73 [Bonus Chapter] We Are Living The Isekai Dream Now!


I'll never forget you guys! The food was good, and you were pretty nice. You almost caught my heart as well… Too bad Partner was getting thirsty for blood, though.

Oh well, let's not blame Partner for everything. I was also at fault for this. I have done a sinful act; killing is bad! I shouldn't have done this… Now, guilt is eating me away!

Oh, please, god, have mercy on my soul… I am so, so, so guilty…!


It is better not to think about this anymore. They were assholes anyway, and when I learned more about them, they had a history as bandits of some sort. They were not a big group, but they had assaulted adventurers that went alone into the forest. Wow, that's kind of awful. They had even violated several girls and left them to die in the forest.

Super awful…

I just read their minds through their souls and damn man, how terrible can you get? Is there any limit for them? I look like a saint in comparison now. And what's with these men's obsession with violating women? Fucking animals.

Well, that's just the trash of the world. Not all men are like this. The Goblin males were all good people, and the other guys I've met too. Only just bandits are rotten, I guess. What's going on with that, to be honest? How do they become so terrible at being people? I sometimes think I am fucked up, but then I learn there are people like this, and I begin to think I am not as bad.

But maybe that's just my delusion… How bad is it to kill someone compared to robbing or violating someone? I guess killing is a major sin. I remember that killing a person was punished more than violating someone in my previous life… but… Of course, if there's context such as self-defense, it might not even be punished…

So let's say it was all in self-defense! I bet you can't violate someone in self-defense though, so your sin is worse!

Moving on, I grabbed these three guys' souls and devoured them. They tasted awful; it was as if being trash made them taste bitter. I got some of their memories but instantly deleted all the disgusting stuff from my mind as those awful things are not staying in my hard drive. I learned tons of info on this town, such as where there was a good Inn, the Adventurer Guild, a few shops, and so on.

We wasted most of the money of these guys, but we also had some of their equipment to sell, and well, we got a lot of monster parts, including their magic crystals, pelt, and so on, to sell as well. Oh right, we also had the exclusive merchandise of the brainwashed merchant inside of my Shadow Storage. He's still there, groaning about… I had completely forgotten about him.

While we saved the remains of the devoured trio of idiots, I freed the merchant and quickly told him to lead us to the nearest Inn and pay stuff for us as a façade. Always having a normal-looking human with us will makes us not stand out as much because if we go alone, we really look like a squad of oddly pale goths plus a very bright elf.

"Maria, did you really have to kill them?" Asked Emeraldine as she seemed worried.

"Emeraldine, their plan was to get us drunk, so they could use our bodies to their heart's content. Why wouldn't we kill them?" I asked.

"O-Oh, I guess you're right… But still, it felt a tad bit brutal," She muttered.

"These were the same type of people who did all the same things to you before being enslaved, and even after that… Don't be too nice. I know you're a good-hearted girl, and I like you because of that, but sometimes, there's people that just don't deserve any type of compassion,"

"Y-You're right…" She sighed.

"I know you're not used to it, so don't worry. There are people that are more fitting for certain jobs than others," I consoled her.

"I won't mind killing any humans you want," Said Lucifer.

"See? He's a nice guy," I said.

"I-I guess…" Emeraldine muttered once again.

"Blood was bad, bitter, disgusting…." Partner commented.

"Now, now, young girl, don't get too cocky. Those three sacrificed their lives to feed your thirst for blood," I said.

"Sorry…" Sighed Partner.

We reached an Inn with the merchant leading us, and we entered quickly after. An adult woman seemingly in her early 40's greeted us. She had a motherly aura to her, with long brown hair and gentle emerald eyes.

"Ah, welcome to my Inn. Do you want to stay for the night?"

She was very friendly.

"Ah, yes, a room with two beds, please," Said the merchant.

"O-Only one? But you're five," Said the woman.

"We are all going to sleep together, don't worry," I said.

"I-I see… But this isn't a hotel, you know? So if possible… Don't do anything lewd…." She said.

"Eh?! Who are you taking us for, hookers?!" I asked while slapping the table.

"Ah! N-no! S-Sorry!" She quickly apologized.

"Because we aren't! We are actually all married with this big stud. And this old man is his father, so he will sleep alone," I said as I caressed the chest of Lucifer.


"Y-Yeah! That…" Said Emeraldine.

"Huh? I am not- Mwuh…!"

Partner was about to give us away, so I covered her mouth.

"Y-You have three women?" Asked the woman.

"I… Ah…" Lucifer looked at me, and I winked back.

"Y-Yeah…" He muttered, sounding very unsure.

"Well, you're very handsome, so I guess it makes sense… It's not like I haven't seen some talented young adventurers with parties full of women, although most of the time they're slaves… Anyways, here are your keys. We can also offer meals if you want. Oh, there's a bath pass for an extra coin as well," She said.

"Sure, we'll take it all," I said, as the merchant paid it before thanking her.

We walked upstairs leisurely afterward.

Infiltration complete! We are living the Isekai dream now.


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