4 My First Undead Servant Is My Own Skeleton


By merely willing it and using my Death Element Skill, alongside my amazing Supreme Magic Unique Skill, I was somehow able to conjure a spell to raise the Undead, without even knowing about it! It really is just like what the Supreme Magic Skill description said: I have to merely will it, and magic will obey me… Maybe I could make an instant death spell and cheese the entire game? Hm… It might probably cost way too much mana to kill someone instantly, though…

Anyways, the important thing is happening before my eyes! Finally, after God knows how long I spent in absolute desolation, I am finally getting a partner! And it is my own skeleton…


The phantasmal forces came out of the pile of bones as they began to reassemble into a tall figure. Although most of the bones were cracked, it was still somewhat the figure of a skeleton. Its eyes were empty, and it seemed… quite creepy to be honest. It looked at me with its empty eye sockets as it emanated an aura of phantasmal properties. It didn't know how to talk, and it only stood there.


I say hello, as the skull follows me around wherever I move.

"Hmm… Squat!" I said.

The skeleton began to tremble as it suddenly squatted… barely.

Oh, it obeys me… I see. Well…

"What name should I give you? I can't name you Maria, that's my name! But you're technically me… In a way… Partner will do for now, right?"


The bones rattle a bit as it seems to nod. I didn't know if that was a nod, or the skull was about to fall onto the ground, but it just barely stopped from falling…


[You've raised a Minion!]

[You've named your Minion as: [Partner]!]

Oh, it seems that it got registered? Let's see… Can I see Partner's status?

[Name: [Partner]

[Race: [Wight]

[Level: [0/5]

[Rank: [G-]

[Status: [Weak, Damaged]

[HP: [21/21]

[MP: [18/18]

[Attack: [14]

[Defense: [12]

[Magic: [7]

[Agility: [10]

Characteristic Skills:

[Undead: Lv--]

[Dark Element: Lv--]

[Fiend Language: Lv1]

Resistance Skills:

[Status Effect Immunity: Lv--]

[Physical Damage Resistance: Lv1]

Normal Skills:

[Life Drain: Lv1]

[Bone Claw: Lv1]

Title Skills:

[Servant of the Dark Witch: Lv--]


A monster whose body is a corpse possessed by an evil spirit. It is fragile, but it can surprise someone by pretending to be a pile of bones. Its bones are sharp and can cause a little damage.

Oooh! My dear partner, you're not so bad!


The bones rattle a bit, as it seems to be happy with my praise. Her HP, Strength, and Defense are way higher than mine even at level 0… Also, I can already see that it is inclined to defense and physical combat. Meanwhile, I am a glass cannon sort of deal…

Hey, we kind of go nicely with one another. Maybe I can ask her to act as bait for the monsters while I absorb their mana while sneaking behind her, and then… BAM! Dead.

Well, if she obeys my commands, it should be reasonably easy to do. I wonder if I can raise more Undead? Well, I don't think I can at the moment. My Mana is already very low after raising Partner, so I will have to rest for a bit and see if my Mana regenerates. Or we go hunting, and I just absorb the mana of what we find… Yeah, if I can absorb mana, why would I sit down and wait for it to regenerate passively? I am the predator here!

We slowly sneaked outside of this closed building, but Partner had to get out bone by bone through the small rack door. When we were outside, my partner followed me from behind. Her bones rattling made a bit of noise… We marched through the "streets" of this giant graveyard until we detected some activity… Two wisps were running away from… a bigger wisp?

[Phantom Will-o-Wisp: Lv 2][Rank: G+][Condition: Hungry]

[Phantom Will-o-Wisp]

An evolved form of a Will-o-Wisp. The only change to it is its large body. It has devoured a soul, and it now begins to predate on anything. Even other Will-o-Wisps are not spared.

Oh wow, so they evolve by eating souls… Wait, so another fellow ghost already got eaten by these damn things? Uegh… It is chasing down two Wisps… and it is also G+ in Rank. It has higher stats than me except in MP and Magic…

We chased it down from a distance, seeing what it was doing, until it suddenly stopped and caught the two wisps, devouring them by adding them into its body… it got a bit bigger, but it didn't level up yet. The wisps had resisted a bit, so its HP had dropped by around 5 points out of the 30 it had…


"Partner, throw a bone at it!" I said as we hid behind a large gravestone.

Partner obeyed me as she pointed at the Wisp and threw her whole arm at it! Her precision was superb because it hit the-wisp right on it!


The bone actually did damage to it despite passing through its body. How odd…

However, the thing quickly detected us and began to rush towards us!

Time to play!

I quickly used Stealth with my remaining MP as Partner began to panic.

Calm down!


As the Wisp finally reached my range, which was around 3 meters to absorb mana, I activated Mana Siphon immediately, and a chunk of Mana was transferred to me in an instant! The wisp felt weakened as it quickly detected my presence and began to retreat!

"Oi, where are you going?!"

I flew towards it with Partner at my side as I conjured Dark Sphere and fired it twice towards the wisp's large body!



The Wisp felt weakened as it slowly fell to the ground. I absorbed whatever Mana it had as I defeated it by firing another Dark Bullet. Damn, it was tough but very slow and cowardly, so we pulled through, thankfully!


[You've gained 300 EXP!]

[EXP: [330/200]

[You've leveled up to level 3!]

[You learned the [Fake Life: Lv1] Skill!]

[Partner] has leveled up to level 2!]

Oh! Partner leveled up, and to boot, I gained a new Skill…

[Name: [Maria Fuentes Belles]

[Race: [Lesser Ghost]

[Level: [3/5]

[EXP: [130/300]

[Rank: [G-]

[Status: [Cursed, Weak]

[HP: [21/21]

[MP: [136/136]

[Attack: [12]

[Defense: [10]

[Magic: [136]

[Agility: [16]

Two more levels before I can reach max level… and Partner seems to have similar EXP requirements to me because she leveled twice by gaining half of my EXP, meaning that for Level 0, she required 50 EXP, and for Level 1, 100 EXP, carrying her to Level 2.

Oh yeah, minions seem to gain half of the EXP of my kill. I guess it is the same for me if they kill the target as well…

Also, what is this new Skill?

[Fake Life: Lv1]

The art of giving fake life to a living or unliving being. By using this Skill in a target that is not resisting, you can either: Raise it as an Undead if it is inanimate or change its race into an Undead-type monster if it is alive. It cannot be used on unwilling or resisting targets. The power of the Undead is related to the Skill Level and Magic Stat.


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