Reborn as a Giant Scorpion: Evolution by Consumption Book

novel - Fantasy

Reborn as a Giant Scorpion: Evolution by Consumption

I'll Throw Your Rem

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University student Alex was reincarnated as a scorpion. Fortunately, he was locked in a system of evolution. With the help of this system, Alex kept consuming prey and obtained evolution energy. Very quickly, he became the supreme ruler of the Amazon rainforest. [Consumed Giant Tarantula. Venom +4, Strength +0.3, Defence +0.2, Constitution +0.1] [Consumed Amazon electric eel. Obtained the ability: Electric Shock. Strength +0.5, Defence +0.2, Constitution +0.1] Evolution by consumption. He kept consuming and evolving. Later, when Alex invaded a magical world... [Consumed Dual-headed Frost Wolf. Obtained the ability: Ice Breath. Strength +500, Defence +300, Constitution +100] [Consumed Dark Demonic Dragon. Obtained Law of Darkness. Strength +10000, Defence +3000, Constitution +1000] However, this was only the beginning. Many years later, Alex became the source of the world’s terror.


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