21 Reaching the top 1

In the temporary teacher's building

(Aka the monitoring room)

Many personal were seated on many chairs with many bright monitors displaying the students that were fighting and some were calculating thier points

On a corner of this room Mr Donavan was also seated,with a bright smile plastered on his face, his students broke the record that was rumored to be unbreakable.

he finally had a chance to get promoted from his C tier class to a higher one

And finally having more comfortable life, but his joy didn't end there He was going to throughly embarrass a certain someone after this round of exam

Miss clara was also sitting on a desk

While staring at the front monitors.

She saw all that was happening in the tower, the amazing feat, kyle, and the rest accomplished. But for some reason she had complicated emotions running through her head

'I should be happy, but....will he be alright, is he really going to lose?

Sigh~ thinking about it won't solve anything. Let's just watch for now.'






In front of a pitch black tower, 4 teams were standing ready to go inside.

Many students were watching this scene on a huge billboard and many smaller ones installed Everywhere.

including Kyle, Ellis, Anna, and Tyler, who were watching this with great interest as to how far the said strongest can go

"I ve checked his group, besides Olivia there is no one noteworthy in his group."

Sophia said after carefully reading the names on a small monitor hanging in the tent

"all of them are from weak baronial families or students that have zero combat experience, if you ask me his as good as doomed, with this group

i doubt that he can go past the 10th floor"

Tyler said while smiling with joy

On the other bed, Ellis was watching Aamon's face. After all, she was the first to see a fraction of his actual fighting capabilities before this exam.

"Really though, but I don't have a good feeling about this, no matter how you see this it's obvious that someone has put him in this awful group."

Anna got her point and said

"Yes but it's too late to do anything either he climbs the tower or surrenders like others, for now lets just watch."

*In front of the training tower*

4 teams were standing, ready to go inside and climb the tower

The foremost one was Aamon's team that was going to enter first. Nobody dared to stand in front of him or obstruct him from going first.

'It's finally time to change my destiny,I'm not sure what kind of butterfly effects my actions will leave behind,but this is the only way I have,

I'm going forward with all I have.'

Aamon was wearing the academy uniform


along with some light armor that was provided by the academy, covering his upper body,and a Rare rank sword with a blue shine was hanging on his belt,along with black boots

His team members,Jack had a huge shield along with a hammer in his hand

Just like the tank he was.

The other one Ross had 2 daggers in his hands and a hood enchanted with some buffs.

Olivia as though she didn't have any desire to climb the tower she was using a normal bow and the light armor from the academy, which made many students confused, as to why she's using such worn-out equipment

Aamon also saw this

'As I thought she's only wearing the bare minimum equipment required for this tower, so she has no idea of backing down it looks like I gotta do everything myself.'





Finally, it started

Aamon's team entered first

The first couple of floors were designed in a way that even the students with zero combat experience can clear them

But on the 8th floor onwards, 2 of the teams surrendered, leaving only Aamon's team and another one

Although Aamon fought with monsters left and right, he didn't exert too much strength, just the bare minimum to kill them.

Finally, on the 10th floor, the other team surrendered too, leaving only Aamon's team.

with this, Jack and Ross completely lost their hope of getting past the 10th floor mini boss. They also noticed how the famous archer Olivia Clark was fighting.

She barely shot any arrows, like she was sick or something, they wanted to surrender, but they feared the consequences of offending Aamon,

after all everyone knew what happened to Lucas,nothless they entered the mini boss room

Many goblins with swords, some of them with staffs and bows were standing in front of the team, and a strange goblin with a huge build wearing heavy armor with a giant Axe was sitting on a throne,looking at them with menacing eyes ready to fight

Seeing this, Jack and Ross had a cold sweat broke out on thier back, thier body trembled from the intimidation they were feeling

Aamon drew his sword, which had a subtle blue glow in it, then with a serious voice, he said

"Stand back, just protect yourselves while I deal with this."

Jack and Ross while thier legs trembled from the gaze of the goblin chieftain

Did thier very best to utter these words with trembling voices

"Y--young-- m--Master--we"

But before Jack could finish his sentence Aamon dashed out


With an incredible speed in a few moments, he was about to reach goblin chieftain. The goblins shouted loudly before releasing barrage of spells and arrows at Aamon before the one's holding swords ran towards him

But suddenly, Aamon disappeared,all of those spells and arrows landed on an empty area

The goblin chieftain tried to get up fast

But it was too late




Aamon dived right into them,as goblins cried out in pain they turned to fight him but they failed to see him, his movements were too fast and precise



A blue arc was drawn and the last of the mages along with bowman met thier demise


The huge goblin enraged by this roared before swinging his giant axe at Aamon

He easily dodged it, using his invisible armor plus his *Rush* ability He disappeared again, only to strike the other side of the throne and killing bunch of mages and bowman in this strike

Without looking away from his enemies Aamon slashed, the blue arc teared through his enemies

Terrified the survivors quickly spread across the clearing, lashing at Aamon with thier spells and arrows.

weaving between numerous arrows and spells Aamon continued to Slash

Suddenly he reached out his left hand to grasp one more sword from his storage ring, knowing it would be there

With a soaring arc, his new sword cut through the remaining goblins in the clearing





A short silence ensured

The either side of the throne was filled with bodies of goblins and puddles of green blood, their decapitated heads and bodies lying everywhere

Everything happened so fast that left Aamon's team in shock, and most of all Olivia which she was ready for Aamon to surrender, she didn't care about her points she only cared about her friends and the sacrifices they had made for clearing the 20th floor, so she was determined to stop Aamon from climbing at any cost, but seeing this scene she was surprised

'There is no other choice I have to do that!.'

Aamon was now standing in front of 10 swordsmen and the giant goblin chieftain

'This is gonna take a while without using my skills, I don't wanna scare the snake.'(referring to Olivia)


He took a deep breath, then dashed into the Goblins group

Slash! Doof!! Roaaaaaaaar!! Doof!! Shunk!!

With every swing of his sword, he took down a Goblin while he meticulously evaded the giant axe that came at him every time, leading it to crush a few Goblins in the process

One by one, the small Goblins died in few seconds, and only their chieftain remained

Aamon was still in perfect condition. Although his clothes were stained with goblin blood, he was fine.

The only thing bothering him and making him agitated was the fact that he was dirty. Even in the middle of a fight, he couldn't control this, and his agitation grew with every passing second

With a twisted expression. he said

"Now come at me. I don't have time to waste on you!."


The chieftain ran towards Aamon at full speed while his axe was swung everywhere Aamon was standing, but it hit nothing but rocks.

the goblins chieftain got furious from loosing all of his subordinates like that and then he couldn't land a single blow on his enemy, nearly made him go mad. He raised his Axe up high and struck with great force


Shattering the ground in process while he struggled to free his weapon from hard ground

"Such a simpleton."

Aamon dodged his attack, but instead of cutting him with a sword he coated his knee with mana and struck

Doof!! Crack!

The huge helmet that covered the goblin's head shattered along with his nose, making a bloody mess out of his face


He cried out in pain, trying to grab his face from immense pain. He raised his hands in a grabbing motion


Tud! Tud!

The huge goblins hands were cut off before he could touch his face, his green blood spilling everywhere

But Aamon didn't stop there he quickly struck between the gaps in the goblin armor


His sword easily penetrated the goblin's lung along with a few broken Ribs.

The huge goblin tried grabbing into the

swords edge but his hands were missing

Then suddenly Aamon let go of his sword, instead coated his palm with mana before striking at the end of his sword with great force

Doof! Doof!! Doof!!!




The sword crushed the huge goblins Rib cage, along with his dented armor,with a heart-wrenching sound.

making him roar in great anguish and pain, Aamon's sword impaled his heart, making him threw up a mouthful of blood while his eyes gradually lost their vitality




Aamon looked at the many bodies lying everywhere while his sword were dripping with blood of his enemies,

This reminded him of a past memory he was trying hard to forget

He sheathed the blue sword and put away the other in his storage ring

Then, he walked towards his teammates on the blood-soaked floor littered with dead bodies



On the other side,only 1 word came into mind of his teammates after watching this


This was too much for children of the weak nobility that knew nothing but comfort or about putting their life on the line.

They were raised in great care, not accustomed to these horrors

Jack got so intimidated that his voice trembled while trying to talk

"Y--young m--master you saved us, t--thank you!."

Aamon regained his calmness, and the blood lust disappeared around him while he took out a napkin and a bottle of water to clean the blood on his face

"It was nothing. We will proceed to the next floor after taking a short break."






*Outside the tower*

Monitoring room

The teachers were left speechless, even Clara the instructor of thier class have never seen Aamon fight like that, so ruthlessly.

Suddenly She overcame with great sadness, reminiscing about the past

'What happened to that sweet boy,

that used follow me everywhere... just how did you change this much...Aamon

"I should have stayed with you...I should have protected you....I'm sorry it's my fault, I failed as your teacher..'






*Outside the tower*

Nearly all The students outside had shocked expressions

More than half them got beaten up by the same monster that had his chest crushed by Aamon, he did it so easily that they were doubtful that it was the same monster they fought, and he did it single handedly too.

This was a huge blow to thier self esteem

"Just how did he do that?

"Do you think he cheated or something?

"No I dont think so the teachers would have cought him long ago."

Many talked about this while the fight continued in the tower






*Inside the tower*

After a short break the team started climbing the tower again, this time Aamon didn't fight seriously he just laid back and conserved his energy,

which resulted in them clearing each floor significantly longer, and 2 of his teammates suffered some injuries,making them very adamant about climbing any higher

*15th floor*

This floor was filled with giant bats that infested the huge caverns.

This was a very bad match up for the group without a mage, so this was the floor Olivia had to show her worth

Aamon decided to put a bit more effort so that he could pass through this bothersome level

'Now, what will you do?

Will you betray me or not? "

The group fought with all they had. At least Jac and Ross did,despite the many cuts on thier body.

Olivia just to cover up her actions, shot down a couple of em and like this, the group was close to passing this level when it happened


'So it happened.'


Author note

hello guys for those that are asking what's meaning of this. ' it means the character is thinking inside his head and this. " it means the character is saying it verbally, so yeah that's have good day(^-^)/

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