Reborn As A Blade Of Grass, I Become The Companion Of A Goddess

Ye Yun transmigrated to a fantasy world. The first thing he noticed was that he was beneath a gigantic willow tree. It turned out that he had become a blade of grass! [You signed in at the willow tree and acquired the magnum opus of Chan Faction - The Refined Mystic Techniques.] Thankfully, the village he was in was peaceful. Ye Yun quietly signed in daily and nurtured himself. His only companion was the gigantic willow tree and a kid who always came to play under the tree. Days passed by and Ye Yun’s cultivation grew more and more profound. He witnessed the kid growing up. He occasionally guided the kid, so the latter called him Master. He also witnessed the willow tree grow more and more full of life. He would remove tree stumps for her regularly and pour out his heart in front of her. One day, the kid returned with severe injuries and told Ye Yun his dying wish. The willow tree also transformed into a goddess dressed in white robes. As she looked at the blade of green grass beneath her feet, she said, “We have kept each other company for so many years. We are like spiritual partners. Are you willing to follow me to wage war on the Immortal Realm?” Ye Yun, “...”

Bear Child · Eastern
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40 Chs

Their Respective Plans

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The Wolf Village's chief trembled as he said, "Outsiders have come? Previous ones I've met had usually been passers-by, but they were able to attack and kill the desolate beasts in the desolate mountains. But this particular group had been welcomed by Sand Eagle Tribe?"

The other leaders stared at Lang Ji, eager to hear his reply.

"Do you know how powerful they are?"

"Just from their appearance, it's impossible to tell. However, the Qi flow around them is on par with the desolate beasts, which is quite surprising. Especially the middle-aged man who leads them. They call him Bishop."

"What is their purpose in the Great Wastelands?"

"To look for a branch of the Hall of Souls and soul beasts."

"Soul beasts? Could it be that it's similar to our desolate beasts but they just call them differently?"

"I'm not sure, but I informed them that there is an ancient giant willow tree in Stone Village and when they heard it, they seemed pretty excited. They plan to head to Stone Village in a few days to look for the willow tree and some soul rings."

Despite the foreignness of the terms he had to relay, Lang Ji remained indifferent as he answered the questions.

"Not bad, you've done very well." The Wolf Village's chief laughed.

The rest of the people stopped and smiled. They knew what the new plan was.

Simply put, they would let the Outsiders fight Stone Village first. These would allow the tribes of the Great Wasteland to observe the abilities of their enemy and make the necessary preparations for a follow-up attack.

Moreover, if the Wolf Village's chief's words were true, Stone Village's ancestral artifact that had swooped in from the sky with a terrifyingly bright light and taken out Suan Ni and the Wolf Village's guardian spirit would easily take out the other tribes if they attacked first.

Wolf Village was obviously not the only one capable of scheming as the other tribe leaders looked at each other with fake smiles.

The Outsiders had come at a good time.


The heavy rain continued with no sign of stopping. Dark clouds covered every corner of the Great Wasteland's sky.

The sound of the rain was so loud that it overpowered all the other sounds. The only thing anyone could hear the entire time was the sound of rain.

At this moment, the people of Martial Soul Hall in Sand Eagle Tribe were resting in the houses that had been prepared for them. The Outsiders lit candles and cultivated diligently.

Only the children had fallen asleep while the bishop couldn't help but think about the words of the tribal man who had visited Sand Eagle Tribe that day.

Stone Village... ancient giant willow.

He wasn't sure if the desolate beasts in this place were similar to their soul beasts or if they had soul rings that could be used for them to cultivate.

If the ancient giant willow tree existed and had lived for over a thousand years, it could develop into a plant-type soul beast. If there were soul rings here, then there would be soul bones too.

If they could obtain a thousand-year soul ring, he would be able to quickly breakthrough and rise in status in the Hall of Souls upon his return.

"Why don't we wait until dawn to hunt a desolate beast and see if it can be used for the people of Martial Soul Continent to cultivate? We still have to experiment." The bishop made a decision secretly.

But then, someone spoke and interrupted his thoughts.

"Bishop, could this be Perfect Continent? You don't seem surprised. Could it be that you already knew that we would come to this place beforehand?"

It was his team member who spoke. They had stopped their cultivation as they were confused.

Although they looked calm and collected earlier in the meeting, they were actually quite shocked by everything they had heard and seen. Apparently, they had accidentally teleported to another continent through the ancient teleportation array formation, and this continent was very different from Martial Soul Continent.

However, judging from the bishop's expression, it seemed that he already knew about this matter. Therefore, they had pretended to cultivate, but in fact, they had been thinking about this matter and wanted to find out the truth.

"Well, guess what? Did you really think that Martial Soul Continent was the only continent in this world? There are so many more continents out there." Since they had found out the truth, the bishop turned arrogant.

"Alright, then. Tell us, in this world..."

Time passed as they talked.

The torrential rain eventually graduated in drizzles but the sky was still covered with dark clouds that did not let in a single bit of light. Still, the fresh smell of grass filled the air.

Ye Yun closed his eyes and felt that the Qi flow around his body was increasing. The spiritual Qi of his surroundings continued to gather and flow through his body, causing a small tornado.

But Ye Yun did not know what was happening. He was still in cultivation and his soul was still being refined. He eventually entered the state of Three Thousand Conscience.

The roots in the soil continued to absorb the energy of the desolate mountains as they spread rapidly in all four directions and constantly encountered new check-in locations.

The system's virtual display kept popping up with check-ins but Ye Yun was still cultivating in a meditative state. In fact, he was in a critical period, which was why the system did not ping him any of the notifications. It decided to only do so after Ye Yun was done, for his safety.

In Stone Village, Shi Hao woke up from his dream and immediately wanted to go cultivate under the willow tree. The village was still looking peacefully calm at dawn.

Some of the young adults were already awake and ready to seize the day.

Shi Hao ended up cultivating under the willow tree for hours. This time, he felt that his cultivation was progressing faster than usual.

Next to him were two Green Scaled Eagle chicks, Little Purple and Little Green. They were continuously comprehending the Bone Text energy that Shi Hao had imparted to them.

Even though they were chicks, their bodies were larger than Shi Hao's. And by being in the vicinity of Ye Yun's Influence, they had also grown quite a bit.

And as Ye Yun's Influence would have it, the energy from Shi Hao and the chicks were also flowing into Ye Yun.

On the other side of the Great Wastelands, the bishop led his team to search for desolate beasts in the mountain forest, intending to test yesterday's idea.

Not long after, they saw a desolate beast in the shape of a tiger. They managed to kill it and despite waiting for a few moments after it was dead, they hadn't found a soul ring.

"I guess because of the different cultivation methods of each continent, the magical beasts here are probably different from ours too." One of them sighed helplessly.

In Martial Soul Continent, there were very few soul beasts. Only if one was around Martial Soul Hall that they could encounter more of them. However, if a cultivator met a soul beast that perfectly matched his martial soul, it wouldn't be an easy task of taking it down.

Due to the scarcity of soul beasts in their continent, they were hoping to meet more in Perfect Continent.

Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned.

The bishop looked at the corpse of the desolate beast laying next to him. After a long silence, his eyes locked on the blood essence of the beast.

He immediately crouched down and lightly touched the blood essence. After using his soul power to probe for a moment, he finally spoke.

"It seemed that in this continent, the desolate beasts' blood essence contains energy that is valuable. If we dissect the corpses, there might be some secrets hidden within their bones."

The members of the group quickly sprung into action.