283 Let’s Do That

"Now that is a big battle!" Kana and her group appeared over a large battlefield. It seemed the Jokasins Empire and the Firlong Nation were having a grand battle.

"Should we joining the show or watch for a while longer?" Camlia's hands were growing itchy. She loved raining death and despair on those who she did not care about.

"Wait..." Kana sniffed the air and smelt a familiar scent mixed in with the blood filling the battlefield. "That bastard is alive."

"You don't mean?" Mary's eyes narrowed. There was only one person who could have lived after all of that.

"Yep, that commander guy survived somehow, and he is down there now fighting. " Kana confirmed Mary's suspicion. 

"So, how do you want to go about it? We can destroy the opposing army then kill those you wish to be dead?" Kana asked. 


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