Reborn as a Summon

In a world where everything is up for grabs and people will do anything to get to the top Rhy is screwed over, stepped on and neglected. So Rhy jumps off a building wishing for his miserable life to be just be over. However he wakes up. In a new world filled with magic and monsters is he a: hero of legend? A great king ? A saviour perhaps? No he's summon a lowly summon to the new mage with great asspirations, Chaaya. Will his new master restore his love in humanity? Or will he fall deeper into despair and anger? ******** The cover isn't mine I found it on pintrest.

Alex_N67 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
40 Chs

‘Alert: Rhy. Come back’

I hung in the air, my body held up by my winds as I stared at the fly, the giant bug in front of me. My body was electrick. Everything was shouting at me to run away but I didn't care. I just wanted to fight this thing. I gripped my sword and flew forward.

'Alert: skill activated - "thunderclap strike" '

I flew forward, the world disappearing as I flew into the fly, my sword smashing into its arm. I struggled and pressed trying to push down, desperately trying to break through the fly's defences.

'Alert: Master Chaaya used skill - "Blaze" '

A helix of flame spiralled towards us as I dodged backwards. I looked to my side to see Chaaya standing with a grimoire in her hand. She was standing, tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Ah, so the fraud shows herself. You pathetic worm, how dare you claim that title when you are so inferior and puny."

The fly turned its head to Chaaya shooting after her. I gripped my sword.


I shot forward surpassing every speed I'd ever achieved. She used magic to protect me. Even though it's painful for her, she did it. I can't let her die now. I shouted out screaming at the top of my lungs as I flew. I managed to catch up with the fly, everything was a blur as I threw my sword, the blade cutting into its back.

'Alert: skill activated - "Boiling blood" '

The fly fell to the floor dropping into the ground and rolling through the streets. I managed to catch up to it, dropping in front of Chaaya, my sword lowered.

The fly got up. Its huge body was heaving to stand up as it stared at me. Its millions of eyes looking at me blankly, is this what a summon is supposed to be? A minion that never stops?

"You used magic? I thought you couldn't."

"I decided it was better to relive that day than to see it happen again, you can't fight alone now. I'll help."

"Ok, if you have any more mana left can you boost my speed?"

She nodded as I ran forward.

'Alert: skill activated - "Smash" '

I put everything into my fist slamming into the air knocking the fly back and cracking the houses from the shockwave.

'Alert: Master Chaaya used skill - "boost" '

My speed shot up, my mana was gone so my sword doubled my stats as I rocketed forward. The speed was incredible. I must roughly have ninehundred speed points, is it enough? I ran forward the whole world freezing as I ran, was this all I'm good for. If all I can do is run then what can I do against something that's faster than me? The sound barrier broke as I chased after the fly who was falling backwards, everything was frozen. Every second seemed like hours. I dashed forward, the ground erupting with every step I took.

I was exhausted, my sword was sticking out, the fly was impaled on the end. I sighed my breathing was so loud, I could feel my heartbeat in my head. I'm so tired, I don't know if I can keep going. This isn't even the last boss. What am I going to do? Will I really be able to fight that monster. I'm barely holding my own against the base demons. I turned to look at the monster, her jaw was wide and open as she stared at her summon vanishing on the end of my sword, the blade alit with the flames. I planted my lungs felt like they were going to explode. I can't keep pushing myself like this.

"Dammit useless! Every single one of them! I'll just have to deal with you trash myself."

I walked towards her my legs were throbbing with pain. Each step plunged me into agony. I drew my sword. The woman dropped to the floor the same purple liquid spinning around her, the poison swirling around her like orbs. She was dangerous. I could tell that much. Dammit! I don't have the strength for this.

'Alert: passive skill activated - "Replenish" cool down 1 hour'

It's been an hour????? Oh god, at least I have more health and mana.

I ran forward swinging my sword into her, but an orb of poison flew into my chest.

'Alert: passive skill activated - "antitoxin" cool down 10 mins"

Dammit I used up my antitoxin so quickly. Dammit! I have to use it.

"I'm sorry Chaaya."

If I use this I might not come back.

'Alert: Skill activated - "Demonic stare" '

'Alert: Skill activated - "Violent rampage" '

Everything went black, my mind was overflowing with shouts and screams.


I screamed as I ran forward dipping under her poison, I stabbed her through the stomach as she jumped backwards.

"That look in your eyes… that stance… that presence….. It couldn't be... How? What? Just what are you? How could you look like him? How could you be the same as my master? What is happening?"

I snarled. I growled my entire body hunched like I was on all fours. My blade dropped to the floor as saliva dripped from my mouth.

"KILL!!!!!! MURDER!!!!! I KILL YOU!!!!!"

I jumped forward, my hands clenched into fists as I punched her in the face, she flew backwards as I dived after her. My hand rose above my head.

'Error: Skill force unlocked - "Blood spear" '

'Alert: Skill activated - "Blood spear" '

It felt like before, I had access to the system again, but I wasn't invited in. I had to claw my way through ripping through the walls.

I felt alone. I felt so angry. Was this my anger? Was this my rage? What am I?

'Alert: Rhy. Come back!'

I awoke. I wasn't in my demonic form anymore. My hand was stuck through the monster's chest, blood covered my hands. I stumbled back. My vision blurred at the sight of what I'd done. What? What happened to me? How could I do such things. How am I back? So that was my last time using the demon path. If I ever use it again I will become a demon. I will lose myself in that darkness again. I stood up shaking the blood from my hands and walked back to Chaaya.