Rebirth: The Universe's Hidden Heiress

Yuka, reborn as the daughter of the universe's richest man, tries to live a simple life. She gets a big shock when she has to join Union University of the Alliance because of government rules. In university, Yuka picks an easy major, hoping to keep a low profile. But her plan doesn't work. She keeps facing tough situations that show off her smart mind and strong skills. Yuka tries hard to live normally but keeps getting pulled into extraordinary accidents. This is the story about how Yuka grows. It's about her trying to hide her real identity while dealing with a world that always challenges her.

Treein · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
163 Chs

Who's Number One? (2)

Yuka realized that she had been holding her breath all this time. She quickly opened her mouth, gasping for air in rapid, deep breaths, coughing a bit before she could catch her breath.

The butler, in her mind, was jumping around anxiously, speaking in a tearful voice, "Master, you scared me so bad just now! I won't allow you to participate in such dangerous matches again. This map should be banned, banned! Do you hear me, sob..."

Yuka, massaging her temples, promised, "Okay, don't worry, I'll get out of the snow right away." Although the snow was thick, it was soft, and Yuka didn't take long to dig a tunnel upwards.

Outside, in Alfie's live stream channel, they had already started celebrating their victory early. 

Roukujou's face grew somber. He silently reached out to call the underground arena's manager to intervene and end the match early. At this point, winning or losing was no longer important; what mattered was that Pinky was safe.