Reborn as a Chaos God of Carnage

MC reborn as Chaos God before 40k is fleshed out as he rises as the first of now five Ruinous Powers the galaxy shall burn. Mature content, Evil MC Overpowered and a Harem of Oc Daemons

Overlord_Bloodfall · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
331 Chs

Awakening Before the 40th Millennia part 2: Flashback

<Flashback, Earth Chicago>

(Third POV)

I remember me and my friend...why can't I remember my name or his must be because of the death by crushing whatever that comes later returning to the story...

Me and my friend were walking to a hobby store to buy ghe latest releas of 40k Space Marine and for me Chaos Marine you see me and well my brother as the memories of or time together we grew to see each other as more than best friends but brothers bounding over Games Workshop tabletops and novels especially 40k.

With me the "Heretic" always choosing Chaos defending the Chaos Gods and their necessity for mortals and the galaxy of 40k, while my bro ever the good guy served the Corpse Emperor as a Loyalist he was a brutal Salamander Chapter player beating me couple times heehee.

As we bought are latest models to add to or armies I remember I couldn't wait to add to my special Slaanesh warband, and to my Thousand Sons which we're my main Chaos Forces slightly below them were my Slaanesh Daemons, Death Guard and Nurgle Daemons it was supposed to be an awesome weekend painting, updating or forces before we clash in eternal battle between Ruinous Powers and Loyal Imperium when it happened...

Since my car was busted we decided to just walk to and from the store since we both live close being to excited to paint me and my bro decided to rush back home using a short cut and the rest is history while passing by a construction site...now that I think of it with the exception of Kazuma from Konosuba I think I'm the first reincarnated that didn't get embraced by the mighty Truck-sama.

Getting side tracked while passing the site and talking shit about the other faction something that I'm going to miss especially when I mentioned Dorn or Sanguinus deaths pissing my bro off going on a rant on Chaos bullshit and that Tzeench must have mess with things for them to die I tell you system I never got tired of it I remember I did exactly that and the infamous rant began which distracted him from the yelling and screaming to move and get out the way.

Since I heard the construction crew's yelling I looked around and saw the lift of debris shaking above my bro clearly about to snap and fall knowing his rants made him distracted of his surroundings I did what any brother would do...trade my life for his.

Running towards my friend and pushing him out the way as the debris fell and crush me to death what a way to go I never got to beat my bro in one last game before I go heehee.