aamon's fighting power rose with this mysterious ability of his.

the spider horde in front of him got slughterd while even the spider queen didn't stand a chance against him,they all saw something impossible, he alone cleared the 20th floor,as he smiled he headed for the next floor

Olivia felt a strange sadness deep in her heart as she looked at Aamon

'I see, so you didn't trust me from the very beginning.'

*Inside the tower*

As Aamon got past the 20th floor the difficulty of each floor he attempted to clear got harder too, the monsters rank were mid D rank on every floor, but thier numbers got reduced significantly.

His father William Lancester's record is till 30th floor,where he failed to defeat the final boss.

The duo golden knights

Ulrich and Mildred, the corrupted guardians of a now fallen, golden lineage from a long, long time ago, when reaching immortal rank or God rank, wasn't as hard as now.

Aamon was determined to break that today.

Using his shards as flawlessly as possible he cleared one floor after another, the regular monsters on every floor were trolls, thier amazing regenerative abilities were really annoying for Aamon as he had to cut thier head off to kill them completely.

His moves exerted the minimal strength required to finish them off

He took a 15-minute break after each clear to recover some mana,but the fatigue was still there, weighting down at him more and more

The 30th floor

*Aamon's POV*

As I reached the 30th floor I stumbled upon a huge door made from gold

There was a twin blade image carved on it with 2 knights holding them and a black sun above their heads,symbolizing their betrayal to humanity

'This is it the wall that my father couldn't break through,the Undefeated golden knights.'

One of the biggest regrets of

William Lancester was that he couldn't beat these monsters in his early days at the academy, although he set many records after this, but he never forgot his defeat here, this had a huge impact on how Aamon got trained in his childhood


The doors opened, and a huge hall similar to the 20th floor, but grander appeared in Aamon's line of sight

Many gigantic columns held up an even bigger roof, and many huge chandeliers with spirit pearls were hanged from ceiling on them, giving room a warm yellow light

Aamon saw as 2 figures one of them wore a golden armor while the other a silver one, like sun and the moon appear from a small door at the far end of this hall, the core room

The golden one had a huge two-handed sword.

while the other had a Rapier in hand like a female. In fact, her armor had parts resembling one

Upon seeing them, Aamon remembered what his father told him long ago about these two

'Be very careful when dealing with them, the golden one's strikes are devastating and powerful while the silver one's blade is sharp, precise and very quick,now listen closely you have to follow these rules in order to defeat them...and don't ever forget to kill them at the same time,otherwise they will revive each other and heal in a never ending cycle.'

Aamon remembered each of the rules his father said clearly,but

"Dont worry father I will forge my own path as I crush these two with my own strength."


The huge door closed off behind me

The two knights ran towards me at an incredible speed, my fingers itched but I couldn't be hasty

In a mere 10 seconds they traversed a 100 meter distance appearing before me

I jumped over the huge sword coming at my stomach easily, but almost immediately, a thin blade appeared aiming towards my heart,I hastily stomped on it, jumping over that too

Landing behind the two knights

I dash back the way they came from

'I need some distance to deal with them.'

*A swordsman blade are but one of his weapons.*

his voice echoed in my head

(Referring to his father)

Etched there by the years of training.

*Know your enemy, know the killing ground,anything can be a tool to kill them.*

My thoughts were broken by the sound of a sword clawing its way through the air flying towards me, as a massive sword was coming from behind, I side stepped as it got passed me,but again the thin silver sword almost impaled my neck if I didn't dodge in time

The two knights stood before me again as the golden one took out his sword from ground with ease in aloof manner

'Too well prepared, like they knew I was coming.'

They circled me, one in front and another from back, in a trained formation

'This won't be easy.'

His voice intrudes again

*Think fast,move faster.

Plan before you engage, then attack with pure intent to kill*

I quickly formed a single Shard as I let it fly and hit the chain, holding the chandelier hanging on the ceiling




It came crashing down on the one behind me, the golden knight hit the ground under the huge force of the giant chandelier, as the spirit pearls bounced everywhere

I spin into the silver knight that got distracted for a moment, and slide my sword into her side,she gurgles as her lungs fill with blood, I unsheath my blade from her flesh with a satisfying




As I kick her away

I fling my only Shard at the other chandelier. It also crashes down on her

At the same time, I sidestepped the charging blade coming from behind me, letting the momentum carry him onto the fallen chandelier.






They cried out in anger with a hoarse voice not belonging to any kind of human or demi human

The voice came again

*Adapt where others cannot. Lead their intuition astray and their instinct to betray them.*

I dashed forward as they freed themselves from the chandelier.

I summoned all my shards.

They found a throat, then an eye, then a kidney, before a shout cuts through them.

"You foolish bastard I will rend your flesh!!."

As the golden knight stumbles towards me with great force, I quickly channeled my mana to my invisible armor as my Shards disappeared.


Doof! Bam!!


The golden knight gets surprised and then confused as I disappear from his sight, I land lowly behind him, cutting his ankle tendons




I am rewarded with scream of pain and surprise, I inverted the grip on my blade as I plunge it into his shoulder, reaching his heart,then kicking him off

He fell to the ground as I turned around. A thin blade was coming at my heart. Even with my reflexes, I barely twist my body




The thin blade punctured my shoulder instead of my heart.

I recoil, slightly dazed with a flourish blood spurted out.

The silver knight pulled out the sword, aiming for my heart again as I jumped




I barely parried the huge sword swinging for my ribs,the Clank of metal ringing in my ears as I thrown back a couple of meters before landing on my back.

I quickly turned around as I fell in a crouched position.

That Titan of A man was standing again, although with great difficulty. His heart got impaled by my sword recently, so I can't blame him.


'I have to injure him again.'

I dashed towards him before he could heal himself in time, but the silver knights Rapier came at me thrusting through air swiftly as it grazed my arm, drawing blood.

I rolled back again,they remained standing, scattered before me.

Their injured but still alive and healing.

Their eyes squinted at me. Clearly, now they know how to track my blade as well as me.

The voice rang in my head again

*Never take a fair fight,a cornered swordsman is a dead swordsman*

My eyes were jumping left and right, looking for anything to use when suddenly the female silver knight said

"Well, this is disappointing. If all you could do was this much,at least that man,nearly killed us."

Her Taunt was brushed by me. She clearly underestimates me

The voice came again from my head

*If you 've been made and couldn't kill them,vanish never take them head on*


'No, you're wrong. I will do this at any cost!.'


I smiled and stared into her eyes

"Then don't waste my time and come at me."

'I need to distract them.'

I threw up my sword high in air,right above the silver knight,ready to leap to it

Time seemed to slow down as I focused on the sword rotating in the air


One rotation,two


Silver knight predicting this,charged at me, but, to her surprise, a second sword appeared from my storage ring

I fling my remaining sword at her. She tries to evade, but it's too late,her momentum doesn't let her, the sword gets stuck in her breastplate. Shunk!




I leaped towards her while I coated my fist in mana, punching the pummel of my sword, forcing it through the breastplate,into flesh.

I see her eyes,the mixture of shock,pain, and fear.

I hear the golden knights shout in front and him charging at me,impressively fast, but not fast enough




The silver knight stumbled back, raising her sword.

her reaction dulled by my surprise.

I pulled my sword free and slashed at her. My free hand finds her hair and pulls it backward, as my blades edge finds her throat


Seven rotations,thunk!


The golden knights sword came closer and closer at me, in one hand I held the silver knight head,while I quickly let go of my other sword, grabbing the one now plunged into the ground, on my right,i slashed in a sweeping motion towards the golden knights neck that was coming at me like a gift rather than a threat




Drip! Drip!




Now I was holding a bloody sword in one hand while the other...the severed head of my enemy,her face frozen in surprise.

Both their bodies fell as blood sprayed from their severed necks dying the stone floor of the tower red, the golden knights eyes were filled with disbelief and horror


I revel in this moment, savoring every second of it

*Never take them head on*, the voice repeats itself in my head but,somehow it seems quieter, before I lough out loud

'I am no longer your sword father,I have surpassed you, and your timid little rules'

I flick blood off of my blade




I stare down the head I'm holding in my hand by its hair.

'fear is as powerful as any blade,let them see,let the rumors spread,I am far more than my father, I am a true Lancester.'

I couldn't help but smile as the white light enveloped me,teleporting me outside.


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