27 He is In Love with You

Arabella took a deep breath and straightened her back before she looked Alwin straight in the eye.

"I do still long for Andrew. I still think about my former lover even now, especially when people keep mentioning him. Even if he is already married to someone else, it's not so easy to forget someone you love. My heart still aches both from the fact, I couldn't have him and that we are both married to someone else now. Someone once told me, your first love would remain in your heart forever," Arabella said and Alwin grimaced.

It was a lie of course. She doesn't even care about Andrew now and barely remembered his face. She just wanted to trigger Alwin even more and possibly even Raymond, to think that it would be best if Arabella and Ferdinand gets a divorce.

Aletha who came to serve everyone's tea turned pale at her words.


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